What Color Shoes Go With Blue Jeans

woman wearing blue jeans with baby blue shoes
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As a woman, I know what it feels like to want to look your best no matter what kind of outfit you decide to wear.

And it’s not a secret that almost all women own a pair of blue jeans.

Blue jeans are popular because they can go well with any type of top, be it a shirt, a blouse, or long sleeves.

Blue jeans are versatile, yes.

But having to pair them with the right color of shoes is quite tricky, especially if you’re going to attend a specific event or location.

That’s why you have to check the list I have prepared below to help you decide what color shoes go with blue jeans. 

Shoe Colors You Can Match With Your Blue Jeans

Most women love to wear blue jeans on any occasion.

Not because it’s trendy but because it can match any style.

And choosing the right shoe color to complete your outfit is a must for all the ladies.

White Sneakers With Blue Jeans

White Sneakers With Blue Jeans

When it comes to versatility while maintaining a minimalist look, your blue jeans plus a pair of white sneakers can go all ways.

What’s more amazing about pairing your blue jeans with white sneakers?

Is the fact that you can practically match them with any top color.

White sneakers can give you a casual and aesthetic look that’s perfect when you’re just going for a stroll.

Although you need to be careful with whatever you’re stepping on because white sneakers can attract a lot of dirt.

Neutral Colored Statement Heels

If you want to look stylish, you should try wearing your high-waist blue jeans with neutral-colored statement heels.

The neutral colors of your statement heels can give a pretty contrast to your blue jeans.

Not to mention that it can complete the high-low pairing of your outfit.

You can also match this look with your favorite bright colored crop top to add more character.

And now, you’re ready for a girl’s day out or a romantic date with your partner.

Blue Jeans Black Sneakers

Blue Jeans Black Sneakers

You might think that black sneakers can make your outfit look too dark or mysterious.

But pair it with blue jeans and you will see that the contrast will make your jeans stand out if that’s your main purpose.

You can also try wearing them with a lively outfit to balance the whole look.

Blue jeans and black shoes are perfect for hang outs or when you’re just running for some errands but still want to look presentable.

Beige Chunky Sneakers

Straight-leg blue jeans can be a great combo with beige-colored chunky sneakers.

Your beige chunky sneakers and your blue jeans can give you both intimidating and outgoing vibes.

You can either fold the edges of your blue jeans or let them dabble on top of your shoes to add more aesthetic feel to your whole outfit.

A neutral colored shirt or blouse can also make this look a real steal.

Add some gold and light jewelry and you will become the epitome of elegance.

Red Running Shoes

Blue Jeans with Red Running Shoes

Red running shoes plus blue skinny jeans? Definitely a classic.

Your red shoes can give your outfit the right blend while maintaining the balance with your dark or faded blue jeans.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your top.

Because a pair of red shoes and blue jeans can go all out with a simple top without ruining the vibes of your outfit.

Yellow Shoes

Can we all agree that yellow is such a happy color?

That’s right! If you want to keep a vibrant and happy aura, your blue jeans paired with your yellow shoes will look good together.

Even if you pair this outfit with a plain T-shirt, there’s still plenty of color left to not kill your bright look.

Just add some accessories like a yellow beanie hat and you’re ready to turn heads.

Pink Sneakers

Blue Jeans with Pink Sneakers

If you want to draw the eyes of many people, pink colored sneakers and your blue skinny jeans can help you with that.

The pink colors can easily catch some attention while giving your outfit a soft and feminine aesthetic.

You can also pair this outfit with any top.

But you should make sure that it won’t ruin or clash with the pink.

Try going for pastel colored tops if you like to keep your chic look.

Dark Brown Shoes

Feeling a little adventurous and bold?

Your pair of blue jeans plus your dark brown shoes can give you a rough and modern looking style.

The dark contrast between your footwear and your blue jeans is a perfect combo you don’t want to miss.

You can also give this outfit more accent by topping it with a denim jacket.

Brown Leather Boots

Blue Jeans with Brown Leather Boots

For a sophisticated and sexy look, why don’t you try matching your skinny blue jeans with a pair of brown leather boots?

The glossy surface of your brown leather boots can give such a sexy addition to your skinny blue jeans that can show off the length of your legs.

Pair it with a sexy crop top or a spaghetti top and you’ll definitely make every head turn.

Gray Pointed-toe Shoes

If you are planning to attend an interview or a semi-casual event, gray pointed-toe shoes paired with blue skinny jeans is a really good combo.

It can give you a clean and simple look that will somehow make you look mature and intellectual as well.

You can partner it with a simple blouse or long sleeve polo shirt.

A white long coat can also add character to your whole outfit.

Multi-colored Rubber Shoes

If you’re planning to hang out with friends or don’t know what color of top you want to wear, your blue jeans plus multi-colored rubber shoes is a nice choice.

As its name suggests, multi-colored rubber shoes have different colors on them so you can pair them with any color top.

Blue Sneakers With Blue Jeans

Blue Sneakers With Blue Jeans

Last but not the least is no other than your blue shoes.

If you’re kind of worried about wearing your blue jeans and your blue shoes together, don’t fret because it will totally look good on you.

Wear slightly darker blue jeans and navy or cobalt colored blue shoes and you will totally kill this confident and bold outfit.

Also, don’t forget to put on a simple top that won’t clash with your color scheme.

You can try a plain black sweater or some white oversized T-shirt to complete this look.

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