What Color Shoes to Wear with Gold Dress?

woman with long gold dress with black shoes
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A gold dress will always stand out no matter where you put it.

And as a person who loves being noticed, gold dresses are one of my favorites.

But, no matter how ready you are for any occasion, a dress will never look complete without the right footwear.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Gold Dress

Match your gold dress right.

See the list of the best colors you can wear with your gold dress.

Gold dress red shoes

There is nothing bolder than a pair of red shoes.

Red is bold, elegant, and intimidating.

And matching it together with your gold dress would totally give you that kind of look.

A pair of red shoes can easily make your gold dress stand out no matter what the occasion is.

This pair is perfect for both formal and casual setups.

Gold dress with black shoes

Any outfit would look amazing when paired with black shoes.

Black shoes can easily give an outfit a pretty accent – which means your gold dress would stand out even more.

A pair of black shoes is indeed simple but you cannot deny that it can make any outfit, especially a gold dress, more stunning.

Since black is a dark color, it can give your gold dress a very elegant contrast that can pretty much make your gold dress shine brighter.

What’s more, is that a pair of black shoes would never go out of style.

Gold dress silver shoes

Are you planning to rock the night with your friends?

Or perhaps, do you want to stand out even more in the sea of people during an evening party?

If you want to keep the balance of your gold dress and make it shine without that many accessories, opt for silver shoes.

The silver color can easily make your gold dress shine without outshining it.

Silver shoes can also give a very classy character to your gold dress.

Silver-colored pointed-toe stilettos and a strapless gold mini-length bodycon dress would look delightfully stunning together.

Gold dress white shoes

Now, if you want to keep a smart and sophisticated look with your gold dress, why not try wearing white-colored shoes?

White can easily balance the color of your gold dress.

The color white can also give a touch of purity and a minimalistic appeal to any gold dress.

Accessorizing this outfit choice is also very easy.

You can just add some light jewelry, like a pearl earring or a silver necklace and you’re ready to rock the night!

Gold dress gold shoes

Another color choice that would seem a bit too shocking at first would be a gold dress and a pair of gold shoes.

I know that wearing gold and gold might look too much but trust me, it would look absolutely perfect on you.

Although it is indeed hard to pull off sometimes if you know how to balance your outfit, you will definitely like its outcome.

Since gold is a rich and luxurious color, pairing it with another gold-colored wardrobe would scream nothing but expensiveness and class!

So if you want to outshine everyone, better wear your gold shoes together with your gold dress.

Nude shoes

Let’s not forget about the easiest color you can pair with any dress, the nude shoes.

Nude shoes are perfect when paired with a gold dress.

This can simply make you stand out even more if it is even possible.

Nude-colored shoes that match your skin tone can give your legs an elongated look, creating the perfect illusion for you.

When you pair a gold dress with nude shoes, you wouldn’t just stand out from the crowd.

Your outfit choice would also easily become the epitome of pure class and glamor.

Brown shoes

Although brown is an underestimated color, surprisingly, it would look super cool with a gold dress.

The brown color can give a warm tone to your gold dress, making it shine even brighter.

What’s more, is that brown shoes are cool to look at and can easily make your gold dress be noticed whenever or wherever you are.

You can opt for stiletto heels, wedges, or flats with brown colors, and all of them would look lovely with a gold dress.

If you pair your gold dress with brown shoes, it would also be super easy to accessorize.

You can add just simple jewelry and your outfit would look complete.

Pink shoes

If you plan to make a statement with your footwear together with a gold dress, now is your chance to grab your pink shoes.

Pink, whether light or bright can easily make a charming and feminine character with your gold dress.

Hot pink shoes and a gold dress would make a statement as you walk along the roads.

While lighter pink or blush shoes can give you a very chic and soft vibe that can make everyone around you coo.

Yellow shoes

These two colors are somewhat alike so it’s safe to say that wearing a gold dress with yellow shoes is definitely amazing.

Yellow is such a fun and energetic color so if you plan to wear it with your gold dress then you can easily make your outfit look livelier.

Just be careful not to put on too many accessories when wearing these two together or you would overdo your attire.

Black and white shoes

Black and white shoes can give a very stunning and elegant contrast with a gold dress.

This color choice is super chic and will never go out of style.

Wearing a pair of black and white shoes with your gold dress is perfect for formal and semi-formal setups.

For example, going to the bar with your friends, or having a fancy date with your partner at your favorite restaurant.

Animal print shoes

Now for the ladies who definitely want to look bold and charming, make sure to wear your animal print shoes together with your gold dress.

The animal print shoes can give a fun and lovely character to your whole outfit.

What’s more, is that it’s easy to style with and can go with any occasion.

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