What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants For Ladies?

pink shirt with gray pants
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Grey is a versatile color that can fit with any occasion.

It isn’t too warm nor too cold – which is why grey is everything but boring.

And since grey can be paired with anything does that mean you can style it with any color as well?

Today, we’re going to talk about the color shirts you can pair with your grey pants.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants For Ladies

Some colors may fit well with each other and some do not.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work.

As a lady who has a deep connection with fashion, I always take that idea by heart.

Here is a list of the shirt colors to wear with your grey pants.

White shirt gray pants

White is always one of our go-to colors since it can fit well with well…everything.

If you’re planning to wear your white shirt with grey pants, always choose pants that fit loosely on you.


So the color of your white shirt won’t be overshadowed by the darker shade of your pants.

If you plan to wear loose grey square pants when going to work, pair them with a long-sleeved white dress shirt.

This outfit idea can give you a very sophisticated and professional appearance.

You can complete this look by wearing your watch and carrying your designer handbag.

A simple white T-shirt paired with grey jogger pants can also give you a casual and laid-back style.

This would be perfect when hanging out with friends.

Grey pants green shirt

Green might be an underestimated color.

When it comes to clothes, some women tend to choose them as their last resort.

Well, that’s not how it works for me.

I love the color green, especially when you pair it with grey pants.

Grey and green can give a very cool and edgy look that is super stylish to look at.

If you don’t want to wear your white shirt, you can always pick green as your next color choice.

But take note that lighter shades of green are the perfect choice for grey pants.

Darker shades of green may give you an appearance that would look too suffocating.

Gray shirt with gray pants

Grey on grey is okay.

After all, grey is such a fun and classy color.

However, make sure to always choose a different shade of grey when matching your clothes.

For example, if you plan to wear light grey-colored sweatpants, choose a darker shade of grey shirt.

Darker colored pants would also give a nice accent to your shirt with a lighter shade of grey.

You can wear grey on grey for both casual and formal setups.

Just make sure to choose a wardrobe that would fit the event you are attending.

black shirt with gray pants

Of course, black would look good with everything.

If you want to add a cooler and bolder look to your outfit, you can always opt for your black shirt.

A black-colored top would look perfect with grey pants as they can give each other the right blend.

Your grey pants can easily make your black shirt stand out.

If you want to wear your grey pants for work, opt for a black blazer to give your attire a smart and put-together appearance.

You can complete this outfit with gold jewelry to add a more professional look to your whole attire.

A black shirt would also look sporty and good with grey sweatpants.

This outfit choice would be best worn during casual hangouts.

Some women even use this color match when working out so their black shirt can hide their sweat marks.

pink shirt with gray pants

pink shirt with gray pants

If you want to have a feminine and chic look, why not wear your grey pants with a pink shirt?

Pink can easily bring out your softer and delicate side.

So when you decide to pair it with grey pants, you would create an aesthetic and ladylike appearance.

What’s more, is that grey can easily give a classy accent to your pink shirt.

Which makes it easier for your pink shirt to stand out if that is what you are aiming for in the first place.

You can also wear pink and grey together for both casual and formal setups.

Grey pants partnered with a pink lacy top can give you a casual and dressy look.

This outfit is perfect when attending formal events like wedding ceremonies or birthday parties.

A simple pink tank top paired with grey loose pants can also be perfect when strolling the mall.

Can we all agree that navy blue is such a pretty and nice color?

This color can give any outfit a smart and more sophisticated look.

You can wear this anytime and any wear.

When going to work, pair your grey trousers with a navy blue button-down shirt.

This will create such a professional and classy look on you.

You can complete this outfit with your pair of loafers or mules.

Light blue shirt with gray pants

If navy blue can give you a professional and formal look, a light blue can give you the opposite.

Pairing your light blue shirt with grey pants would create a very cozy and stylish appearance for you.

Wearing this during casual setups would give you a very laid-back and comfortable look as well.

You can wear a loose long-sleeved light blue turtleneck with your fitted grey pants.


Beige shirt with gray pants

If you want to have an earthy and natural look, wear your grey pants with a beige shirt.

Any beige top with the right style can look good with grey pants.

Since beige is a neutral color, it can fit well with any color of pants or shoes, what more with grey.

Beige can also give a warm accent to your grey shirt so it wouldn’t look bland or too dark.

You can also complete your beige and grey color match with some light jewelry like a silver necklace or bracelet.

yellow shirt gray pants

Yellow is a happy and fun color.

And pairing this with your grey pants would give you such a nice color combination.

Your yellow shirt can also give a fun and fashionable accent to your grey pants.

You can also easily stand out amongst the sea of people when wearing yellow and grey together.

This type of color scheme is mostly perfect for casual hangouts.

Be careful when wearing these two together at formal events or you would easily become the talk of the town.