What are Boy Shorts?

Woman in white boy shorts
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In the world of fashion techniques and guides, women’s underwear is one of the most challenging picks.

It makes you choose between following its cute design, or going for the most comfortable underwear to wear. 

 Fortunately, if you are considering boy shorts as your day-to-day underwear, let me help you break down the basics about ”What are boy shorts”. 

Boy shorts are women’s underwear that tightly cover your hips and butt. It is a full-coverage type of panty. But the difference is, it has cozy and breathable materials that make it suitable for all your lifestyles and clothes. 

It has a smooth yet full coverage texture that makes it perfect under your dress, skirts, and even for your yoga pants. 

Despite the name “boy shorts,” these shorts are prominent for women. It is the most comfortable undies we have besides our panties.

Why are they called boy shorts?

At first look, you will see the resemblance between boy shorts and boxer shorts mainly because it is designed to be like a boxer. Both of them are the same in providing a warmed effect down in the middle of your thigh. 

Originally, the boy shorts were boxer shorts but without a loose fit in front. This short is the type of undergarment used by men and has been used since 1944. They named it after the boxers who wore it in the boxing ring.

Eventually, when men began to wear short-sized underwear, and many enjoyed it, ladies were inspired to wear the same. 

That’s where boy shorts started to kick off. 

Before, they referred to boy shorts as boxer shorts for women. It is still worn as loungewear, but some ladies often wear it as underwear too.

What do boy shorts look like?

Boy shorts look exactly like shorts and bikini bottoms with a low waistline, cut straight across your upper thigh, and perfectly hug your thighs. 

There are various boy short designs now. Some of which are seamless, with a fancy lance, or with stripes. But despite all the designs available, the most popular one is the simple plain black. 

How to wear boy shorts

You can wear your boy shorts in two different ways: Mid Rise Boy shorts and High Rise Boy shorts. 

For Mid Rise Boy shorts, its features are like a normal short. It has a lower rise and is level to your waistline, similarly to the level of how you wear your jeans. 

On the other hand, High Rise Boy shorts are high-waisted. You can wear it above your waist, and it’s perfect for an exercise outfit. It gives endless comfort to your body without pinching or hugging it tightly. 

Since the texture and fabric of boy shorts are compacted, mid rise and high rise boy shorts are a super snug fit, yet have full coverage in your down area. 

You can simply pick the size of your boy shorts and stretch them a little bit until it works with your body. 

How are boy shorts supposed to fit?

Boy shorts are supposed to fit precisely like shorts, but it is more fitted. However, some boy shorts have tighter features and have a sexy design compared to others. 

Therefore, boy shorts can blend perfectly into different types of bodies. Whether you are thin or thick, you are always good to go as long as its fitted feature doesn’t lose.  

It would give an extra attitude if the design fits your mood and your personality. Yes, it is noted that boy shorts provide full coverage to wear. But let’s not forget that some styles are still for boys. 

That’s why if you love wearing dresses, skirts, or any fitted clothes, these boy shorts are what you need. It casts away your worries about errant breezes or accidental happenings. 

Are boy shorts comfortable? 

If your boy shorts are made with micro-modal fabric, cotton, and stretchy mesh, you can guarantee that your boy shorts are comfortable. 

The most famous brand of boy shorts is Calvin Kleins, Hanes boy short panties, and other seamless boy shorts because they offer the best comfy features. 

Therefore, regardless of how active your day may go, you can always feel secure in boy shorts. 

Boy shorts go best with the following: 

1. Go with boy shorts to fun activities: Work out, exercise, hiking, swimming

Boy shorts became more famous because of women wearing them in their active activities. 

We saw independent and powerful women wearing boy shorts in their exercise, hiking, workout activities. And by just looking at them, we instantly wanted to do the things they did. 

Because boy shorts fit exactly like exercise shorts, it could be your working out buddy, or you can wear them as…

2. Comfort clothes

Whether you are in your bed or in your house a boy short is a good companion. You can move comfortably wearing it. 

And let’s be honest, wearing less is the best when you are at home. All the ladies nowadays often wear no bras at home and to complete the package, wearing boy shorts is the key. Match it with your sweatshirts and socks too. 

You can feel the most comfortable shorts in your most comfortable place. Moreover, you can also go beyond your home. Public places can also be cool for boy shorts but pair them with long clothes.

3. Boy shorts in any weather

If you can wear your boy shorts on any occasion, you can also wear them for any weather. It could be your active wear in summer and protect you from harsh elements for chilly days. 

You can wear boy shorts under your jeans, sweatpants, and leggings for extra coziness. It hugs your legs, especially in the colder months. 



Extra Comfort

  • The longer cut of boy shorts allows for extra coverage, especially if you are wearing revealing clothes or if you want maximum comfort.

Say bye to panty lines or VPL 

  • With boy shorts, you won’t have to worry about visible panty lines since this is a thinner short underwear that offers full butt coverage beyond the bottom of your butt cheeks.

A comfortable experience like no other 

  • Unlike other women’s underwear styles, boy shorts offer added length and more fabric for an overall comfortable experience. 

It fits snugly and stays in place

  • Boy shorts offer maximum coverage while staying in place all day long, thanks to their snug fit feature. 

Breathable and convenient for all

  • You may be an athlete or not, but you can benefit from its breathable advantage. You will never have to worry about fitting too much because boy shorts are stretchable. 


It can attract moisture and stay on your body

  • Since boy shorts are suitable for all activities, it means you can expect to get moist all over your body, especially your down part. 
  • You will get sweaty if you don’t partner it with breathable underwear and clothes unless the boy shorts you pick are designed for seams. 

Its stretchable features can easily loosen

  • The best rule when wearing fitted undies like boy shorts – never let anyone who has an opposite body size borrow them from you. Your boy shorts will lose elasticity.