What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dress?

beautiful girl in a summer burgundy dress
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Burgundy dresses are perfect for any occasion, all year round.

And as a woman, it’s important to always have a burgundy dress ready in my wardrobe.

Burgundy-colored dresses are a show-stopper whenever or wherever you go.

So it’s best if you know how to style them with the right color shoes.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dress

A burgundy dress is indeed a wardrobe essential.

When you walk into a room with a burgundy dress on, you will easily become the center of attention.

There is something phenomenal when seeing a lady dressed in burgundy.

That’s why I have made a list of the best color shoes you can match with your burgundy dress.

Burgundy dress with silver shoes

To start our list – the burgundy dress and silver footwear combo.

The silver shoes can give your burgundy dress a futuristic and stylish appeal.

It can also give an outline to your burgundy dress without stealing the spotlight away from it.

Pair your burgundy dress with silver stilettos, pumps, monochrome ankle-strap sandals, or metallic wedges.

This outfit will look great for evening parties.

Burgundy dress with black shoes

Black is always one of the most common colors of shoes that go well with a burgundy dress.

A pair of black shoes can bring out the midnight hues of a burgundy dress, adding an aesthetic vibe to it.

Plus, you can never go wrong with a black shoe.

The versatility of black shoes can be seen when you pair them with a good burgundy dress.

Of course, you can wear it for evening parties with some black ankle-strap heels or black cut-out heels.

Make your work outfit look more professional with a burgundy dress paired with black loafers or pumps.

Burgundy dress with gold shoes

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that can complement your burgundy dress and make it stand out?

Now is your chance to grab your gold shoes!

Your gold shoes when paired with a burgundy dress would look super stylish and luxurious.

What’s more, is that you don’t have to complete this outfit with many accessories.

The gold and burgundy are enough to make your attire look whole.

Open-toe heels, stilettos, ankle boots, and even espadrilles with gold colors would look great with a burgundy dress.

Just carry your gold handbag or purse with you and you’re ready to turn heads.

Burgundy dress with beige shoes

Another attractive color that can make your burgundy dress stand out is the beige shoes.

The color beige can give warmth and a pretty accent to your burgundy dress.

It’s perfect for any special occasion like attending weddings or evening parties.

Beige shoes like your ankle-strap heels, kitten heels, or pumps, would look perfect with your dress.

Burgundy dress with white shoes

Sometimes, a burgundy dress is hard to pull off with a pair of white shoes.

That’s why you have to make the best out of this combo.

And make sure to wear it with confidence and style!

If you want to look empowered and bold, a pair of white shoes would look great with a burgundy dress.

But, you should keep in mind that white may tend to clash with the color burgundy from time to time.

If your burgundy dress is in the lighter shade, white would look elegant with it.

But if your dress has darker shades of burgundy, it’s better to stick with beige or off-white shoes.

Burgundy dress with brown shoes

Many of you might think that brown shoes wouldn’t match well with a burgundy dress.

But in fact, it does!

The brown color of your shoes can make a perfect and striking contrast with a burgundy dress.

Not to mention that it can give your outfit a bold and elegant appeal.

Personally, matching a burgundy dress with brown shoes is one of my favorite outfits.

It can make your dress stand out and look more put together.

Especially if the shade of your brown shoes matches your skin tone.

This will elongate the look of your legs giving you a really elegant and sexy look.

Burgundy dress with red shoes

A burgundy dress paired with red shoes screams sophistication and elegance.

Some women tend to stir away from this color match since they think that the two colors would clash.

But actually, the red shoes can perfectly blend with your burgundy dress.

Yes, red may be a bit too flashy for your dress.

But you won’t have to worry about your shoes taking the spotlight away from your dress.

Just make sure to choose the right shade of red.

Bright red shoes or wine-colored shoes are perfect for a burgundy dress with darker shades.

This outfit will give you a very elegant and fabulous look.

You can wear some light jewelry like a necklace or bracelet to complete this attire.

Burgundy dress with blue shoes

For the ladies who want to look bold and fun, it’s time for you to bring out those blue-colored shoes.

A burgundy dress and a pair of blue shoes would look delightfully striking no matter what occasion it is.

From light blue to navy blue, and all shades of blue, your burgundy dress would look perfect with it.

Your burgundy dress and navy blue shoes will give you a real smart and professional appeal.

This would be perfect for formal setups like weddings or meetings.

Planning to hang out with friends or attend celebrations?

A turquoise or baby blue-colored shoes will give you real chic vibes. 

Now, step out of your comfort zone and take over the streets with your burgundy dress and your blue shoes.

Burgundy dress with animal printed shoes

Want to make a statement with their burgundy dress and shoes?

Better grab your animal printed shoes then.

That’s right.

A pair of animal printed shoes like leopards or reptilian prints would look gorgeous with a burgundy dress.

Shoes with animal prints would make your burgundy dress excel and give it character.

It can also add charisma to your whole outfit, making you the center of attention and glamor.

There’s no explanation why a burgundy dress would match well with animal printed shoes.

But once you wear it, you will definitely understand why.

Grab some additional accessories like your animal printed purse and you’re ready to walk down the runway.

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