what color mascara for your eye color?

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One of the best things about makeup is that you have the freedom to choose any product to wear on your face. 

This includes mascara. 

However, choosing the color of your mascara can be tricky, especially if you need to consider a few things, including your eye color. 

How can you know which color to wear based on your eye color? 

It all boils down to your personal style and preference. However, there are some highly recommended tricks that makeup experts suggest you try. 

Let’s check out what they are.

what color mascara for blue eyes

Brown Mascara

If you want to achieve a no-makeup look, you can opt for brown mascara. 

Its soft pigment can enhance your lashes without making it look too dark or too harsh. 

Brown mascara also creates a subtle contrast to your blue eyes. 

This makes your eyes appear brighter. 

So, if you want to draw more attention to your irises, using brown mascara will be perfect for you. 

Purple Mascara

Using this deep, vibrant-colored mascara helps emphasize your blue irises. 

If you choose dark purple mascara, you can have an excellent contrast of light and dark colors in your eye area. 

This will effortlessly enhance your lashes while drawing more attention to your gorgeous blue eyes. 

Pair it with a black liquid eyeliner to complete your chic makeup look.

Hot Pink Mascara

If you can confidently rock experimental makeup looks, opting for a pink or a hot pink mascara is an ideal option. 

Wearing hot pink mascara may seem intimidating, but it can effectively bring out the bluest hues from your irises. 

Also, it can help you achieve uniquely vibrant makeup looks.

Navy Mascara

Brush a navy blue color mascara to enhance your turquoise eyes without overdoing it. 

Pick a shade that is close to black so it will help you achieve a makeup-free look.

what color mascara for brown eyes

Brownish Black Mascara 

Opting for a brown-black mascara is a great idea if you have brown eyes. 

This shade helps create depth in your eyes. 

Brown-black mascara also clearly defines your eyes without making it look unnatural. 

It’s softer than actual black mascara, but it can effectively help glam up your looks.

Blue Mascara

Choosing a mascara with cool undertones such as blue-colored mascara effectively enhances brown eyes. 

It’s ideal for those who love rocking fun colors without over-exaggerating their makeup.

Purple Mascara

Wearing purple mascara will also work if you have brown eyes. 

Similar to blue mascara, it has cool undertones and can also quickly enhance your chocolate-colored irises.

Burgundy Mascara

Another colored mascara that you can use to feature your brown eyes is the burgundy mascara. 

This fiery color hells bring out the warm tones of your eyes. 

Burgundy mascara is best for those who want to achieve a bold, fierce look while playing with colors. 

It’s perfect when paired with makeup products in colors gold and copper.

what color mascara for green eyes

Brown Mascara

Having green eyes is rare, so you need to take advantage of this asset. 

To give more emphasis to your eyes, consider wearing brown mascara. 

Brown mascara helps bring out the green color of your irises. 

It effectively defines your eyes without making your face look overly made up. 

Green Mascara

To accentuate the natural color of your eyes, applying green mascara to your lashes is a great idea. 

It creates monochromatic makeup and is considered one of the best ways to emphasize your eye color. 

Ultra Violet Mascara

Swiping this highly pigmented mascara on your lashes helps you rock a bright and vibrant makeup style. 

Ultra violet mascara can effectively create a contrasting color on your eyes. 

Pair it with purple or black eyeliner to finish your look.

Maroon Mascara

Green and red are complementary colors. 

So, you can never go wrong in wearing maroon mascara to define your eyes. 

It will only let your green eyes look more bright and vibrant.

what color mascara for hazel eyes

Green Mascara

Hazel is such a pretty eye color as it’s a mixture of green and brown. 

To emphasize its beauty, consider using green mascara for your lashes. 

Green mascara helps bring out the gold tones in your irises. 

It’s also a fun color, so it’s ideal for women who love to experiment with vibrant makeup looks.

Blue Mascara

Similar to green mascara, blue mascara is also an ideal option for women with hazel eyes. 

The blue shade will perfectly complement the green undertones on your irises. 

Your eyes will look wider and your lashes will appear longer and fuller.

Purple Mascara

Hazel eyes look dazzling when paired with purple mascara. 

This fun-colored mascara helps highlight your eyes’ natural color. 

If you have cool undertones, you can use shades of purple that are closer to blue and violet colors. 

If you have warm skin undertones, however, it’s best to stick with deep warm colors like wine or plum.

what color mascara for dark brown eyes

Violet Mascara

Finding a mascara color that can accentuate the warm undertones can benefit women with dark brown eyes. 

Good thing, there are cool-toned violet mascara. 

Using violet mascara with cool undertones helps bring out the natural browns from your irises. 

This helps you get all dolled up without looking harsh or awkward.

Black Mascara

Brushing black mascara to your lashes will help boost and define your dark brown eyes. 

This dark pigment is best for women who love to create statement looks. 

It can also be worn as everyday makeup as long as you keep the rest of your makeup neutral. 

what color mascara for gray eyes

Black Mascara

Contrasting the light shade of your gray eyes with black lashes can help you create makeup looks that stand out. 

Using black mascara, you will be able to draw more attention to your eyes. 

This can help you achieve a rocker chic or a pretty vixen makeup look.

Blue Mascara

Complement your icy irises with extreme blue mascara. 

This can help enhance your eyes’ cool undertones. 

You can opt for a royal blue or navy mascara for a well-defined eye makeup finish.

Brown Mascara

If you want a no-hassle, natural-looking makeup, wearing brown mascara is a great choice. 

If you have gray eyes, wearing brown mascara can effectively boost your appearance.

Brown mascara can bring out the blue and green undertones on your eyes. 

With this, you can create natural yet gorgeous makeup looks.


Wearing mascara can give your makeup looks a quick boost. 

However, you need to ensure you are using the right shade and color to achieve clean and gorgeous finishes.

Refer to the above mentioned suggestions so you can start highlighting one of your best assets–your eyes.

With the right mascara color, you can rest assured that you will look effortlessly gorgeous. 

Try playing with colored mascara and see how it can change your existing style. 

Don’t be scared to experiment as well. 

Remember that you have the option to choose any mascara color that you want. 

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