What Color Shoes with Gray Dress?

beautiful woman Black boots, hat and grey dress
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Gray is anything but boring.

It is elegant, sophisticated, and can take you beyond basic black.

I myself have a couple of gray dresses stored in my wardrobe in case I plan on going somewhere.

This is because a gray dress can fit any occasion.

Although gray dresses are versatile we still need to make sure that we’re wearing the right shoe color to complete our outfit.

After all, a simple shoe can either improve or wreck your overall attire.

What Color Shoes with Gray Dress?

Whether you’re attending a party or planning to hang out with friends, a gray dress can take you anywhere.

Although gray is a neutral color, there are still instances that finding the right color shoes to match it can be challenging.

That’s why I have prepared a list of the best color shoes that can go well with your gray dress.

gray dress black shoes

Black shoes can match any style and any color, even a gray dress!

For the perfect formal setting, you can try wearing your gray dress with a pair of black pointed-toe stilettos.

The heels of your shoes can give you more height and can improve the length of your dress.

Black open-toe heels are also great when wearing a gray summer dress that is perfect for the warmer season.

For the perfect winter get-up, a gray bodycon dress would look definitely stylish with a pair of black thigh-high boots.

Soft Pink Shoes

Soft pink shoes are also called blush shoes.

These kinds of shoes are mostly worn when attending a wedding.

Soft pink shoes go well with a dress with lighter shades of gray.

They can give a really chic and feminine aura, while also keeping the attention to your outfit.

Burgundy Shoes

If you’re feeling a little bold and want to look intimidating, a pair of burgundy-colored shoes would help you achieve that look.

You can try pairing your gray mini-length dress with a pair of burgundy loafers.

Or if you want to make a statement with your footwear and your maxi gray dress, burgundy-colored ankle boots would do the trick.

gray dress red Shoes

A pair of red shoes plus a gray dress would definitely look super stylish when worn together.

You can try out the trend by wearing flashy looking red ankle strap heels and a gray dress to look sophisticated and chic.

If your goal is to make everyone notice your footwear, now is your chance to wear those red-colored stilettos hiding in your closet!

Completing this look with a red handbag that matches your footwear will give you one hundred percent “fashionista” vibes.

Light Blue Shoes

Light blue shoes can also make a perfect combo with a gray dress.

Like the blush shoes, it is also an underrated color.

When worn together, your light blue shoes and your light gray dress really give off a chic vibe.

Light blue pointed-toe heels with ribbons at the back and a gray dress with slits on the edge are a popular trend during parties and weddings.

Beige Shoes

Although both are neutral colors, a pair of beige shoes and a gray dress can still complement each other really well.

The beige can give a subtle contrast with your gray dress giving a bit of warm color to your outfit.

Nude-colored boots and a gray long-sleeved maxi dress is the perfect winter outfit!

You can complete this look by rocking it with leather or a denim jacket.

Hot Pink Shoes

Contrary to soft pink shoes, a gray dress and a pair of hot pink shoes can be a bold and unexpected combination.

But if you know how to carry and style your outfit, you can definitely make lots of heads turn.

Hot pink high heels can go well with either lighter or darker shades of gray.

The hot pink high heels are mostly popular with a gray mini bodycon dress.

Silver and Metallic Shoes

I’m definitely a huge fan of this combination.

Any gray dress can rock with silver or metallic-colored shoes.

If you’re planning to go clubbing with your friends, metallic colored gladiator sandals would be perfect with your gray cocktail dress.

For evening parties or a romantic date with your special someone, a simple spaghetti strap dress and silver pumps can be a perfect combo too.

For lighter shades of gray, try using metallic chrome-colored shoes.

But if you have a darker-hued gray dress, a bright silver shoe would make it look just right.

Brown Shoes

Brown combat boots and a gray maxi dress? Totally love it!

This color combination is perfect during the fall season.

The brown color of your combat boots can give just enough color and warmth to your gray dress so you won’t have to worry if your outfit looks boring.

It doesn’t matter if your dress has a light or darker hue because your brown combat boots are enough to make it look livelier.

Black and White Shoes

If you can’t decide between black or white, then why not choose a pair of shoes in the two colors?

Black and white shoes are the best footwear that can give the most beautiful contrast with your gray dress.

A turtleneck gray midi dress with long sleeves and a pair of black and white sneakers are my go-to outfit.

This type of outfit is perfect for hanging outs or going to the mall. 

Gray Shoes

You can also rock your outfit with a gray on gray combination.

Stop worrying if you will look monotonous with your gray dress and your gray shoes.

As long as you know how to style it, then you will still look good with this color match.

Just add some accessories to give an accent to your look.

Perhaps topping it with a black coat or jacket can give it more character.

Champagne Shoes

Champagne-colored shoes can look dashing with a gray dress.

If you’re planning to go to an evening party with a sexy floor-length gray dress, you can match it with champagne-colored open-toe heels to look extra elegant.

The color shade of your footwear is enough to make your dress stand out if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

The champagne color is not too flashy and not too dark giving you a dress with enough spotlight for everyone to see.

White Shoes

Last but not the least is the crowd favorite, the white shoes.

Every woman knows that a pair of white shoes can go with any kind of outfit, and that includes your gray dress.

Your white shoes can balance your overall appearance while maintaining just enough attention to your gray dress.

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