What Color Heels for Black Dress?

woman in a black dress and red high heels
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As the saying goes, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.”

I myself live for that quote.

That’s why I have a couple of black dresses stored in my wardrobe that are always ready for any occasion.

Black dresses are popular because they can fit any situation.

If you wear a black dress, you don’t need to worry about your style.

All you have to do is find the right shoe color that fits it.

What Color Heels for Black Dress

A black dress can be worn with any type of shoe. That’s true.

But we can’t argue that a black dress and a pair of heels are a match made in heaven.

Here is a list of the best color heels for a black dress.

Beige Heels or nude heels with black dress

One of the most go-to types of footwear to pair with a black dress is the neutral-toned heels.

Since they have neutral colors, nude shoes or beige shoes can go with any outfit.

But wearing them with a black dress can make your dress stand out.

This is because the color nude or beige doesn’t steal the spotlight away from your dress.

If you want to look a bit taller, pair your black dress with open-toe nude-colored heels.

This will elongate the look of your legs.

It can also match your skin tone while keeping the crowd’s attention to your dress.

You can also wear your black mini-length dress with a pair of beige ankle-strap heels.

This will give you a flattering look that gives off real chic vibes,

black dress with gold heels

What’s classier than your black dress and your favorite golden-colored heels?

That’s right.

If you want to look really stylish and luxurious, you can match your black dress with gold-colored pointed-toe heels.

This outfit is best for evening parties or formal setups.

Add just a little bit of accessories like your gold necklace and an animal-printed purse and you’re ready to go.

black dress with silver heels or Metallic Heels 

A black dress and silver or metallic-colored heels are one of my favorites!

The silver or metallic hue of the shoes can definitely give a pretty and stylish contrast to your black dress.

Try matching your midi-length spaghetti-strap black dress with silver pointed-toe stilettos.

This look would be perfect for evening parties with your colleagues.

You can also make a real enticing combo with a long-sleeved black bodycon dress and a pair of open-toe metallic-colored heels.

Complete these outfits by wearing a piece of simple jewelry like your necklace or a silver handbag.

black dress with black heels

Some women worry because they think wearing a black on black outfit will make them look monotonous and boring.

But black is anything but boring!

A pair of black-colored thigh-high boots with heels will go really well with a black mini bodycon dress.

Topping it with a black leather jacket and a black fedora hat will make heads turn.

This kind of outfit is best when entering or exiting the winter season.

You can also join the trend with a sexy long-sleeved off-shoulder mini black dress and black sock boots with heels.

Just put on your silver stud earrings or your favorite silver necklace and you’re ready to rock the streets.

But if you want to look formal with a black dress, you can also match it with black pumps or black ankle-strap heels.

You can also add a white or gray-colored coat to complete this look.

black dress white heels

If you want to look clean and sophisticated, you can definitely match your black dress with white heels.

The white color of your heels is enough to give your dress a little bit of character.

For a black flowing dress, pair it with white espadrilles with heels to look really stylish.

If you have a mini-length straight cut black dress, white pumps would be the best choice to complete your outfit.

Just add some light jewelry to balance your whole attire.


Black and White Heels

If a black or a white shoe can match well with a black dress, then black and white-colored heels can definitely rock with it as well.

A black and white stiletto would look perfect with your black dress.

This look is for the ladies who are aiming to achieve a sophisticated and elegant look.

The black and white contrast of your heels will give your black dress a very striking appearance.

black dress with brown heels

Who says a black dress and brown heels combo can’t turn heads like other footwear?

If you want to look adventurous and bold, opt for a pair of brown-colored heeled boots.

This type of footwear would look majestic with a black long-sleeved dress that falls just right above your knees.

You can complete this outfit with a handbag that matches the color of your footwear to look extra fashionable.

Brown-colored open-toe heels or brown ankle-strap heels would also look perfect with a black flowing maxi dress.

Pop Colored Heels

Now, if you want to mix fashion and fun together, you can try pairing your black dress with pop-colored heels!

Pop colors like blue, yellow, and hot pink would give your black dress a really striking contrast.

Planning to conquer the streets with your girlfriends?

Your black dress and your pop-colored pumps or stilettos would look perfect together.

Not to mention that these colors would look good on your Instagram pictures.

What’s more, is that because of these shoe colors, you won’t have to add that much jewelry to make your black dress look livelier.

black dress with red heels

Can we all agree that a black dress and a pair of red heeled sandals are the definition of pure sophistication?

This combo is perfect when attending evening parties or a romantic date night with a special person!

It doesn’t matter what style of black dress you have.

If you pair it with red pointed-toe stilettos, then you will totally become the center of attraction.

You can match this outfit with your favorite red lipstick and your silver purse to add elegance to your whole attire.


Animal-Printed Heels

If you want to look daring and fashionable, now is your chance to wear a pair of animal-printed heels and a black dress.

Any reptilian or leopard print heels will make a statement together with your black dress.

Stilettos, ankle boots, or ankle-strap heels with animal prints are perfect when worn with a midi or mini-length black dress.

The animal prints of your footwear are enough to balance and give your black dress fun and elegant contrast while keeping attention to your dress.