What color shoes to wear with navy dress?

woman navy dess and cream shoes
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When you’re tired of wearing black all the time and want to look sharp and elegant, wear a navy dress instead. 

You can use it to look presentable on any occasion, whether it’s for your first date, job interview, casual hangouts, or even for a wedding. 

A navy dress will help you to look extra by being simple. 

But having a delicate dress is not enough when it comes to fashion. You should know how to pick the right color of shoes that would match your dress and the characteristic you’re trying to convey. 

Because there are times that a color combination can either complete or ruin your look. 

That’s why you have to mix and match your dress and your shoes carefully. 

The good thing about a navy dress – most colors of shoes can go along with it. Thus, if you’re wondering what color shoes to wear with navy dress, you can start with the classic black and white.


Navy blue is the most natural substitute for black. But black shoes are the perfect pair for your navy dress. 

It’s like the missing piece that you need to complete your powerful appearance.

A black color shoe will give you a dark yet colorful outfit overall. Thus, regardless of what occasion you want to attend, you have nothing to worry about as long as you have black shoes and a navy dress.


On the contrary, pairing your navy blue dress with white shoes might give you an edgy look. Some fashion experts are against this combination. 

But to be honest, white shoes will give you an edgy, sophisticated, and mature look, just like a color scheme of a sea. 

Your navy dress is the ocean while your white shoes are the shore or a plain white sky. This color dynamic is unique together – certainly your outfit too.

However, if you want to go outside of the black and white pairing, there are a lot of options available for your navy dress but remember, not all colors of shoes match with your navy dress. 

Best color shoes for navy dress


Since a navy dress can give you a bold vibe, you might as well go beyond it and match it with your red shoes. A red shoe delivers confidence, extra poise, and professionalism. 

The strong combination of these colors is a phenomenon. Thus if you want to go to a formal occasion in your navy dress, wear your red shoes. 


Yellow shoes are your choice if you want to have friendly, fashionable, and fun vibes. 

Normally, yellow and blue are the best combination to get more attention in advertising and for a collage picture, right? It is because yellow is an eye-catching and engaging combination. 

A navy blue dress and a yellow shoe are the contrast of one another but a good pop of color together.  

Warm pink

Every stylish woman knows the importance of the color pink in all outfits. 

It’s a woman’s signature. Just like how black and white can match with any other color. Pink, on the other hand, is always spontaneous. It will add light, young, and balance. 

A warm pink or peach is the one for a navy blue dress. This combination compliments one another. 

Plus, having warm pink heels or shoes is convenient in many ways. 

It is not just perfect with a navy dress, but it can also match any kind of dress since pink is a feminine color. 

Pink looks gorgeous in any hue.


If you’re wondering why the color brown is not on this list, it is because Tan is better. 

Basically, Tan is the pale shade of brown, green, and orange, making it extra beautiful with a navy dress.

One tip for these color shoes is also to wear your tan bag. Once you combine them, you will have a cute, executive look. 


Silver is also suitable for your navy dress for a modern and high-tech look. 

Since the navy dress already represents elegant outfits, you might as well combine it with glamorous silver shoes. 

Its overall look is the same as white shoes aside from the natural sparks. 

Therefore, silver shoes are a great alternative if you don’t have white shoes or you want to go beyond being sophisticated.

Shoes for navy dress

A shoe should be worn on the right occasion, particularly if you are trying to go with either a formal or casual event. 

However, I understand that getting the right shoes might be tricky with the navy blue dress, but not anymore.  

1. Boots 

If you are aiming for a fancy night hang out with your friends, boots and a navy dress should be your thing. 

The physical cover of these shoes goes to your feet, ankles, and your lower leg, which makes them excellent support for friends’ night activities. 

Moreover, boots are also suitable for a day out. Just make sure to change your navy dress into a boho navy dress. 

2. Heels

For more transformation of your navy dress, always go with heels. 

The heel enhances the appearance of your butt by lifting your cheeks and enhancing your feminine features. 

Overall, adding high heels to your navy dress outfit instantly transforms it from simple to stylish. They lengthen your legs, “lift” your thighs and glutes.

