What Color Shoes to Wear with Purple Dress?

Purple Dress with shoes
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Personally, I think purple represents royalty and chicness.

It’s both a vibrant and delicate color that can fit any style.

But I noticed that some ladies stir away from purple dresses.

Solely because they think that a purple dress can limit the color of footwear you can wear.

But in reality, if you just have the right guide, you will realize that there are a lot of color choices to choose from.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Purple Dress

A purple dress may not be your first option when it comes to your wardrobe choice.

But when you wear it, you will realize how elegant and dashing it would look on you.

Are you one of the ladies who are afraid to wear their purple dress because they don’t know what color footwear to use with it?

Then worry no more. I am here to guide you on what color shoes to wear with your purple dress.

Purple dress with silver shoes

If you’re looking for a footwear color that can glam up your purple dress, then look no more.

Silver shoes are the perfect color that can make your purple dress look more elegant and classy.

This color is perfect for a purple evening dress to easily make you the center of attraction.

Silver shoes would look exceptionally gorgeous with silk and a shiny purple dress.

You can wear them both together with silver accessories to match your footwear.

Purple dress with black shoes

A pair of black shoes will never disappoint when worn together with a purple dress.

There is nothing chicer and stylish when you wear these two together.

Your black shoes can create a very striking and bold accent to your purple dress.

It works both for dark and light purple dresses.

Black shoes can make your dark purple dress look bolder and more sophisticated.

While black shoes can also make your light purple dress shine brighter and look more delicate.

You can accessorize this outfit with silver pieces of jewelry.

But make sure not to wear too much jewelry or you will overdo yourself.

Purple dress with gold shoes

Your gold shoes can give your purple dress a more neutral look.

But it can also add more glam and brightness to your purple outfit.

Since gold is a very rich and vibrant color, it can give your purple dress a very expensive and glamorous look.

You can wear these two color choices together for formal events like evening parties or even going on an expensive date.

You can add just a little bit of gold jewelry to match and complete your elegant and classy look.

Purple dress with red shoes

Red-colored shoes are so chic and sexy, especially when you pair them with your purple dress.

This shoe color is perfect for ladies who want to achieve something bold and elegant.

Although you have to be extra careful when matching your purple dress with red shoes or they might clash with each other.

If your dress is plain and light purple, bright red shoes can give it a livelier aura.

Now if you have a darker purple dress or something close to blue, wear darker hues of red like burgundy.

Red and purple are cousins and they can fit well with any occasion.

You can wear it when attending parties, business meetings, or even going to work.

But remember not to wear too many accessories or you might just ruin your whole appearance.


Now if you want something natural and well…neutral, try wearing nude-colored shoes.

Nude colors like beige or tan would look absolutely great with your purple dress.

This can give you a very soft and delicate look that would show off your most charming sides.

What’s more, is that wearing nude shoes that are close to your skin tone can help make your legs look more elongated.

Beige shoes would look lovely with dark purple dresses.

While your tan shoes can match really well with a light purple dress.

They are a perfect color match for both casual and formal settings.

And if you want to add something fun and pop to your accessories, you can also add a bright color like yellow or orange.


If you want to give your purple dress a simple and minimalistic look, try wearing your white shoes.

For me, this color of footwear is the best color to match with any shades of a purple dress.

White is such a clean and elegant look and it can give your purple dress a very aesthetic and polished appearance.

What’s more, is that both of them are very versatile colors.

You can wear your purple dress and white shoes all year round and you would still never get tired of it.

If you want to have a simple and preppy look, pair your white shoes with light purple dresses like lilac or periwinkle.

Now if you want to make your footwear stand out, then pair it with a dark purple dress.

A contrast accessory would look super lovely with this outfit match such as an orange or red purse.


Purple shoes can also give a great combination with your purple dress.

But there are a few things you need to remember when matching your purple shoes and purple dress.

If you want to look simple and elegant, you can wear a purple dress with the same shade as your purple shoes.

But, you need to make sure to also add some accessories that can give your whole matchy-matchy outfit a color break.

This can make you look livelier and not monotonous.

Now avoid wearing your purple dress if you have purple shoes that have one or two shades off of your outfit.

This will give you a look like you are in a bit of a hurry and you just pick whatever shoes you can grab.

Wearing your purple dress with a lighter or darker shade of purple is also okay as long as you know how to blend them.

Remember to always wear jewelry together with this outfit match to avoid looking boring and plain.


For something unexpected and bold, try wearing your purple dress with blue shoes.

Any shade of blue can complement your purple dress really well.

If you want to look stylish and fun, wear your purple dress with bright blue shoes.

Now if you are planning to attend formal events, you can always wear your purple dress with light blue shoes.

For work purposes or business meetings, wearing your purple dress with navy blue shoes would be a perfect choice.

Basically, the blue can make your purple dress fit with any occasion.