What Are Pendulous Breasts?

Pendulous Breasts before and after
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Pendulous breasts are breasts that aren’t self-supporting. You may know them better by their more common term — sagging breasts. When you have pendulous breasts, your breasts hang lower than normal and they no longer have a round shape.

Sagging breasts lack density on top and are fuller at the bottom. 

Due to various reasons, all the breast tissues have been stretched out and hung lower, giving it its elongated shape. And because they’re hanging low and elongated, the nipples face downwards.

What are pendulous breasts? They’re not a disease or illness. It’s a normal physiological development that can happen to any woman.

Causes of Pendulous Breasts

Having pendulous breasts can be caused by several different things. You may have heard some misconceptions about why it happens, but scientific studies have shown that these are some of the most common causes:

  • Genetics: Some are more prone to it due to their genes. It’s a physical trait that’s passed on from parent to child.
  • Pregnancy: Each time you get pregnant, milk ducts shrink and expand due to hormonal changes. This, and the rapid weight changes that occur, can lead to sagging breasts.
  • Large breasts: Big boobs have more breast tissue and have more mass. And the more mass there is, the stronger gravity pulls on it. 
  • Age: There’s no fighting time. Our cells and tissues get older as we age. And when it comes to breast tissue, they lose their vitality and get stretched, causing pendulous breasts.

Do Pendulous Breasts Affect My Bra Choices

As much as we want to wear any bra we want, not all of them are appropriate for our breasts. And having pendulous breasts definitely affects your bra choices. Because they have super soft tissues, you’re limited to bras that give the ideal support for your sagging boobs. 

Generally, all bras have three basic functions: they should lift your boobs, give you desired shape underneath your clothes, and offer all-day support. And for pendulous breasts, you’ll also need bras that offer full coverage and additional side panel support.

These functions are critical to your bra choices. 

Fortunately, you have tons of options available for you. But before choosing a new bra, you’ve got to understand your pendulous breasts better. 

This will help you pick the right bra for your twins.

How To Measure Bra Size For Pendulous Breasts

Now here’s the tricky part. Because pendulous breasts hang low, you can’t follow the usual bra measuring method. There’s an added step you need to make so you can find a great fitting bra. 

The good thing is, it’s really not that hard. Here’s how to measure bra size for pendulous breasts:

Wear An Underwire And Non-Padded Bra

This is the added step I was talking about. It’s necessary because your breasts are hanging below the band line. 

So you can’t measure your band and bust size without lifting your breasts. This is where the non-padded underwire bra comes in.

It lifts your breast just high enough up your ribcage for you to get your band size. It’s important to use a non-padded bra so you can get an accurate measure of your bust. 

Using a padded bra will add to its size.

What follows is the normal bra measuring steps which you can find in more detail in our previous post on measuring your cup size.

Get Your Band Size

Now that your breasts are lifted, you can  measure your band size as you normally would. 

When measuring, make sure you’re just under your bust. Your measuring tape should lie flat on your skin and it should neither be too tight nor too loose. 

Once you have your measurement, round it up to the nearest whole number (if you got 30.3, round up to 31). Then you’ll need to add 3 inches to whatever number you get. So in this case, adding 3 will give you 34 inches. That’s your band size.

And since band sizes come in even numbers, you need to round up to the nearest even number. 

So you got a 30, adding 3 inches is 33. Round this up to 34 and that’s your band size.

Get Your Bust Size

For your bust, measure where it’s fullest. Again, it shouldn’t be too tight or loose. In case you get an odd number, round it up to the next even number.

Find Your Cup Size

To find your cup size, you just need to get the difference between your band and bust size. That number will have a corresponding cup size.

For example, if your band size is 36 and your bust is 32, the difference is 4 inches. In the cup size table, it’s equivalent to a D cup. 

One thing to note, though. Cup sizing systems will vary from country to country. So make sure to double-check what sizing system your bra is following!

Now that you have your bra size, here comes the fun part! Shopping for bras perfect for your pendulous breasts!

