What color mascara for your hair color?

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Deciding whether to apply brown or black mascara can be confusing, especially for makeup beginners. 

Finding out you can use colored mascara as well might leave you more confused and overwhelmed. 

To avoid this issue, you can refer to this post and find practical tricks recommended by experts. 

For starters, you can start looking for ways to choose the best mascara color based on your hair color. 

Read on to find out. 

Why Consider Hair Color when Choosing Mascara

Choosing a mascara based on your hair color is important because it can make or break your entire makeup look. 

This means that if you choose the wrong shade or color, your makeup will look unflattering. Some may even make you look older.

To avoid these issues, you need to find the right mascara color that compliments your hair color. 

It’s also a great idea to choose your options based on your own style.

what color mascara for redheads

Burgundy Mascara

If you want to make your lashes look thicker and longer while keeping it natural, using a burgundy-colored mascara is best for you. 

With this red-toned mascara, your lashes will perfectly complement your hair color. 

This gives out the illusion that your lashes are naturally red.

Black Mascara

According to Hollywood makeup guru Rachel Goodwin, women with red hair should stick with dark-colored lashes. 

She mentioned that wearing a black mascara is best to give the eyes a refined look. 

Black mascara can effectively define your lashes without making your makeup look overly done.

Brown Mascara

Wearing brown mascara can quickly enhance your luscious lashes. 

With this color, you can effectively highlight your auburn roots. 

Brown mascara is also best for redhead women who want to achieve a subtle lengthening effect on their lashes.

what color mascara for blonde hair

Brown Mascara

Using brown mascara if you have blonde hair is probably the most practical way to achieve a natural makeup look. 

Finding the right color may be tricky, but choosing the right brown shade can quickly enhance your lashes. 

This is perfect for those who are not fond of dark, dramatic, or bold makeup. 

Black Mascara

Using black mascara can also complement your blonde hair. 

The advantage of using black mascara is that you can go from a subtle, natural look to a dark and bold makeup finish.

You can quickly add pigment, length, and volume using black mascara. 

This is ideal, especially for women who love rocking dark and dramatic makeup looks.

Copper Mascara

If you want a subtle yet glamorous enhancement for your lashes, you can use a mascara with a copper color. 

Copper mascara can effortlessly highlight the color of your eyes and also complement your blonde roots.

what color mascara for gray hair

Warm Brown

Opting for a soft, warm brown color for your lashes will be the ideal choice if you have gray hair. 

This works both for natural or colored tresses. 

Warn brown mascara is perfect for completing your everyday no-makeup look. 

It adds a subtle color that amps up your entire appearance.

Black Mascara

You can never go wrong with black mascara. 

If you have gray hair, you can simply swipe black mascara to quickly define your lashes. 

Black mascara is best to achieve that glammed-up chic look. 

It also completes a fun and bold eye makeup, especially if you use colors like purple or navy.

what color mascara for brown hair

Brown Mascara

Women who have brown hair can apply brown mascara for a perfect daily look. 

It’s best if you want to volumize your lashes without wearing bold eye makeup. 

Black Mascara

If you want a more dramatic makeup look, you can also use black mascara. 

Swiping this highly-pigmented product can help you create bold makeup looks. 

Clear Mascara

You might also want to choose a colorless mascara, especially if you have dark-colored lashes. 

This helps make your eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and longer. 

Clear Mascara may not have any pigment, but it’s also a go-to mascara if you want to rock a no-makeup look. Also, this is perfect for women who already have thick and long lashes. 

what color mascara for black hair

Black Mascara

One of the highly recommended rules in makeup is to apply mascara that matches your hair color. 

So, if you have black hair, it’s natural to use black mascara as well.

Wearing black mascara if you have black hair can effectively bring out your chic, sultry style. 

It’s also perfect for rocking a cool-chic, rock-goth, or dramatic glam look.

Brown Mascara

If you want to go for a soft makeup look, you can also choose to wear brown mascara. 

However, it’s best to choose one with dark shades. 

Dark brown mascara is more subtle compared to black mascara. 

However, it can still add a strong pigment to your lashes, making them more defined.

Colorless Mascara

You can also try colorless mascara, especially if you have thick and dark lashes. 

This is best for highlighting your natural lash features.

With a colorless mascara, you can rest assured that your makeup won’t look overly done. 

Also, you can have an effortlessly natural and elegant style.

what color mascara for white hair

Black Mascara

If you have white hair, wearing black mascara can emphasize your eyes. 

It creates a highly contrasting look, so you need to be careful when applying black mascara.

However, if you are more into bold looks, you can totally wear black mascara if you have white hair. 

Brown Mascara

For a more natural look, you can choose to apply brown mascara on your lashes. 

Choose one that is close to the shade of your hair color. 

This way, you can rock a no-makeup look. 

Dark Blue Mascara

If you want a fun makeup look, you can opt for dark blue mascara. 

This color helps you create a makeup look that is not too subtle but not too bold. 

Dark blue or navy mascara can effectively define your lashes without making them look too harsh or too soft.

Additional Tips in Wearing Mascara based on Hair Color

Aside from the typical mascara colors mentioned above, you can also choose vibrant colored mascara. 

You can wear bright-colored mascara, including electric blue, neon green, yellow, pink, or violet. 

The good thing about these vibrant-colored mascara products is you can wear them regardless of your hair color.

As long as you have the confidence to rock fun and bright-colored makeup, you can wear any of these colors.

You just need to make sure the color of your lashes will match the rest of your makeup. 

This includes your eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, blush, and even your lipstick.


Choosing what mascara color to use based on your hair color can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

Hopefully, this post can help you find some useful tips when choosing whether to use black, brown, or other mascara colors. 

Keep in mind that these options are only recommendations from makeup gurus and beauty experts. 

The final verdict will still be based on your personal preferences. 

Feel free to play around and apply different mascara colors depending on your mood. 

Eventually, you will find one that best suits your hair color and your overall style.