3. Flat shoes

I bet all ladies have their flat shoes at home because of its comfort for all our hangouts. 

It gives our feet the support and comfort that they need. That’s why flat shoes are also suitable for your navy dress. 

Despite the comfort it offers, you can also expect it to maintain your posture all the time. Flat shoes will also balance your weight on your toes and be convenient to use at all times. 

Also, if you plan to wear your navy dress in formal attire and want to match it with heels, bring fats.

You can also carry flat shoes with you as an alternative if you get tired of walking to prevent swelling feet. 

Trust me, no one would notice. Your navy dress is enough to catch their attention. 

4. Transparent shoes

Take note of these transparent shoes. Even if this is pretty with a navy dress, you have to be extra cautious with it. 

Transparent shoes are made of plastic materials that won’t allow your feet to adjust. 

The materials are not stretchable. As a result, I would suggest you pair it only with your navy dress if you have a quick formal occasion that needs to be in. 

However, if you feel like your transparent shoes are too painful for you, the other eight shoes would match your navy dress. 

5. Ankle strap stilettos

Ankle strap stilettos are certainly one of the trend shoes this year simply because of their fabulous strap that crosses behind your ankle. 

Therefore, to highlight the flattering design of these shoes, you should pick an above-the-knee navy dress. 

You will love the extra poise it gives to your look. 

Normally, this kind of outfit is more suited to festive occasions. But if you partnered it with a navy dress, instantly, it will match with any event. 

6. Lace shoes heels

The classic ballerina shoe and the Roman gladiator sandal are among the sources of inspiration for lace-up heels. 

These shoes will give you extra elegant and feminine vibes wearing them alone, what’s more with the navy dress. 

Since navy dresses are more popular for wedding occasions, lace shoes, on the other hand, are the most popular shoes for brides and bridesmaids – which makes them the most compatible shoes compared to others. 

7. Cone heels

For a more daring look, cone heels with a navy dress could also be the next combination you should try. 

Cone heels can be described as ice cream cone heels because of their triangular shape and begin wide at the sole, tapering eventually to a point. 

In simple words, its heels are wider at the top and slim at the bottom. 

These shoes can make you look sharper. 

Thus, you are able to balance the highlight of your navy dress and cone heels. Simple jeans and a navy top could do for casual wear and a cocktail navy dress for formal wear. 

But actually, cone heels will give an exquisite touch to whatever navy dress you wear. You will never go wrong with these. 

8. Sneakers

The right pair of sneakers will provide you with all the support you need. Plus, sneakers provide more stability compared to any other type of footwear. 

Sneakers are starting to kick back on all occasions nowadays. Its stability is getting famous for all fashion, making it possible to wear at formal events. 

We are in the 20th century. Wearing sneakers with a navy dress on a formal occasion is appropriate. 

If you want to be comfortable and stand out simultaneously, choose sneakers. 

9. Ruby Slippers

Remember the legendary film title “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939? 

The ruby slippers worn by Dorothy Gale have been the symbols of hope. The same goes if you partner your ruby slippers with your navy dress. 

Ruby slippers are made of different materials such as wood pulp, silk thread, gelatin, glass, and more. Thus, it is good to summon a classic vibe if you wear ruby slippers. 

But if you wear it today, you will be amazed by how it clicks with your navy dres.  

You will definitely stand out with this outfit because only a few people can dare to pull this off. But once you do, it will enhance your confidence even more. 

Tips for wearing a navy dress

Match your shoes color with your accessories

A shoe’s color should complement your accessories in order to help you achieve a uniform appearance.

This is the most cheat code for pairing your navy dress with your shoes. 

If you want to rock the color of shoes, you have to simply match it with your bag’s color, jewelry, watch, and even hair accessories. 

Color schemes are always right

If you look away at other establishments, art pieces, and color combinations, you will get an idea of how to match your navy dress with different colors. 

Schemes are always right in the fashion industry. 

It’ll give you a glimpse of what themes you want for your navy dress outfit. Thus, if you make a habit of learning the essence of colors and their pallets, I believe that matching your navy dress will be a piece of cake for you. 

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