What Color Nails for Blue Dress?

What Color Nails for Blue Dress
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There’s nothing more fitting than a blue dress at a wedding ceremony or other formal parties.

Blue dresses can easily stand out from the crowd without being an eyesore.

But accessorizing your blue dress isn’t as easy as putting it on.

Sometimes, there are some colors of jewelry or bags that don’t go well with your blue dress.

So to give your blue dress a nice accent, why not try painting your hands with nail polish?

Coloring your nails would be the best way to level up the look of your blue dress.

What Color Nails for Blue Dress

Some nail colors depend on your skin tone or the shade of your blue dress.

But don’t fret because I’m here to guide you all the way.

Here’s a list of the best color nails for blue dress to try.


Can you really wear blue nails with a blue dress?

Yes, of course!

Blue has many shades so finding the right shade of blue that goes well with your blue dress is important.

If your blue dress has a lighter hue, opt for dark blue nail colors.

Navy blue would give you a light blue dress with a very nice accent.

Now if you have a dress with dark blue colors, try painting your nails with light blue nail polish.

Light blue nails, like ocean blue, would look super stylish with a Prussian blue dress.

This combo would look super cool and classy during beach themed weddings or parties.


Although they may be worlds apart, red and blue can complement each other really well.

Red nail polish can easily catch many eyes, especially when it’s matched with a blue dress.

Since red is a bold color, it can give a striking and elegant contrast with any blue dress.

These two can be combined during a romantic date or a nice picnic with your family and friends.

What’s more, is that they would look totally good in your photos.

Red nails can also give your blue dress a sophisticated and polished look.

This look would best fit the ladies who want to look professional and put together when attending formal events.


Nude tones like beige or tan would look lovely with a blue dress.

It can give different effects on your blue dress with its versatility.

If you want your blue dress to stand out amongst the sea of people, try painting your nails with a nude color that can match your skin tone.

Nude-colored nails, especially the one that matches your complexion, can easily brighten your blue dress.

But if you want your nails to tone down your loud and flashy blue dress, you can also try out tan-colored nails.

The tan color would give enough balance to your flashy blue dress, giving it a minimalistic and calm appeal.

These two colors would look best when worn during formal meetings or evening parties with your colleagues.


I know your eyebrows immediately furrowed the moment you read the next color.

But trust me, green and blue together would give such a delightful effect to your whole appearance.

Since both of them are kind of similar to each other, that means they can complement each other well.

This nail color is perfect for ladies who want to make a fun and matching look to their blue dress but don’t want to paint their nails blue.

Although like blue nail polish, you will also have to match your green nails with the shade of your blue dress.

 If your blue dress has darker tones, you can pair it with green nails with darker hues as well.

While light blue dresses would look lovely with mint green or lighter shades of green.

Pastel green would also look super chic and classy with a floral blue dress during the summer or spring season.

Green and blue together would create such a natural look for you, so I suggest trying it now.


One of the best nail polish colors that can go with a blue dress is the color black.

Indeed black can complement any color.

But pairing it with a blue dress is different.

Black nails can make such a lovely combo with a blue dress of any shade.

It can give your blue dress a classy and very elegant look that would make your dress stand out.

Black nail polish can also give a pretty striking and bold accent to your blue dress.

Most women would wear these two together when attending parties during the colder seasons.

Or when going to business meetings to give their whole outfit a business-ready and polished look.

Completing this outfit with silver and gold pieces of jewelry would definitely level up your whole appearance.


The opposite of black is white.

But somehow they can create a very similar effect to your blue dress.

White nail polish can also give your blue dress a clean and very sophisticated look.

Which is perfect for the ladies who want to appear professional and clean.

Although white is somehow more innocent compared to the boldness your black nails can give.

It can still give a striking contrast to any shade of blue.

But sometimes white nails can also give a simple and minimalistic look to your blue dress.

You can complete this look by wearing pearl white earrings or a white handbag that matches the color of your nails.


Perfect for all parties, a romantic date night, or holiday events, gold nails can give such a glamorous effect to your blue dress.

If you’re having second thoughts on adding a glittery and sparkling effect to your blue dress, now is the time to get rid of those!

Because matching your blue dress with gold-colored nails would look dazzling on you.

This nail color is also perfect if you want to make a statement with your whole appearance.

You can create the most elegant and luxurious version of yourself if you decide to match your blue dress with gold nails.

Accessorizing this outfit idea with gold jewelry would be super stylish.


Yellow nail polish would be the best color to level up the look of your blue dress.

Bright yellow would look super fun and lively with any shade of blue.

This color scheme is perfect for the summer weather.

You can also create a very chic and breezy look on you with your blue dress and yellow nails.

A blue dress with yellow nails can fit with both casual and formal occasions.

It’s also super easy to accessorize these two.

All you need is some gold jewelry and you’re ready to turn heads.