What Color Shoes to Wear with Blue Dress?

Collage women in a blue dress
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When it comes to a woman’s taste, blue dresses are always one of the top choices.

Personally, I think a blue dress can make a woman show off her natural beauty.

Blue is simple, elegant, and very chic.

And a blue dress can go with any occasion.

Be it formal parties or casual strolls with your friends.

And to make your outfit stand out, you will need the perfect shoes for a blue dress.

Best Color shoes for a blue dress

Every woman loves the color blue, especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful dress.

That’s why this post is dedicated to all the ladies who want to know what color shoes to wear with blue dress.

Blue dress and black shoes

Black is such a versatile color.

And that is also probably why black shoes can match perfectly well with a blue dress.

A pair of black shoes and a navy blue-colored dress is always a safe match if you don’t know what outfit to wear.

In fact, I have never encountered a woman getting wardrobe problems when wearing a pair of black shoes.

If your main goal is to look professional, mature, and stylish, opt for a pair of black shoes paired with a blue dress.

Accessorizing this outfit is super easy as well.

A simple blazer or coat and a purse will pretty much complete this look.

Blue dress with silver shoes

Now, if you want to look fabulous and stunning with your blue dress, opt for a pair of silver shoes.

Silver can make anything more elegant.

What’s more is that it can be a key feature to make your blue dress stand out, if that’s your goal.

A blue dress and silver shoe combo is perfect for formal events like evening parties and business meetings.

Blue dress with white shoes

Now if you want to look very smart and sophisticated, feel free to pair your blue dress with white shoes.

A pair of white shoes can easily make any outfit look cleaner and more put-together, including a blue dress.

The white shoes can also put a minimalistic touch to your blue dress, making it look just right.

Since white shoes and a blue dress can create a simple and stylish look, completing this outfit with simple and light jewelry would do the trick.

Blue dress with gold shoes

A blue dress and gold shoe pairing is super-rich and classy to look at.

Blue is a rich and relaxing color.

And pairing it with gold-colored shoes can make such a lovely contrast together.

If you’re feeling expensive and elegant, why not try wearing your blue dress with a pair of gold shoes?

Blue dress with nude shoes

There is never a wrong timing when pairing a dress with nude-colored shoes.

And by dress, I mean every dress, including your blue dress.

Matching your blue dress with nude-colored shoes will give you a sensual and stylish look.

Want to make your legs look elongated?

Try wearing a blue mini-length bodycon dress with slits on the end with a pair of nude-toned shoes that matches your skin color.

What’s more, is that a pair of nude shoes can easily make your blue dress, or any dress actually, stand out without stealing the spotlight.

Blue dress with brown shoes

Some women tend to forget that brown-colored shoes actually exist.

This is mostly because they think they can’t rock any color of dress with brown shoes.

But actually, a pair of brown shoes can make any dress look more gorgeous and stylish.

A blue dress when worn together with brown shoes will stand out no matter what the occasion is.

Since brown is an earthy color, it can make a bold and striking contrast with any shades of blue.

If you want to easily turn the heads of the many, wear your blue dress together with your brown shoes.

Blue dress red shoes

Even though these two colors seem like worlds apart in terms of color schemes, blue and red work pretty well together.

If you have a blue dress and a pair of red shoes, you will create the sexiest and most elegant version of yourself.

A pair of red shoes can complement a blue dress easily, giving it a bold and feisty outcome.

So don’t be afraid of wearing these two colors together because they are a classic pair that will never go out of style.

As the saying goes, “never be afraid of wearing red.”

Blue dress with yellow shoes

Are you feeling bold and dramatic?

Pairing your blue dress with yellow shoes would be the perfect way to achieve that look.

Yellow is such an energetic color, so wearing it together with your blue dress will make you look livelier and more stylish.

Since both blue and yellow are rich and flashy colors, you can easily stand out among the crowd.

Blue dress with pink shoes

Now, if you want to show everyone your feminine side, opt for a pair of pink shoes.

A blue dress and pink shoes can create two possible looks for you, depending on the shade of pink you are wearing.

If you want to look delicate and show off your softest side, light pink shoes or blush shoes would look perfect with your light blue dress.

This combo is perfect during wedding ceremonies or other events that don’t require flashy outfits.

But, if you want to stand out and show off your boldest and the hottest version of yourself, opt for hot pink shoes.

Since hot pink or neon pink are pop colors, wearing them together with your blue dress can definitely make lots of head turns.

Blue dress with clear shoes

One of the trendiest types of shoes today is clear shoes.

A blue dress would look exceptionally good when you decide to pair it with your clear shoes.

This pairing can create a very aesthetic and feminine look for any lady.

Clear shoes of any style can work pretty much with any dress, even a blue dress.

The more transparent your clear shoes are, the more minimalistic your outfit gets.

Blue dress with blue shoes

If you think going matchy-matchy with your blue dress and blue shoes will make you look like a fashion killer, then you are entirely wrong.

In fact, blue on blue works just as well with black on black outfits.

Although it is indeed hard to pull off sometimes.

But if you choose the right style of blue shoes, I’m sure it will give out a very elegant and classy look for you and your blue dress.