What color shoes go with Khaki Pants?

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Khaki pants are   known for their versatility. They can be worn by any gender, on any occasion, and with any tops you want. 

khakis can be styled in many ways by combining them with a more fashionable look, especially when it comes to the color of your shoes. 

Even if the style of these pants are known for their versatility, some colors of shoes work splendidly with them while others do not.   

What color shoes go with Khaki Pants?

1. Burgundy 

A pair of burgundy shoes can stand out regardless of the color of pants or tops you wear. But if you pair them with khaki, even better, 

Khaki and burgundy are both earthy tones. In other words, burgundy shoes are the key to making a great impression among all the people who wear khaki. 

Plus, if you wear a navy coat, or a blue top. I guarantee this outfit will look fantastic on you.

2. Gray 

Any shoes in shades of grey blend well with khaki. It is the rarest combination of them all because it looks stark against a tan. 

To be honest, there are people who love this pairing and others don’t. 

However, if you have gray shoes and want to wear them with your khaki, I recommend wearing a gray or green top. 

Gray symbolized balance and neutrality. Therefore, it would be best if you feel comfortable wearing it and break the norms confidently. 

What you feel about it is most important.

3. Black 

Another controversial pairing – black color shoes with khaki pants. 

Some believe that black creates too much contrast with khaki, especially if it’s about shoes. 

A black earring, necklace, watch, or bag is exceptional to a tan color. But, it gives another aura to footwear. 

However, in general, black is totally acceptable with khaki. It is rather best if you have a darker shade of khaki. Only a few people can rock this combination because most of them go with white. 

But if you are fascinated by the fashion industry or love the color black, you would understand that black brings a unique touch to khaki pants. 

Ultimately, it is your attitude that makes it work. 

4. Navy Blue 

When you want to achieve a casual look yet still look elegant, you might as well consider wearing navy blue shoes. 

This goes well with khaki pants, especially if you have lighter shades. 

People will notice your shoes more. And let’s face it, choosing between navy blue or black, the navy will look sharp with khaki pants. 

The dark blue will add a complexion to the tan shades. 

Remember, navy blue represents the feeling of power and authority. If you are wearing these, don’t forget to bring them with you.

5. Red

Compared to all primary colors of shoes available, red has the texture of being strong and bold yet totally the extremity that everyone likes. It can never be too bright or too dull. 

It is the description of being extra. Wearing formal attire, go for red shoes. If you want to look expensive, red is the answer. 

Therefore, undoubtedly, khaki pants and red shoes are also a match made in heaven. 

6. Orange

Since red and burgundy are excellent colors for Khakis, orange can come on the list too. 

These three are the light shades that are harmonious in tan. It can give you the sunset vibe that makes you look approachable and fun to be with. 

Tip: People will notice your orange shoes more than your khaki pants. That’s why it is important that you clean your shoes and wear the best design you have.

It could be the right excuse to flex your shoes without trying too hard. 

7. Beige

The key to looking for the best color shoes that go with khaki is balancing the color of contrast. Wearing a light shade of khaki, try brown shoes. But if you have a lighter shade, I would suggest going with beige.

Because if you try to match light khaki with beige, the effect of neutrality is complete. They blend so well that you and your khaki become one. Not unless that’s your theme for your outfit. 

Supermodels and fashion designers love this combination. 

Do brown shoes go with khaki pants?

Yes, if there is a perfect color of shoes that would match khaki pants, it is brown shoes. 

These two colors complement one another. Plus, they are in the same color schemes, which can make you look cohesive. 

One of the advantages of pairing your khaki and brown shoes is that you don’t have to worry about the color of the top you wear. 

You can be spontaneous with it. Blue, red, black, violet, or even green are fine.

White shoes with khaki pants

Wearing white shoes with this outfit can definitely give you a classic and comfortable look. In fact, this is my personal favorite, and I believe it could be yours too. 

The most famous white shoes nowadays are sneakers. If you have sneakers and khaki pants, you probably nailed your day every time you pull this outfit combination. 

If we get to choose between black or white shoes, white is a preferable one. Its feature alone is desirable in all colors, not just in khaki. 

What shoes go with khaki pants?

Now that we’re done picking the most challenging part about wearing khaki pants, the shoes are next. 

Remember, deciding on the perfect color of shoes is as important as choosing shoes for khaki pants. 

It is part of the footwear package. If the color of your shoes is good, the shoes should also be the best. They complement one another. 

Best shoes to wear with khakis

1. Boots

There are no fashion rules about what is the right season to wear boots. In fact, boots are suitable for all occasions. 

And nowadays, boots are the usual alternative if you’re sick of wearing sneakers. It gives more style, more attitude, and more spark to your khaki pants. 

2. Heels

Low heels, high heels, transparent heels, or any kind of heels is perfect for khaki pants. As long as you follow the color list above, heels will never go out of style. 

3. Flat Shoes

Fashion style will never be complete without flat shoes. Same goes for khaki pants. Its flexibility and thin feeling in your feet is the best feature why flats are always on-trend. 

Flat shoes are for everyday wear. You will look chic when you pair it with khaki pants. 

4. Sandals or Flip Flops Shoes

With these shoes, you can achieve a certain level of sophistication, particularly when wearing khaki pants. 

Just take note that most people wear flip-flops at casual events. 

But if you pair it with khaki pants, no matter how plain your shoes are, the tan and unique color of these pants can bring extra sparks to your overall look.

And for the last note, khakis should fall at least halfway down your shoes. Make sure they don’t go past the tops of your shoes for more than one or two inches.

In that way, you can be secure that your khakis are the right length: not too short and not too long. 

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