Support Bras For Sagging Breasts 

But before you start shopping, you first need to know what your options are. Sagging breasts need more support and getting the wrong bra can lead to problems. 

No matter what your size or body type, there are plenty of options out there to help with saggy breasts. 

You’d want a bra with excellent support that gives your boobs some lift and shape. 

Side support is just as critical, especially for those of you with bigger breasts. These side panels also push your breasts together to make them look firm and perky.

If you’re not sure about the best support bras for sagging breasts, here’s our list to help you out.

T-Shirt Bra

If you have sagging breasts, tight tops won’t flatter your figure without the right bra. And as the name implies, a T-shirt bra is best for a tight shirt or top. They come in very smooth fabric, molded, and padded cups.

A t-shirt bra lifts your sagging twins and gives them an attractive shape that tight-fitting tops emphasize. So you don’t have to worry about support and shape when you need to wear something tight.

And what makes T-shirt bras different from normal bras is that seams are barely there. There won’t be any bra linings peeking from your top. It’s like they’re not there at all!

Full-Cup Bra

I’d consider this as one of the best bras you can wear for big but sagging breasts. One concern for the well-endowed is boob spilling out of their bras. 

This can happen if the cups are too small. But since full-cup bras cover your whole boob, it won’t spill over the top or to the sides. 

One good reason to go for this bra is that it offers full coverage and support. 

Since your breast tissues are soft and they can’t support themselves, the full cover allows your boob to fill the cup nicely without having to support the fabric as well. 

You won’t see any cleavage or breast tissue, especially at the top. They’ll give you a gentle lift and a nice shape and this is great if your boobs significantly differ in shape.

Underwired Bra

If you’re looking for the best support, underwired bras are the way to go. 

The wire found underneath the cup gives more shape and support, something that sagging boobs need the most. 

They also provide excellent lift without overdoing it. This gives your twins a perkier appearance.

Aside from full-cup bras, underwire bras are also recommended if you have bigger boobs. They come in various forms like push-up or t-shirt bras.

Balconette Bra

This bra type puts more emphasis on your cleavage though not to the level of push-up bras. For sagging breasts, this means giving them a good lift just enough to expose your natural curves. 

Balconette bras also have straps set wider apart, near your shoulder’s edge, to give you maximum hold. When shopping for this bra, get one with pads. This ensures your breasts are lifted properly and with a perky shape.

However, if you have a problem with spillage given your breast size, you might want to stay away from this type. Since they don’t give you full coverage at the top, spilling is still a risk.

Push-up Bra

Now if you want more cleavage to match your deep neck outfit, you should go for push-up bras. It pushes all the breast tissue upwards and provides the most lift out of all bra types. 

This gives your sagging breasts a lot of support.

And one sagging breast problem is that they can be too far apart from each other. If this is a problem you have, push-ups bras bring your boobs closer together, giving them a fuller appearance. If you love this look, push-up bras are for you.

Best Bras For Pendulous Breasts

Now that you know the best bra types for pendulous breasts, let’s check out the best bras available in the market right now. 

And in picking the best bras for your pendulous breasts, remember that you need one that lifts your breasts with the most support and comfort. 

Best Overall Bra: Wacoal Women’s Intuition Push Up Bra

It’s a push-up bra that’s also a t-shirt and underwired bra! This combination is the best you can get for your pendulous girls. 

It gives you just the right amount of perk and cleavage for everyday use. It’s seamless, making it the perfect partner for tight tops for work or for hanging out. 

It’s a versatile bra that can be worn with criss-cross straps that give you that added support if you have larger boobs. The underwire is integrated with a foam cover for comfort, even if you have to wear it all day. Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

Best Underwire Bra: One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion Neckline Underwire Bra

Bali One’s full-coverage bra gently lifts your twins and gives a perky appearance thanks to the underwire spacer. It’s a seamless t-shirt bra with contoured cups, foam-lined for additional comfort. 

