what color eyeshadow for hair color?

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Who doesn’t want hair dyes? I, personally, love them! This product can give you the makeover you have been aiming for for a long time. 

I really appreciate the fact that simply by choosing the right colors, I can say goodbye to wearing plain and boring hairstyles. 

If you dye your hair, you can also rock different looks: glamorous, chic, grunge, edgy, and more.

The good news here is that you look fabulous with your new hair color. The bad news: your makeup doesn’t compliment your current style. 

This dilemma is extremely common. But instead of worrying about it, let’s try to find actual solutions.

Let’s start by finding out what eyeshadow colors will go well with your hair color.

what color eyeshadow for red hair

Deep Green 

Your redhead is already a bold statement. 

If you want to balance your looks, choose a softer eyeshadow color that will help neutralize the warm, vibrant red color of your hair. 

Selecting a deep green eyeshadow is an ideal choice for this.

Chocolate Brown

Browns also work well with red as they sit opposite the color wheel. 

The contrast in colors helps you rock a well-balanced makeup look. 

To complement your red hair, use chocolate brown and other dark brown eyeshadow shades. 

Gold and Bronze

If you want to enhance the warm tones of your red hair, you can use gold and bronze eyeshadows. 

This color combination works well if you want to achieve a fiery style without looking too intimidating.

Pink or Peach

Try applying pink or peach eyeshadow for soft and subtle eye makeup. 

These colors are best if you want to rock a natural makeup look. 

It also helps brighten up your eyes without drawing too much attention.

what color eyeshadow for white hair

Bold Plum or Purple

White hair can be paired with anything, so you can easily find an eyeshadow that pairs well with it. 

But if you want to make a bold statement, color your eyelids with dark plum or purple eyeshadows. 

This draws attention to your eyes and helps you create a striking makeup look.

Gray and Ash

You can try to have smokey eyes without making it appear too dramatic by swiping gray and ash eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

With these colors, you can rock a soft, edgy style. 

Soft Peach

For a soft and stylish look, apply some peach eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

Adding a hint of orange on your lids will add some warmth to your skin.


If you want to add a flush of color on your lids, you can apply a muted pink eyeshadow. 

This is a great choice if you want a minimal makeup look. 

You can also choose bright and bold pink if you want your eyes to be more noticeable. 

It also goes well with your white hair.

what color eyeshadow for gray hair

Beige or Light Brown

Look naturally youthful by applying some beige or light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

These light, neutral colors help you create gorgeous eye makeup without drawing attention away from your gray hair.


Compliment your gray hair with eyeshadow shades of ash. 

Wearing dark or light gray will help you rock a monochromatic makeup style. 


Purple is one of gray’s complementary colors. 

This is why wearing plums and violets will look great with gray hair. 

Play with muted tones or add colors with metallic shimmers for a chic or edgy look.

Navy Blue

Another eyeshadow color that looks excellent with gray hair is navy blue. 

This stunning color can be worn both for casual and formal occasions. 

Stick with matte navy eyeshadow for a softer look. 

Add some highlights and glitters if you want to go full glam.

what color eyeshadow for blonde hair

Shades of Blue

Blue and blonde can look utterly gorgeous, so you can never go wrong with shades of blue eyeshadow. 

The cool tones can make your eyes look brighter and livelier. 

Think of navy blue, sky blue, aquamarine, teal, and turquoise. 

You can choose any of these shades to pair with your blonde hair.

Light or Dark Brown

Brown shades of eyeshadow can also work when paired with blonde hair. 

The result gives you a natural and chic transformation that isn’t over the top.

Gold, Copper, and Bronze

Embrace warm tones and shades by applying some gold, copper or bronze eyeshadows. 

These three staple colors will make your eyes look a lot more attractive. 

Try to mix these colors or just use one for quick and hassle-free eye makeup. 

Just swipe your preferred color on your entire eyelids and showcase your unique style.

what color eyeshadow for purple hair

Blue and Purple

Combining complementary colors is also a great trick to complete your eye makeup. 

If you have purple hair, swiping a bit of blue and purple eyeshadow will significantly enhance your eyes. 

Blue and purple eyeshadows will also help bring people’s focus on your eyes and hair rather than draw away their attention. 


If you are aiming for a sweet and subtle makeup look, you can apply some pink eyeshadow. 

Pink and purple go well together, so you can ensure your makeup will look amazing.


Playing with contrasting colors is a great way to highlight your purple hair. 

If you want to add some warm colors, consider applying a muted orange eyeshadow shade.

If you want to go bold, try neon orange and show everyone your most vibrant makeup look.


You can also go for a green eyeshadow shade. 

Choose a bright green color for a dramatic effect. 

For a softer makeup style, you can choose forest green or muted lime green eyeshadows.

what color eyeshadow for pink hair


Wearing a pink eyeshadow that resembles the shade of your hair will make you look lovely. 

For instance, if you have bright pink hair, pairing it with neon pink eyeshadow will result in a stunning makeup look. 

If you have light pink hair, you can try muted colors like blush pink, bubblegum pink, and salmon.


Add some vibrant colors by applying a purple eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

Use a bright purple eyeshadow and top it off with a lovely silver glitter or shimmer. 

This can make you look effortlessly dolled up. 

If you are not a fan of shimmery eye makeup, you can just swipe some deep violet eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

It also complements your pink hair.


Aside from purple eyeshadow, you can also use blue eyeshadow shades. 

Try applying navy blue or midnight blue if you want to rock a bold look. 

If you prefer a more subtle makeup style, you can try sky blue or baby blue eyeshadows.


Look glamorous by swiping some emerald green, mint green, or olive green eyeshadows on your eyelids. 

These shades help you rock a head-turning makeup look. 

Don’t hesitate to add some glitters as well for a more elegant makeup style.

what color eyeshadow for strawberry blonde hair

Beige, Gold, and Copper

Go for neutral colors, so you don’t look tired or washed out. 

To look stunningly beautiful, you can choose beige, gold, and copper eyeshadow. 

These colors look great with any eye and skin color as well.

Plum and Cranberry

If you love vibrant eyeshadows, you can choose plum and cranberry for your eyelids. 

These shades complement your strawberry blonde hair, making it pretty and bold at the same time.

Pink and Mauve

Rock that no-makeup makeup look by using pink and mauve eyeshadow. 

Pair it with a light pink blush and a vibrant lipstick for a well-balanced makeup look.


Combining a little bit of brown and green through khaki eyeshadow works great with strawberry blonde hair. 

This color can also effectively bring out the natural color of your eyes. 

It also works with warm or cool skin tones, so you can never go wrong with this color.


Finding the perfect eyeshadow shade that matches your hair color can be challenging. But you don’t really need to change or upgrade your makeup collection. 

You just need to find the right eyeshadow color that will compliment your hairstyle. 

To make things easier, you can always visit the color wheel for reference. 

Learn to play with contrasting and complementary colors. 

Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette and experiment with the different shades so you can work on what you already have.

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