What Color Shoes with Light Blue Dress?

woman in Light Blue Dress
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Light blue dresses are perfect for any lady who wants to show off their most delicate features.

They are not just versatile.

But they are also very charming and stylish.

Now, if you’re planning to attend a wedding or an evening party with your light blue dress, you will need to know what color shoes with light blue dress.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Light Blue Dress

How do you style a light blue dress?

Here is a list of the best light blue dress outfit ideas you need to try.

Light blue dress with black shoes

There is nothing more elegant and charming with a light blue dress and black shoe combo.

Black shoes are versatile and can make any dress stand out.

The black color of your shoes can make a pretty outline for your light blue dress to give it a chic appearance.

It’s also a great combo where you can perfectly balance a casual and dressy look.

If you want to appear more casual, you can pair your light blue dress with black ankle boots or black pumps.

But if you want to attend a cocktail party, wear your light blue dress and a pair of black strappy sandals for an edgier look.

Silver shoes

Now, if you want to look effortlessly gorgeous and stylish, better pair your light blue dress with silver shoes.

Actually, this color combination is one of my favorites.

Your silver shoes are the perfect color that can give your light blue dress the right character and look.

It’s fancy and will never look boring together.

I also notice that when you pair a light blue dress with silver shoes, it will give a woman a breezy and very feminine look.

This combo is perfect for formal setups like attending weddings or an evening date with your partner.

light blue dress and Gold shoes

Since gold is a rich and luxurious color it can easily make any dress look more glamorous and elegant.

When you pair your light blue dress with gold shoes, you should immediately expect to turn lots of heads.

This outfit choice is perfect for the ladies who want to keep things balanced but still stand out from the crowd.

A blue dress with a gold shoe combo is perfect for cocktail attire or evening parties.

Personally, I like completing this look by wearing jewelry with the same hue as my gold shoes to keep things minimal.

Blue shoes

Stop worrying if your blue shoes would make your light blue dress monotonous and bland.

Because trust me, it won’t.

Yes, you can wear blue on blue and it would look totally fine.

In fact, matching your blue dress with blue shoes would even keep things more fabulous and minimalistic.

You can either wear dark blue or navy shoes to make a striking contrast with your light blue dress.

This look would give you a nice and very sophisticated kind of look.

Now, if you want to appear more feminine and soft, try wearing light blue shoes with your light blue dress.

You can complete this look by wearing accessories that are darker in tones like a gold necklace or bracelet.

White shoes

And now, for the ladies out there who want to keep a sophisticated and smart appearance, try wearing your light blue dress and white shoes together.

This combo is super stylish and can easily make your light blue dress stand out.

Your white shoes may look simple but they can make a very big difference with your light blue dress.

White can make your light blue dress appear more elegant and pure.

Not to mention that it would also give you a very innocent and chic look.

Beige shoes

Any outfit would look good with beige-colored shoes.

A pair of beige shoes that matches your skin tone can easily elongate the look of your legs.

This can also help create an illusion of a slimmer and longer body that can make a woman appear sexier and feminine.

Now, if you pair your beige shoes and your light blue dress together, imagine how many heads would turn in your direction.

Since beige is a neutral color, it can also make your light blue dress become the center of attention.

Brown shoes

Have you tried wearing a pair of brown shoes with your light blue dress?

If not, then you better try it now!

Brown is such an underestimated color that many ladies like to ignore it.

But in reality, this color can give so much warmth to any color of a dress, even your light blue dress.

Brown shoes can give off bohemian and earthy vibes.

And when you decide to pair it with a light blue dress, you can easily create a very airy and aesthetic look for yourself.

Brown shoes like wedges and espadrilles would be perfect to wear with a flowing light blue dress.

This color choice and outfit is also perfect when welcoming the summer and warmer seasons.

light blue dress with Red shoes

I will say this beforehand, light blue dresses and red shoes will need a lot of courage and risk.

But when you carry them with enough confidence and proper style, you will definitely make it out in the headlines.

This color combo is indeed hard to pull off.

But if you know what look you are trying to achieve, you will realize that this combo is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Since red is an elegant and bold color, you will have to carefully style this with your light blue dress.

You must also keep in mind that when you wear these two colors together, all eyes would immediately fall on you.

So, if you want to be bold and daring and make a statement with your outfit, pick red-colored shoes and a light blue dress.

Purple shoes

Purple shoes are not that popular but surprisingly, they fit well together with a light blue dress.

Just like your navy or dark blue shoes, purple footwear can also make a pretty and soft contrast with your light blue dress.

This color coordination is perfect for formal setups like business meetings or attending wedding ceremonies.

Purple shoes and light blue dresses are perfect for ladies who want to look more feminine and cute.