What Color Shoes to Wear with Black Pants

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Did you get a new set of clothes and want to know what you can wear them with? 

Mixing and matching the different items in your outfits can be fun and exciting. 

However, finding unique and new matches can be tricky if you’ve got a limited selection of clothes. 

For example, are you wondering what color shoes to wear with black pants?

You can imagine how they’d look when you wear them, but doing this can also be inaccurate. 

One of the best ways to see if your clothes match is to try them on. We know not every woman has the time or energy to try out every possible outfit to see how it looks.

The same applies if you want to buy new shoes for a pair of black pants. It’s not enough to grab a pair from the store without trying them on.

We want to help ease your wardrobe search and shopping experience. Below, we listed the best shoe colors that match black pants. 

Our list includes fashion tips for shoes and pants matching.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black Pants?

Technically, shoes of any color can match black pants. 

It’s a good rule of thumb if comfort is what you’re after. If you want comfort and style, you should also consider your shoe color.

White Shoes

Wearing contrasting colors is always a good fashion choice, mainly black and white. Wear a pair of universally stylish white shoes to match your black pants and everything else. 

They fit everything and look good on any occasion, whether formal events or casual walks.

Grey Shoes

Do you want to try something monochromatic? 

If you don’t have white shoes, try wearing neutral grey shoes instead. It’s an excellent choice if you want to wear a low-key outfit for the day.

Tan or Nude Shoes

A softer alternative color to white shoes is a tan or nude pair. 

They can come in brighter or darker shades of tan and still look good with black pants. You can also rest easy knowing that tan shoes match just about any top or jacket you’ll pull out of the closet.

Red Shoes

The red and black color combination can evoke different feelings and aesthetics. 

When you pair red shoes with any black jeans, you’re creating a high-end look. Pick bright red shoes for more contrast and to have your shoes stand out more.

Yellow Shoes

Yellow is the color of cheerfulness, confidence, and enthusiasm. It’s a great pick for spring or a sunny day. 

Wearing yellow shoes with black pants adds joy to your outfit, whether they’re boots, pumps, or sneakers.

Black pants, yellow shoes, and white tops can also give a vibrant aesthetic.

Pink Shoes

Add a dash of charm and feminine tenderness to an all-black ensemble by putting on pink shoes. 

Any shade of pink will match black pants, whether it’s bubblegum, coral, or hot pink. Adding a pair of pink shoes to your wardrobe makes mixing and matching more fun.

Shoes with Animal Prints

We know animal print isn’t a color, but we’re adding it to the list anyway. 

Patterned and printed shoes create a bold look when paired with black jeans, dress pants, etc. 

They also open the opportunity to use animal print bags, jackets, and scarves.

Brown Shoes

Last but not least is a shoe color many people find weird to pair with black pants. 

Although you might feel that the color combination doesn’t look good, they surprisingly do. The fashion faux pas of wearing black and brown is an outdated belief.

Remember that trends cycle in and out. Plus, brown is an extension of nude colors to a degree, so the idea shouldn’t be too far-fetched. 

Settle for brown shoes with neutral shades whenever you’re in doubt.

Remember, these are only the best shoe colors that match black pants. Use this as a guide when you’re mixing and matching your wardrobe items. 

You don’t need to stick to the guide above.

You can still wear your blue or green pair of shoes with black pants if you don’t have them in these colors. 

The secret to a stunning outfit is to find a shoe type that matches the look. Fashion is all about finding the items that best fit your style, after all.

Best Types of Shoes That Go with Black Jeans

Jeans are commonly blue. So, getting a pair of black jeans and creating an outfit around them can be challenging. It’s why we made a list above about matching black pants and shoe colors.

What if you want to find the best shoes for black jeans specifically?

Well, the good news is that jeans look good with almost any shoe. However, specific footwear fit black jeans better than others. Here’s a quick list of them:


Most people’s go-to casual footwear is a pair of white sneakers. You’ll never go wrong with a couple of white sneakers. 

They look good when matched with any casual wear, even black jeans.

Do you walk a lot when you go out? Sneakers are also highly comfortable to wear no matter where you go. 

Make sure you have them in the correct size before leaving the house.

Ballet Flats and Mules

Try ballet flats or mules if you want to wear something cuter than sneakers. They’re easier to wear and take off. 

They can also help you save on sock laundry.

Heels and Pumps

Pumps can make your whole outfit look more chic and classy, even when you’re wearing black jeans. 

They can make your get-up fit for the office, casual trips in the city, and even semi-formal events. 

Black pumps look more formal, while a red pair will add a saucy flair to your outfit.

If you don’t have pumps, any old pair of heels will also do. 

Donning on any heel will look great with jeans, whether they’re slingback, loafer heel, peep-toe stiletto, or other types. 

Plus, they’ll add significant curvature to your butt and back posture.

Flat Boots

Flat boots are another pair of versatile footwear that’ll match black jeans. They’re comfortable and stylish, no matter what season you don them.

Consider changing between your flat boots to add variations to your outfits. For example, wear military boots today, then use a knee-high pair tomorrow. 

They’ll match skinny black jeans, no matter how far up your boots extend.


Booties can add more height and elongate your appearance. They’re a great alternative to flat boots. 

Consider getting a pair of black leather booties with pointed or square toes.

If you’re getting new shoes, consider how they match your usual style and colors. Remember, consider every other outfit combination you can wear before buying a new wardrobe item.

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