What color lipstick with green dress

woman with red lipstick in green dress
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Do you have a green dress you want to flaunt? 

But what color lipstick with green dress shouts fashion and matches your style? 

Before we dive into what lipstick shades you can use for your green dresses, we first need to know if it’s your color. 

The color green is excellent for a variety of skin tones. 

However, because there are many shades of green your dress can be in, you can use the following guide:

Dark Skin Tone

Dark skins reflect light the best and give the skin’s surface a natural glow. 

Highlight your skin’s natural shine and use warmer shades of green such as:

  • Olive
  • Khaki
  • Chartreuse
  • Lime
  • Pistachio
  • Emerald

What to avoid: Green or yellow-greens will make your skin look unhealthy. 

Choose shades that suit your skin tone. 

For example, try looking for an emerald green color in velvet textures. 

It doesn’t only look elegant and graceful, but it’s also a perfect base for both eye-catching and dainty jewelry.

Neutral Skin Tone

For medium or neutral skin tones that are a blend of cool, warm, and olive hues, use muted greens such as:

  • Jade green
  • Emerald
  • Sea Salt green
  • Avocado green
  • Seaweed green

What to avoid: Pastel or any lighter colors tend to make your skin look ashy.

Emerald also works well with neutral skin colors. 

This time though, you can look for fabrics with a more flowy texture, such as silk and satin. 

Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tones usually refer to light to moderately-tanned skin. 

Those who have this skin tone can look paler if they don’t get exposed to the sun. 

Here are some of the best green shades you can try:

  • Olive
  • Khaki
  • Chartreuse
  • Lime
  • Moss green

If you have an olive tone, you can pull off any green shade you want! 

What shade of green works well for you will also be affected by your hair and eye colors.

Remember, though, that you can wear any shade you want no matter what skin color and tone you have. 

These are just some tips to help you accentuate your style. 

Skin Undertones

For makeup such as foundations, concealers, and lipstick, you should also be aware of your undertones. 

Your skin undertone will help you find the perfect palette for your style. A brief guide on how to know your undertone is as follows:

  • Warm undertones beg for palettes with peach, yellow, and golden colors.
  • Cool tones are perfect for pink, red, and bluish hues.
  • Neutral or olive undertones mean you usually have the same surface skin and undertone color. It’s also a mix of warm and cool shades.

If you don’t know what your undertone is, you can do the steps below:

  1. Put on a white shirt or take a pure white paper. Place it on your skin under natural, bright light. 
  • Warm – Your skin looks yellowy. Pure white also doesn’t look the best for you. Beige or cream may look better. 
  • Cool – Your skin looks rosy or pinkish.
  • Neutral – If both colors look great on you, you’re neutral.
  1. Take note of your skin’s reaction to the sun. If your skin tans easily, you have a warm undertone. If it burns quickly, you have a cool undertone. If you burn and tan, you have a neutral undertone. 
  2. Try some jewelry. Gold flatters warm undertones, while silver complements cool ones. 
  3. Check your vein color. Pick the ones in and around your face and neck for this step. Olive or greenish veins denote warm undertones, while blue veins are for cool tones. A mixture of both says you’re neutral.
  4. See your hair and eye colors. Deep eye and skin color usually mean you have warm undertones, while pale skin and light eyes indicate cool and neutral tones.

Best Lipstick Colors For Green Dresses

Now that you know what best compliments your skin color and undertones, let’s now discuss what lipstick for green dresses you should pick.


Did you know that nude is the color of lipstick that makes women feel empowered? 

According to a study, nude lipstick makes women feel prettier and more attractive.

You don’t have to choose between wearing soft or bold colors when you can just stay in between and go nude. 

Nude shades are popular because they can highlight both natural and daring makeup choices. 

If you want to sell the idea of a no-makeup look on your photos, nude palettes are your best friends. 

On the other hand, if you want people to focus on your elaborate eye makeup without any distractions, a nude lipstick color is also the way to go.

Chocolate Brown

Just like how the earthy tone of brown pairs well with green in interior designing, this color combination also works well in fashion. 

The universal shade of brown will amp your look with its harmonious green counterpart. 

A rich chocolate brown hue will make your lips more attractive and look fuller.

Because chocolate brown signifies prosperity and luxury, you can use it during strict and formal events. 

The best green dresses you can pair with this shade are Sacramento green, emerald green, and forest green.


If you’re looking for an unusual but still stunning color, go purple. 

It also matches most skin tones – if you have a lighter complexion, go for cool purples like lilac and periwinkle. 

For darker tones, go for vibrant purples such as raisin and mulberry.


On the darker spectrum of the right blend between red and purple, maroon also enhances green nicely. 

It also goes great with other colors and flatters all skin tones. 

If you plan to wear maroon lipstick, then you can go easy with the rest of your makeup ensemble, as this color is already the center of your makeup look.

Look and feel fierce with its warm, rosy-brown shade that goes with both tight and flowy dresses. 

One of the best green colors it matches is parrot green attires.

Hot Red

We all know the connotation of red lipstick. 

In our modern era, it’s still synonymous with power and strength, coming from the history of the Suffragettes movement. 

Additionally, red highlights a woman’s most sensual features. 

If you want to grab and keep anyone’s attention, red is your color

Reds and greens are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, making them a perfect combination. 

Any shade of red will go well with green dresses, especially if the dress is in a solid block of green.


Don’t feel inspired by Taylor Swift’s signature lip color? 

Then go for a darker, pretty color like burgundy. 

It’s a deep reddish-brown shade that’s lighter than maroon. 

Burgundy works the best with emerald green and is actually a popular wedding theme color. 

It’s also closely related to the color Wine, and both are perfect for winter and evening events. 

Pick a brand with a pigmented formula. 

Go for a matte lipstick if you want a velvety finish.

Dark Peach

Go simple but still with the glam and elegance you need. D

ark peach belongs to the red family and is excellent if you’re after a spring vibe. 

If you’re looking for a lipstick hue to match your green dresses with lighter shades, pick up the dark peach. 

This color goes well with olive green, sage green, and other pastel-like hues.


Depending on the shade you go for, coral hues can range from reddish-orange and pinkish-orange. 

It gives off a summery feel, especially if you match it with a summer dress or spring outfit.

Like purples, if you have a paler skin tone, choose a soft shade of coral. 

Meanwhile, try the more pigmented and vibrant corals if you have a darker tone. 

It’s sexy, fun, and quirky at the same time!  


Are you searching for the perfect color that isn’t too eye-catching but still shows off your cute pout? 

Classic pinks are subtle but still enhance your lips and are great for weather where you need to battle the heat. 

You only need to do minor touch ups with soft pink lipstick.

Golden Rose

Elevate your usual pink lipsticks with a golden rose shade. 

It’s light, feminine, and makes your lips look soft and irresistible. 

It’s also fit for casual events like get-togethers, dinners, and outings. 


Yes! You can go for green lipstick to match your dress color! 

Who said you can’t? 

There are no rules about what you can wear!