What Color Lipstick to Wear with Orange Dress

woman with red lipstick in Orange Dress
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Orange is a color of vitality, energy, enthusiasm, and attention. 

Some shades of orange remind people of prison clothes. Yet, in some places, the general orange color is for royalty.

You can transform a prison-orange dress into a magnificent piece with the right makeup. 

Everyone wears makeup differently, so matching lipstick with your orange dress can be tricky.

The fortunate news is that we’ve made a guide on orange dresses and makeup. We’ll mainly discuss what color lipstick to wear with orange dress pieces. 

Continue reading to learn more on how you can find the right makeup for your complexion and orange dress.

Orange and Orange-Red Lipsticks

Wear an unusual or exotic-colored dress by matching it with lipstick of the same shade. Because orange is one of the most challenging colors to wear, a good rule of thumb is to pick an orange lipstick, as well.

For example, match a bold orange lipstick with a dress of the same vibrancy. 

You don’t need to find lipstick that matches the hue of the dress exactly. You only need one that has the same vibrancy and tone.

Do you think your skin tone doesn’t match bold orange lipstick colors? Consider getting one in a slightly darker or reddish shade instead. 

The two hues will still mix well and look good together, even though they don’t match each other closely.

Nude and Nude Pink Lipsticks

Are you wearing something more casual or office-appropriate? Or are you aiming for an “au naturel” makeup look? Nude lipstick is the answer to your problem.

Nude colors don’t only complement the color orange. You can also find excellent variations of nude lipstick that match your skin tone. 

Nude lipstick reduces touch-ups, making them perfect in the office or during casual events.

Deep and Hot Pink Lipsticks

Another option is wearing vibrant pink lipstick for an equally vibrant orange dress. 

Deep hot pink lipstick is an excellent choice for women who want a bit of quirkiness. The two bright shades also provide extra vibrancy to your OOTD (outfit of the day).

Are you a fan of deep pink lipsticks? Wearing them with orange dresses is your chance to show off your craziest deep pink lid shades. 

The combination adds a dramatic, sophisticated, and daring factor to your overall look.

Soft and Link Pink Lipsticks

Are you wearing a dress with a muted or lighter orange color? Or is hot pink unfitting to your style? Don’t look too far down the lipstick shades spectrum yet.

Try looking at lighter shades of pink instead. Light pink and light orange may seem like a crazy color combination. But once you wear them together, you’ll see why we put them on this list.

Soft pink and pastel oranges give off a cute, girly, and fresh look. Soft pink also provides a great contrast to burnt orange dresses.

Do you want to give your orange dress more attention than your face? 

Light pink lipstick shades are also great for keeping the viewer’s eye on the dress if that’s what you’re after. 

Unlike bright and vibrant shades, soft pinks compliment orange instead of competing with it.

Red Lipstick

Red and orange are great matches. 

They are bold, vibrant, and contrasting shades on the same side of the color wheel. 

When you wear a bright orange outfit with bright red lipstick, you increase the dramatic factor of the makeup and dress.

The classy red lip color can also sophisticate your orange outfit. 

It’s perfect for an evening out with your friends or an orange-themed party. Don’t forget that red and orange can give off a fun and colorful vibe.

Peach Lipstick

Do you want to wear a lipstick shade that’s fun, light, and natural without looking too dramatic? Peach is the shade you’re looking for. 

It’s the perfect choice between pink, nude, and orange.

It won’t be as vivid as red or bright orange lipstick shades. Yet, it has orange undertones that go well with an orange dress. 

It won’t matter if your dress is yellow-orange, tangerine, pumpkin, apricot, or burnt orange.

Tips on Matching Lipstick to Orange Clothing

Now, you know what lippy shades look good with orange dresses. Here are some more fashion tips to help you find a lipstick shade that will look excellent with your dress.

An orange dress can take up more visual space than a white, black, or green dress

The color itself is the reason behind the extra attention. It can be the reason for people not to notice your makeup.

In short, to be attention-grabbing is the nature of orange. Thus, don’t stress yourself in looking for a lipstick shade extensively.

Also, don’t look for exact color matches. You don’t need to find lipsticks that perfectly match the shade of the dress. It only makes your makeup search more challenging and limited.

Instead, look for lipsticks that are one or two shades darker than the dress. It adds variation to the tones you’re wearing and compliments the dress better.

Also, don’t forget to look for lipstick shades that match your skin tone. Don’t focus on only finding lipsticks that match the dress. 

Even if the dress matches your skin tone, your lipstick might not.

Matching Lipstick Shades to Your Skin Tone

How do you know if the lipstick shade matches your skin tone?

You need to know what your skin tone is first. Some women have cool skin tones, while others have a warmer tone. 

Identify if you have a warm, neutral, or cool skin tone.

Remember, color has nothing to do with skin tone. You can even find people with different skin colors and skin tones.

When you have your skin tone pinned down, the next step is to find a matching lippy shade. 

The general rule is to look for a lipstick shade with the same skin tone. For example, a woman with a cool skin tone can wear lipsticks with cool shades.

The search becomes more challenging when you factor in the orange dress. The good news is that warm and cool shades of red can match both your dress and skin tone.

Women with nude skin tones have the biggest advantage. They can wear lipstick that has either warm or cool undertones.