What Bra to Wear with a Halter Top?

Woman wearing halter top
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The best bra to wear with a halter top is usually a convertible bra that can be changed to match the structure of the halter top.

Convertible bras are usually preferable over strapless bras because they can provide support via the straps, and most halter tops are configured so that a convertible bra can be worn with them. 

For more revealing halter tops, a strapless bra or even breast tape may be a better solution for invisible support.

In this article, I’ll discuss what bra to wear with a halter top. I will also go over some techniques to make sure your undergarments are basically invisible and elevate your whole bra game.

Bras for Halter Tops

In this section, I’m going to cover all the ‘conventional’, non-adhesive bras that can help you pull off a halter top. 

The most important is the convertible bra, which, I can’t stress enough, is a staple undergarment that you can use in so many ways.

Convertible bra

The convertible bra is an absolute underwear staple for any woman who frequently wears tops with less coverage. 

Even if you only need it for special occasions, a good convertible bra is well worth the money, because you can wear it with almost every kind of top, and when you need one, it’s irreplaceable.

If you’re looking to invest in a really useful convertible bra, you should make sure the one you’re looking at is fully convertible, meaning that both straps can detach in the front and back and that either end of the strap can be attached to the front or back. 

This will give you maximum flexibility.

Shopping for a convertible bra may be confusing, as they’re often marketed as ‘strapless’ bras, but often the product details will note that it comes with convertible straps.

One smooth and supportive option is the Le Mystere Women’s Sculptural Strapless Bra. This bra has no visible boning and gives amazing support under even the tightest tops and dresses.

Strapless bra

Strapless top styles require a strapless bra. 

However, almost all strapless bras come with convertible straps, so I’m not going to cover strapless bras on their own. 

Just remember: most strapless bras actually come with straps, but not all convertible bras can be converted to a strapless bra. 

The more you know, right?

Plunge bra (convertible/strapless)

A plunge bra is a must have bra to wear with a halter top. 

If you’re going to splurge on a plunge bra, you might as well get one that’s convertible so it can go with a slinky satin halter top or a dress with a plunging neckline and asymmetrical straps.

 For special occasions, you might want to buy an undergarment that works only with one outfit, but realistically, a convertible plunge bra will get much more use and open up more options for you.

The Marquise Plunge Longline Bra from Va Bien offers a deep, narrow plunge, and its straps can be converted to a halter style. 

It’s very well rated, but the narrow plunge may not work with some styles. 

Alternatively, the Fine Lines Women’s New Refined Plunge Bustier Bra is convertible to a strapless or halter bra, and has a wider plunge that works well with a variety of necklines.

High neck bra

If you like high-neck halter tops and prefer more modesty and coverage, a high-neck bra might be for you. 

Many brands offer sports bras in this style which will have the benefits of being breathable and totally smooth under tight-fitting high neck halter tops. 

In general, high neck bras are not very common as a staple piece and this style more frequently occurs in the lingerie section.

For sleeveless turtlenecks and other high-neck halter tops with full coverage, consider a sports bra like the Incredible Essential High-Neck Sport Bra from Victoria’s Secret. 

The smooth silhouette is easy to conceal, but still gives full support without any chance of straps being seen. 

This style would even work well with a backless high-neck halter, since the sexy, strappy back is totally understated cool.

For high neck halter tops with a keyhole, you might want to consider something a little racier, like the Miley Women’s High Neck Lace Bralette, from Jenny Jen. 

This lacy keyhole bra will really help highlight your assets when paired with a keyhole halter top.

Adhesive bras and bodysuits

Adhesive bras are the name of the game when it comes to backless halter tops, such as handkerchief halter tops. 

Below, I’ll cover solutions for low back and backless halter tops. 

Low back bra/bodysuit

A low back bra or body suit will give you the most support and coverage out of all of the options in this section, and is great for anyone who’s squeamish of basically using tape and prayers to hold their boobs up.

For a full coverage, flexible, low back, convertible bodysuit, look no further than the Spanx ‘Suit Your Fancy’ Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

The low back and plunging neckline make it very versatile, and it comes with a strap converter and clear straps that allow you to wear it with almost anything. 

However, it is quite an investment, especially if you don’t have many occasions to wear it.

A good alternative is the Jezebel Women’s Embrace Backless Convertible Extreme Plunge Bra, which uses an additional strap to create a nearly backless silhouette.

Adhesive bra

The most basic adhesive bra is essentially a full-coverage pasty. 

It’s difficult for these kinds of bras to provide support. However, by sticking the cups on one at a time, then connecting them in the middle, these bras can still provide a push-up effect by pulling together your cleavage.

The Aerie Real Magic Backless Lightly Lined Bare Bra is one such bra, which has a center clasp that draws the breasts together.

Adhesive plunge bra

The adhesive plunge bra gives you added flexibility in terms of neckline and often can provide more lift than a simpler adhesive bra. 

The Aerie Real Magic Backless U Plunge Bare Bra comes with an optional halter strap for added lift and support.

Breast tape

There are many varieties of breast tape, all purporting to lift, support, or draw together the breasts in different ways. 

While a quick browse will produce tons of choice, it’s best to stick to well-known brands. After all, you don’t want to use anything suspicious on such a sensitive area.

I generally have found fabric-based breast tapes to be more comfortable and natural looking compared to silicone breast tapes and adhesive bras, so I would recommend something like the Breast Lift from Maidenform.


There are two basic kinds of pasties—ones that just serve to cover the nipple, and ones that include a small area of breast lift tape, which can help make your chest look a bit perkier, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Again, with adhesive bras, it’s best to stick to well known brand names to avoid adverse reactions to the adhesive. 

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