what color eyeshadow for your eye color?

eyeshadow for your eye color
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Eyeshadow can creatively transform your appearance and provide you with a dramatic makeover. 

You can look chic, sultry, bold, or sweet with just a few swipes of the right shade of this eye makeup.

There are definitely no rules when it comes to choosing eyeshadow colors

you are free to choose anything depending on the look that you are going after.

But, you can try picking specific shades that will highlight the color of your eyes. 

This way, the natural beauty of your irises will be greatly enhanced. 

To give you some tips and tricks, I’ve compiled some of the most recommended eyeshadow shades based on your eye color.

what color eyeshadow for brown eyes

Brown is the most common eye color on the planet. 

In fact, 79% of the population has shades of brown in their irises.

With this, you might want to consider finding the perfect eyeshadow shade that will make you a bit different from other people. 

You can also check out neutral shades if you want a more natural look.

To give you an idea, here are some highly recommended colors that you can try:

Dark & Warm Brown

If you are more into eyeshadow palettes that don’t look overly dramatic, go for brown shades. 

Find colors like warm brown or dark chocolate. 

These shades will help you rock a no-makeup makeup look.

At the same time, these eyeshadow colors will complement the natural beauty of your eyes.

Gold Shades

Going for shimmering gold shades can also work for women with brown eyes. 

You can also try matte honey or caramel shades. 

Playing with these hues will help you come up with natural or glamorous makeup looks. 

With the right mix of these colors, your brown eyes will definitely look more noticeable.


If you want to rock a trendy look but also prefer a toned-down glamorous style, you can go for blue eyeshadow colors. 

Blue hues are cool tones that can bring out the warm browns of your irises. 

The contrast in colors also makes your makeup appear bold and vibrant without looking over the top.


Another great option for women with brown eyes are shades of purple. 

This is also one of the high-contrast colors that work really well. 

Soft or deep purples will help make the whites on your eyes appear brighter. 

With this, your brown eyes will appear more prominent.


Aside from blue and purple, you can also enhance your brown eyes by swiping green eyeshadow shades. 

Consider using emerald green or lime eyeshadows. 

For bolder looks, you can also check out neon green eyeshadows. 

This is perfect for women who want to highlight their brown eyes and rock dramatic makeup looks. 

what color eyeshadow for blue eyes

eyeshadow for blue eyes

Blue eyes look beautiful on their own, but they can look more stunning when paired with the right shade of eyeshadow. 

Good thing, you can always try out natural and neutral shades as well as bold and vibrant colors. 

The trick is to find ones that will enhance the hues of your irises. 

The following are a mixture of eyeshadow colors that can help you rock natural or dramatic makeup looks.

Beige & Brown

If you want simple and no-fuss eye makeup for blue eyes, you can go for beige and brown eyeshadow. 

These colors look subtle, natural, and gorgeous, especially for blue eyes.

The trick is to find the right shade of brown that will complement not only your blue eyes but also your skin tone. 

For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, you can try light brown shades of eyeshadow. 

If you have a cool skin tone, you can try grayish-brown eyeshadow colors. 

This will bring out the blues in your irises while making your skin appear more glowing.


Want to rock monotones in your eye makeup? Try to play with different shades of blue eyeshadow. 

From dark navy blue to pastel baby blue hues, you can find the right kind of shade that will go well with your overall makeup look. 

Blue shades will also make your blue irises appear more noticeable without making them look harsh or awkward.

Turquoise & Teal

Green eyeshadow colors look better on women with brown eyes. 

However, if you use green shades that are gearing towards blue tones, it would look perfect on you. 

Blue-eyed women look great wearing turquoise and teal eyeshadow. 

Try pairing it with black eyeliner to complete your look. 

Warm Pink

Pink may not be the best eyeshadow color for blue eyes. 

This is especially true if you use ones that have more red tones because they make you look tired. 

However, if you use pink that has a tinge of orange, such as coral and peach eyeshadow shades, your eye makeup will look stunning and elegant. 

You can also build up warm pink eyeshadow colors if you want a bolder eye makeup style.


If you want a quick way to enhance your blue eyes, you can pick gold eyeshadow palettes. 

Try swiping some soft champagne colors to create a bold day look or a vibrant evening makeup style. 

It’s a quick and easy way to rock a sexy and sultry style.

You can also pair gold eyeshadow tints with shades of brown to create the perfect smokey eye makeup.

what color eyeshadow for green eyes

Lots of eyeshadows compliment green eyes. But, if you want to accentuate the beauty of your irises, you can apply some techniques using color theory. 

This means that you can look for shades that are placed opposite green shades in the color wheel. 

You can also choose ones that come next to green hues. 

Here are a few ideas that you can try:

Copper & Warm Bronze

Create mesmerizing eye makeup by complimenting your green eyes with copper and warm bronze eyeshadow. 

You can opt for matte or shimmery shades or combine these two for a warm and spicy makeup style. 


If you really want to make your green eyes pop, choose yellow eyeshadow shades. 

You can find pastel or neon yellow for a modern and trendy look. 

This is ideal for green-eyed women who want to stand out using unique and vibrant makeup styles.


Red and green go well together. So, using red eyeshadow colors will work great regardless of your skin tone. 

Vivid and bright red eye makeup is a great choice for green-eyed women who want to be bold and daring.


Purple, like red eyeshadows, helps you create gorgeous makeup looks for your green eyes. 

It can quickly make your eye color pop.

