What Causes Bra Bulge (How to Fix It)

Causes for Bra Bulge
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Having a bra bulge can make you feel self-conscious; I should know, I had to deal with this issue myself at one point. 

Bra bulges are challenging to hide. Some women even go so far as to Photoshop their bra bulges out of their photos before posting. 

But what causes bra bulge? 

Things that can contribute to bra bulge include ill-fitting bras with a tight band that pushes against your body to cause lumps on your sides and or back, and a Poor nutrition diet that causes weight gain. 

Some solutions for bra bulges are to properly measure your bra size and choose healthier foods.  

We know how frustrating it can be to have a bra bulge when wearing fitted dresses or tops. We also know that you can’t hide your bra bulge behind loose clothes forever. It’s why we’ve written a guide to help you get rid of it.

Factors That Cause Bra Bulge

Your bra bulge isn’t always a result of one factor only. Sometimes, several things can cause a bra bulge. Here are the possible reasons for developing a bra bulge.

Incorrect Bra Type and Size

Incorrect Bra Type and Size

Did you know that almost 8 in 10 women wear bras in the wrong size? It’s most likely one reason why your bra bulge is showing. 

A quick solution is to start wearing the correct bra type and size for you.

Here are some quick questions to help you know if you’re wearing the wrong bra:

·         Does the band around your chest feel too tight?

·         Does the bra offer enough support?

·         Do you feel comfortable with your bra?

If your answers all point to discomfort and lack of support, you’re wearing the wrong bra. Below, we’ll discuss in detail how you can find the correct bra size and type.

Poor Nutrition or Diet

Poor Nutrition or Diet

Another reason is that most women have extra fat in their torso region. When they wear a bra, the band pushes the fat to the side, causing the unwanted bra bulge. 

You should try changing your diet and start eating healthy to avoid this.

The best way to avoid extra calories is to switch your diet to healthy foods. 

Are you the type of person who likes to munch on something while working? Start munching on carrot slices instead of chips. Carrots are crispy and good for your eyes and skin.

You can also try reducing the number of carbohydrates you eat. Carb-rich foods include:

·         Pasta

·         Bread

·         Processed sugars

·         Soda or soft drinks

·         Processed cereal

·         Doughnuts

·         Canned fruit

·         French fries

.     Rice

To lower your carb intake, try the following healthy low-carb foods instead:

·         Avocados

·         Seafood

·         Eggs

·         Meat (beef, chicken, turkey, and venison)

·         Nuts (almonds, walnuts, and peanuts)

·         Greens and vegetables (mushrooms, kale, asparagus, and bell pepper)

·         Dairy products (cheese, butter, and Greek yogurt)

·         Dark chocolate

·         Water, tea, and coffee

·         Baked goods made with almond or coconut flour

Remember that you won’t see immediate results. However, the wait and discipline of eating healthy will be worth it in the end.

Lack of Exercise

girl in leggings and top crouches with dumbbells at home

Are you the type of woman who has a thin body type but has a bra bulge anyway? 

Try exercising if you want to get rid of the fat under bra band front or backside. A little bit of exercise can help lessen the bulge and tone your body.

If your bra bulge is on your back, consider focusing on back exercises. Great back routines include:

·         Pull-ups

·         Bent-over dumbbell rows

·         Inverted rows

·         Pilates overhead press

·         Arm slides

You don’t need to repeat these same exercises for the rest of your life. Consider branching out to other types of exercises, too. Cardio, like jogging or fitness dance, is a great alternative.

Include exercise in your daily routine as much as possible. It’s essential, primarily if you work at a desk all day. Moving and exercising won’t only tone your back and reduce bra bulge. It can also reduce extra weight and make you look slimmer.

Are you worried that these exercises might give you a muscular back? You won’t get a toned back unless you work out like a bodybuilder.  Remember that bodybuilders spend their whole lives building their best bodies. Doing 15 pull-ups every morning won’t give you an unwanted back definition.

How to Find the Right Bra Type and Size for You

As we mentioned, an ill-fitting bra can cause bra bulges. 

Changing the bra type that you usually wear can help fix the problem. 

Here are some tips on finding the best bra style and size for you.

Pick a Bra Style That Suits Your Body

Like jeans and shirts, different bras types also exist. Often, bras with thin bands or straps cause bra bulges. Look for a bra with a wide band to hide the unsightly back fat under bra bands.

A bra with wide bands also offers more support. 

They’ll also feel more comfortable for ladies with larger boobs. Don’t forget to look for one with wide straps for maximum support.

Another bra type is the partial underwire or demi-cup bra. It’s the best pick for ladies with smaller boobs or a wider set of boobs. 

Unlike full underwire bras, this bra won’t push your boobs up and in.

Demi bras reduce the bra bulge that appears around your armpit area. Plus, they’ll be more comfortable since they won’t dig into your ribs.

Are You Using the Correct Cup Size?

Wearing a bra with the wrong cup size can add unflattering curves or bulges to your figure. 

Bras with small cups can squeeze, pinch, or cut into your boobs. Too-large cups can cause gapping or creasing.

To compensate for the lack of support, you might tighten the band or straps. However, this only worsens the issue.

Does Your Band Fit Right?

One of the most significant

The band of your bra shouldn’t feel too tight or loose. The ideal fit should let you slide two fingers through the band. If you can fit more than two, the band is too loose. If you can fit only one, it’s too tight.

Do the Straps Have the Right Fit?

Woman making an adjustment to her bra strap

Do your straps keep slipping off? Or, do you feel them digging into your shoulders often? If you say yes to one of these questions, your straps aren’t the right fit.

Having loose straps means you have a band doing all the work. 

Tight bra straps cause the band to ride up your back. It pulls at the skin when the band goes up, making it seem like back fat.

Remember, your bra should support your boobs as a whole. Your straps shouldn’t be the only parts of the bra doing the work.

Bra Bulge Solutions: How to Get Rid of Bra Bulge

The best way to get rid of bra bulge and improve your figure includes the two solutions below:

Use No Bulge Bras

Start investing in no bulge bras. 

Some great examples include Warner’s wire-free bra and Calvin Klein’s t-shirt bra. Another great choice is the Bali wire-free bra if you want something comfortable.

Change Your Diet and Lifestyle

Changing your diet and exercising more may seem like the most challenging solutions to eliminate bra bulge. However, remember that these challenges are worth every drop of sweat and strand of discipline.

The secret is to think of it like moving to a new place. It’s a long-term decision instead of a short-term effort.

Another secret to adopting a healthy lifestyle is to have fun. Don’t force yourself to start eating healthy foods 24/7. 

It’s a slow process, so enjoy and take each step with care.