What Color Handbag Goes with Everything?

Dressed up woman with brown handbag
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According to a study, most women spend 76 days searching for their new handbags alone. And when we go through statistics, 61% of them are more likely to include a branded item on their shop list, 57% have a coupon, and 56% of women believe that they have already seen 2-3 times the item in a store or an Ad. 

Being a woman who loves handbags, like you, I understand and consider everything before getting a bag and using it: the color, style, brand, and even the people who recommend it to me. 

We all go through that because we want to make sure that when we are spending money on a handbag, regardless of how expensive or cheap it is, it blends with our various outfit ideas. 

 A color specialist, Leatrice Eiseman, says that the effects of colors on us are similar to how natural colors behave. 


What color handbag goes with everything?

There is no question that black and white handbags go with everything. And believe me, we all have a handbag that has that color. We always choose those colors as our final touch for completing our everyday look. 

Black Handbag

Black has been and will always be in style. 

Whether we are undecided or have decided which handbag to use, we go with black, right? That’s because black is the color of mystery, power, professionalism, and strength. 

Its natural dark color makes it stand out against any other color because of its depth and contrasting nature. 

Therefore, regardless of your outfit or mood, a black handbag goes with everything.  

White Handbag

Of course, if we talk about black, white is always the next option. 

White is the absence of color. You can’t mix anything to create white. Instead, you combine everything with white. That also includes handbag fashion design. 

White symbolizes purity, innocence, and cleanliness. 

Black goes well with all your outfits. with a white handbag, all outfits go with white. 

I always pick a white handbag if I want to just go with a minimal look, but it has a positive effect. You may also do this. 

The only downside of a white handbag is its ability to attract dirt. 

Therefore, you must take good care of it and keep it away from stains.

What is the most versatile bag color?

No matter how much we love collecting handbags in different colors, sometimes we just want a handbag that does everything. 

A handbag color that gives you confidence to keep up with your day-to-day errands and still make you a fun and carry-free person at night. 

If you are looking for a versatile bag color for your handbag, you should go with gray. 

Gray Handbag

Gray is the intermediate combination of black and white. It shows balance, calm, neutral, practical vibes.

In the list of your handbag selection, gray is as essential as black and white because it also goes with everything. 

It’s versatility makes it a must-have handbag for every one of us. 

You can either have a deep charcoal gray or a very light gray handbag. But whichever you prefer, the gray handbag is the only versatile handbag that shows both formality and informality in style. 

Most popular handbag color

If we step aside from the most in-demand handbag color, such as black, white, grey, etc., we are left with the most popular handbag color, which is green, silver, and peach. 

Green Handbag

Olive green, mint green, or any type of green handbag is starting to roll back with the trend right now and gaining a lot of attraction – it emphasizes healing, success, hope, and nature. 

First, you need to find a light color outfit that matches the kind of green handbag you have. 

Once everything is set, you will notice how this color adds flavor to your looks.  

Silver Handbag

The most attractive and elegant color of the handbag is silver. Normally, we use silver handbags for special occasions only. The more glittery your silver handbag, the better. 

Silver represents wealth and richness. It’s a modern palette cleanser. Therefore, for this kind of occasion, as long as you want to channel the expensive side of you, you should go with a silver handbag. 

Peach Handbag

This color handbag is mainly famous among Generation Z and X. Thus, peach handbags undoubtedly feel warmth, youthfulness, and joy. 

This color is a combination of yellow, orange, and white. As a result, if your outfit has a touch of the stated colors, a peach handbag is the best. 

Although peach handbags are more popular for teens, the older generation loves to use them too!

Neutral handbag colors

For neutral handbag colors, you know the drill – black, white, grey, beige, and charcoal. These colors might be the same classic color handbag, but it gives you a different look every day when you wear them. 

Your friends might even assume that you have a lot of bags, but in fact, all of them are the same, but they continuously give fresh looks. 

Beige Handbag

Let’s face it, brown has a variety of hues, making it possible to blend with all types of dress attire. But, the most neutral of them all is the Beige handbag. 

Beige provides both the warmth of brown and some of the coolness of white. It represents flexibility and calmness. 

These attributes are the same feeling when you wear a beige handbag.

Charcoal Handbag

A charcoal handbag is a mixture of versatility and neutrality. Surprisingly, this color goes with black, blue, pink, red, orange, violet, and even yellow. 

In case you’re wondering the difference between a charcoal handbag and other gray handbags – it’s the ash of an ember or a burned wood color type. 

Year Round Purse Color

As year-end approaches, your luck might be in your round purse. Thus, your year-round purse should be on point too!

The red purse is perfect if you want to attract more fortune and create your vibes. 

Red Round Purse

The color red symbolizes passion, aggression, and boldness. 

Normally, since red is a strong color, I would recommend you to wear some calm outfits so that the light and contrast would join together. Plus, of course, red lipstick as well. 

Brown or black bag?

Today, brown and black are the most frequently mentioned colors when it comes to handbags. Both colors show personality and neutrality. You will never have a problem with a bag if you have these two colors. 

It might be impossible to choose between having a brown or black bag. And to be honest, we never really like picking between two bags. Just like what I keep saying, why do you have to decide if you can have both? 

But for reference, brown and black colors show different vibes. 

Brown bags are often viewed as solid, resilient, dependable, and secure. It will give you peace by slinging your brown bag around you. 

While for black, you will circle back with solid and mysterious vibes. But I would prefer black more. How about you?