Try playing with different purple shades. 

Consider using metallic purples, soft lavender colors or deep violet eyeshadows.


If you love wearing dark, intense, and dramatic makeup looks, using black eyeshadows will work for you. 

It helps create a monotoned eyelid that instantly puts the spotlight on your green irises.

Wearing black eyeshadow with your green eyes makes you rock smokey eye makeup without putting too much effort into it. 

what color eyeshadow for hazel eyes

eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes look really pretty as they show up in beautiful hues of green and brown. 

Their appearance also changes at times and they look gold or yellow.

Warm and earth tones look best for hazel eyes. 

But, you can also choose bolder colors for a change.


Bring out the greens and browns in your hazel eyes by applying some burgundy eyeshadow to your eyelids. 

This helps intensify the colors of your irises. 

Deep Plum

If you want vibrant yet cool eyeshadow colors, you can use deep plum shades. 

With a mixture of dark violet and mauve undertones, it’s a perfect pair with your hazel eyes.

Brown Shades

You can never go wrong with brown shades of eyeshadow if you have hazel eyes. 

Any shade of brown will go well with your eye color. 

Play with dark and light brown shades. 

You can tone them down or build them up depending on the look you are going for.

what color eyeshadow for blue gray eyes

You can find lots of flattering eyeshadow shades for your blue gray eyes. 

Your natural eye color is a bit neutral, so you can either find complementary or contrasting colors. Consider trying these ones:


Peachy shades of eyeshadow look extremely gorgeous on women with gray blue eyes. 

It has yellow and orange shades which look really flattering on you. 

You can blend light pink shades with dark and vibrant orange colors for a pretty eye makeup finish.

Purple and Plum

Violets are also ideal for blue gray-eyed women. 

With shades of purple and plum, you can totally rock edgy or trendy looks.

Purple and plum eyeshadow also helps create a slight contrast in your eye makeup. 

It makes your blue-gray eyes stand out more. 

Wine Red

If you want to rock an elegant, sultry or romantic eye makeup for your blue-gray eyes, wine red eyeshadow will work for you. 

Start with a lighter shade on the inner corner of your eyes and go with darker red shades on your outer lids. 

This helps create a smokey eye makeup style that is just right for day or evening looks.

what color eyeshadow for blue green eyes

The perfect shades and colors can enhance your beautiful blue-green eyes. 

You can simply combine eyeshadow colors that work well with blue or green eyes. 

Vibrant Purple

Sweeping a bold and vibrant purple helps you create an elegant makeup finish that compliments well with your blue-green eyes. 

Choosing this particular eyeshadow color helps make your eye color pop without making it look overly done.


Pink shades are your perfect go-to eyeshadow if you want a subtle makeup that goes well with your blue-green eyes. 

If blended properly, it will make your eye color appear more vibrant.

Consider rocking a monochromatic eye makeup by combining dark pink and light pink shades.

Deep Red

Flaunt a sweet yet sultry eye makeup by swiping deep red eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

The reds emphasize the blues and greens in your eyes. 

You can mix wine red, burgundy shades, and even the most vibrant reds you can find in your eyeshadow palette. 

Don’t try to limit your choices, and see how these shades can change your overall look for the better.

what color eyeshadow for grey eyes

If you have beautiful and stunning grey eyes, you can play between neutral or loud eyeshadow shades. 

You can choose various shades depending on your mood. 

For starters, you can choose these colors:

Silver & Grey

Going for shades that look like your eye color is perfect if you want subtle change in your overall appearance. 

With silver and grey eyeshadow, you can rock neutral shades that make your grey eyes brighter.

Blue & Violet 

Placing a tinge of blue and violet eyeshadow shades help highlight the natural tones of your eye color. 

With the contrast of blue, violet, and gray on your eye makeup, you can definitely complete a captivating look.


If you want your grey eyes to look enhanced, you can choose loud and vibrant orange hues for your eyelids. 

You can create playful eye makeup looks by mixing light and dark orange shades. 

You can even find neon orange eyeshadow for a bolder eye makeover.


You can also choose red-brown shades if you want a simple pop of color on your eyelids. 

The red and brown tones help make your grey eyes look more noticeable. 

Warm browns and deep reds help create vibrant eye makeup looks that is ideal for natural or dramatic styles.

what color eyeshadow for dark brown eyes

Women with dark brown eyes have some hints of yellow and gold on their irises. 

These tones look great when paired with different warm colors such as yellow, copper, gold, and brown. 

Gold Shades

Add some color and shimmer on your eyelids by using gold eyeshadow shades. 

With this color, your eyes will look warmer and brighter. 

You can also mix gold shades with light matte browns for the perfect evening eye makeup.

Grey & Silver

Metallic gray and silver look great for dark brown-eyed women. 

With the contrast of warm brown and cool gray and silver, your eye color will look bright and bold. 

Brown Shades

If you are going for neutral eyeshadow colors, you can choose to go for monochromatic shades of brown. 

Warm or cool brown shades look really well with dark brown eyes, so you just need to choose a specific shade that fits your preferences.


Choosing specific eyeshadow shades that go well with your eye color can be tricky. But, you need to understand that you can choose any shade on your eyeshadow palette.

This means that there are no strict rules when it comes to using eyeshadow colors. 

However, you can always follow the tips recommended by expert makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. 

This helps ensure that your makeup look will bring out the brightest color of your irises. 

At the same time, you can rest assured that the finished look will look really great on you.

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