Despite being a full-coverage bra with foam cups, you’ll be surprised by how lightweight it is. It’s all thanks to the airy fabric that gives it its shape without the added weight. The seamless design makes it ideal for shirts and tight tops.

Best Balconette Bra: Unlined Balconette Bra

If you have pendulous breasts but find underwires and padding too uncomfortable, this balconette bra gives you the lift your breasts need without the discomfort. Instead, it has a bonded cup technology that lifts and shapes your boobs. 

It also functions like a push-up bra minus the padding. The low neckline allows you to show off some cleavage if you feel like it. And you can wear it with tight clothing because of its no-show construction and flat lace design.

Made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. 

Most Comfortable Push-Up Bra: The Boost

It’s an everyday push-up bra for that needed confidence boost. With the extra soft tissues of pendulous breasts, they can be more sensitive than usual. 

Luckily, this bra from Harper Wild is designed to give you superior comfort thanks to their super soft cups and microfiber materials.

This bra also gives you the option to wear it like a racerback for more support. The strap adjusters are placed in front, making it so much easier to resize your bra if needed. 

Made of 68% nylon and 32% spandex.

Best Everyday T-Shirt Bra: Push Up Everyday Basic Comfort Lightly Padded Underwire 

Here we have a t-shirt push-up bra that gives your girls a more natural look. 

The underwire support is good news for sagging breasts. And what’s even better is that you can adjust the underwire so you won’t feel any pinching or discomfort.

The bands are seamless and stretchy to give you all-day comfort. 

You can wear it with a regular t-shirt or with a deep-neck top, you’ll look great either way. They have adjustable straps to give you a perfect fit. 

Best Value Bra: Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

Now if you’re looking for the best value for money, look no further than Maidenform’s Comfy Soft Full Coverage Underwire Bra. 

This bra’s main selling point is the soft cloud foam underwire incorporated in its design. Even if you’re not a fan of underwire bras, your twins will be well taken care of. 

For the pendulous breast, this bra gives more coverage so you can get that sexy shape with the needed support and cover. 

No more worries about your breasts spilling out on top or the sides. You’ll also be pleased with the super soft suede-touch fabric and how it feels on your skin.

And the best part? It’s fairly priced for the quality and comfort that you get.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Bra For Pendulous Breasts

Support and Lift

Because deflated breasts can’t support themselves, the most important thing they need is support. 

You need a bra that will lift your breasts and keep them there the whole time. Underwired bras are designed to give maximum support as well as a nice perky shape.

You’ll also want to look for vertical seams at the cups that also provide extra support, lift, and shape. 

On the side, consider bras with side support panels especially if you have big breasts and they’re hanging low towards the sides. 

They bring breast tissue forward and prevent side spilling.


Pendulous breasts often have an elongated shape with nipples pointing downwards too. Since we can’t bring them back to their natural shape, the only way we can do it is by wearing a bra. And padded bras are the best in making your girls look perky again. 

Your breasts take the shape of the padded bra, where they can rest comfortably inside the cups. And some types like push-up bras don’t just give you a fuller breast, they give you a nice-looking cleavage too! 


No matter what bra you choose, you’d want one that feels comfortable for daily wear. Fit, fabric, and structure are some of the things you should consider. 

If the bra doesn’t fit well, it still won’t be comfortable even if it’s made from the softest fabric on earth. 

And comfort may be the most subjective consideration. Underwire bras may offer great support, but not everyone likes how the wires feel on your skin. 

So when looking for a bra for your pendulous twins, don’t skimp on comfort. Since their tissues are stretched and extra soft, they’d need extra care as well.


You’d want full coverage if you have big pendulous breasts and spillage is a concern. Since breast tissue is stretched and not as firm, it can easily shift as you move or bend. But with full coverage, your breasts are fully contained and won’t spill out. 

If full coverage isn’t your type, you can opt for bras with a sweetheart neckline. You’ll still get excellent coverage and show off some cleavage.

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