What Color Shoes to Wear with White Dress?

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Every woman knows that owning a white dress is essential.

I know how versatile and super easy to style a white dress is.

And trust me, wearing them with the right footwear will take you places.

White dresses are timeless and are perfect for any kind of setup.

But although they can go with any style, some women are still having trouble pairing them with the right color shoes.

What Color Shoes to Wear with White Dress

In the world of fashion, a white dress represents class and purity.

They have a timeless appeal that can go with any style and any occasion.

A white dress can easily catch the eyes of many since it can make any woman look more feminine and charming.

Below is the list of all the shoe colors you can match with your white dress.

Nude or Beige

Planning to wear a white dress nude shoes combo?

Then get ready to turn heads.

Wearing your white dress with a pair of nude or beige-colored shoes can easily draw the attention of many.

Since nude and beige are neutral colors, they can make your white dress stand out more.

A white dress and nude shoe combo can give off a refreshing and natural kind of look.

white dress with black shoes

A white dress with black shoes is definitely an effortless match.

This color combination is versatile and can be pulled off by anyone.

If you’re attending a formal setup, you can pair your white dress with black heels, loafers, mules, or even flats.

For a state-of-the-art kind of look, your white dress would look perfect with black boots or gladiator sandals.

Naturally, the white dress and black shoes combo are perfect from any angle.

white dress with gold shoes

Want to have a luxurious and stylish appeal?

Try pairing your dress with gold shoes!

Since gold comes in many varieties, from shiny and shimmering gold to matte, any white dress would look lovely with it.

If you want to make heads turn when attending an evening party, your white dress and shiny gold-colored stilettos will do the trick.

And if you want to make a statement with your footwear as you walk along the streets, a white mini-length dress with matte gold thigh-high boots will do.

Topping this outfit with a denim or leather jacket will definitely catch some eyes.

white dress with brown shoes 

Of course, nothing can beat the striking contrast this combo gives.

The rugged look of your brown shoes is enough to draw some attention while keeping your white dress the center of attention.

The trendiest outfit for every autumn or winter season will always be the brown cowboy boots and mini white dress combo.

Most women will complete this look by topping their dress with a denim jacket.

But aside from that, a brown wedge paired with a white dress is also perfect for the warmer seasons.

When it comes to versatility, brown shoes are also on the top list.

white dress with blue shoes 

This combo can give different kinds of looks.

Navy blue shoes like loafers and mules would look great with a form-fitting or straight cut white dress.

This outfit would be perfect for more formal setups like going to work or attending meetings.

Now, if you want to attend wedding ceremonies and events alike, baby blue ankle-strap heels will totally give you a feminine aura when worn together with a white dress.

For the ladies who want to mix fun and style together, a pair of flashy blue pumps would look good with a white bodycon dress.

Basically, blue shoes can fit any occasion when paired with a white dress.

white dress with yellow shoes 

Yellow is always a fun color, don’t you think?

And when you pair a white dress with yellow shoes, you’ll make your outfit not just fun but also elegant in so many ways.

The white dress and yellow shoes combo are always perfect for any kind of season or occasion.

And although yellow is a bright color, pairing it with a white dress can balance your color scheme.

In the end, your yellow shoes can make your white dress stand out by not making it too flashy as well.

What’s more amazing about wearing yellow shoes and a white dress together is you won’t need to add a lot of accessories to make your outfit look livelier.

white dress with white shoes 

White on white screams sophistication and innocence.

This outfit is perfect for the ladies who want to look smart and put together.

White is a versatile color – which means that pairing your white dress and your white shoes can take you to different setups.

If you’re attending a formal event, a white dress and white stilettos or wedges will look dashing on you.

And if you want to look casual and stylish, you can wear your white dress with white sneakers.

Not to mention that white sneakers are super comfortable so you can hang out with your friends without complaining of any foot ache.

white dress with silver shoes 

There’s nothing more sophisticated and elegant when matching a white dress with silver shoes.

From silver heels to metallic boots, a white dress would always look lovely with it.

The silver color of your footwear can make lots of head turn if that’s what you are aiming for.

But it can also be perfect when you want to enjoy a romantic date with your partner, with them complimenting your white dress and your silver shoes.


A combination of red shoes and white dress can be two things.

One is that it can be fierce and bold.

And two, it can be innocent and demure.

If you want to make yourself the center of attraction during evening parties, pair your white long dress with red-colored stiletto heels.

This will give you such an intimidating and sexy aura that no one can resist.

Now, if you want to look chic and demure, you can try wearing your white flowing dress with a pair of red pumps or red ankle-strap heels.

You can also complete this style by wearing some gold jewelry or a red handbag that matches your shoe color.


Animal-printed shoes when worn with a white dress are enough to make a statement.

This combination will draw lots of attention no matter what the occasion is.

Animal-printed shoes and white dresses are perfect for any kind of event.

You can wear them when hanging out with friends, or getting coffee with your colleagues.

It’s also perfect when attending evening parties or going to the club.

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