30+ Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2020

30+ Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side
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If you’re here, I’m guessing you aren’t satisfied with how much your day job is paying you. That’s okay, I’ve been there too. 

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to settle for just your day job. As early as right now, you can take your free time and turn it into a side hustle and make more money. 

This will help you pay off debt, save more cash, and maybe buy something you’ve always wanted to have. 

Having said that, I won’t bore you anymore with the theatrics so let’s get straight to it. 

Best ways to make money on the side online

Thanks to the growth of the internet, more and more opportunities to make money from outside of your work are popping up. These aren’t necessarily second or part-time jobs either as you can even earn some extra cash during your free time or by doing things you’re already doing.

That being said, here are what I think are the best ones:


To me, the best part about being a freelancer is that you choose when and where you want to work. Of course, you may have deadlines or requirements you have to meet but for as long as you accomplish your tasks, you’ll be fine.

Some examples of freelance jobs you can get into are:

  • Writer/editor – Freelance writing can be a great way to learn new things and earn money at the same time. If you have a penchant for words, give it a try.
  • Graphic artist/graphic designer – Can you catch people’s eyes with your digital artwork? If so, you can make money off of it. Pays pretty well, too, from what I can see.
  • Virtual assistant (VA) – As a VA, your job is to help your employer with smaller tasks while they focus on bigger ones. If you have great attention to detail, try this out.
  • Web developer – These are in high demand right now so if you know how to design and code a website, you’re in for a real treat!
  • Customer service – Many call center companies are branching out to remote workers. Assuming you have great communication skills, a computer and an internet connection, headphones, a microphone, and perhaps experience, give this one a go.

Assuming the freelance route is what you want to take, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are great places to get employed.


Compared to freelance work, getting your first paycheck from blogging may come significantly later. However, if you do it right and your blog gains momentum, money making opportunities such as advertising, affiliate marketing, and many more will come knocking on your door.

We have a guide on how to start a blog here if this is what you have in mind.

Write an e-Book

This goes hand-in-hand with freelance writing and even blogging if you’ve put out enough content to make a book.

If you have expertise on virtually anything, write an e-Book about it and earn money by selling it.


Because bookkeeping is closely related to accounting, many people think that they aren’t qualified for the job. The truth, however, is that it’s mostly considered entry level and some companies only require a high school diploma and decent math skills—which probably means you’re qualified!

To get started, search for bookkeeping courses online or go to your community college and ask if they have the needed courses.

ESL teacher

Jobs as English as a second language (ESL) teachers are HOT right now. Also, some companies don’t even require that you have a degree in English or some related course. If you have a bachelor’s degree, speak great English without an accent, and are good with kids, you’re pretty much already qualified.

The best part about this is that many companies let you choose your own schedule and how many hours you want to put in per day, making it a great way to make money on the side. A few companies you could apply for include:

Sell online

Selling online is a great way to earn money on the side and has personally saved me from financial crises multiple times. I remember selling things I don’t need at home and paying off my motorcycle’s monthly bill this way.

Also, you could sell virtually anything—from used clothing, furniture, electronics, your own crafts and products…ANYTHING!

Moreover, if you run out of things to sell or don’t have any more space to store products, you could also get into drop shipping. As usual, eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are great places to sell.


Surveys won’t make you rich but they’re a great way to get paid from sharing your opinion. For completing surveys, you can either get paid through PayPal or choose from other rewards such as gift cards and coupons.

Check out our list of the best paid survey sites here.


You lose money every time you go grocery shopping, book an Uber, and buy clothes and gadgets online. So, what do you think about earning some of your cash back?

That being said, cash back shopping is another way to earn money on the side while doing things you’re already doing anyway.

There are multiple apps and websites that you can do this with but, personally, I like using these:

Use other search engines

Most of us are probably using Google to do our online searches but did you know that some companies pay you to use their search engines? Here’s two of them that you can try:

  • Microsoft Rewards – Basically, all you have to do is sign up and use Bing. Every time you do a search, you earn 5 points. Also, you can earn even more points if you use Bing on Microsoft Edge or if you use the Bing search box on windows. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can use it to redeem rewards (like gift cards) which you can then sell to earn actual money.
  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a popular paid survey site but it’s not all about completing surveys. When you search the web using their Yahoo! powered search engine, you can also earn points. Use these points to earn rewards or cash out on PayPal.

Ways to make extra money on the side with your vehicle

Vehicles are meant to take us from point A to point B. However, you can also make them a source of extra income. Here are a few examples of how:

Rent out your car

Getaround is a great way to make money off of your car by renting it out to other people. The company also ensures your car, offers 24/7 roadside insurance, and screens drivers to give you, the owner, some peace of mind.

Be an Uber/Lyft driver

If you’re not comfortable handing other people your keys, that’s okay. Signing up to be an Uber or Lyft driver can get you money on your off days too.

Buy and sell

A couple of my friends do this for a living and they seem to be doing pretty well. They basically buy cars and motorcycles in running condition off of eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, do a bit of maintenance work and make them look pretty, and sell them for profit. If you have the skills, it’s essentially rinse and repeat.

Moving/Hauling Service

Got a powerful truck that can fit furniture? Well you can get paid for helping people move and haul heavy things too!


If you have an RV that isn’t being used too often and you don’t want to sell it, you might as well let other people rent it—and with RVshare, you can do just that. The website claims that you can earn between $9,880 – $19,760 yearly, which I think is a pretty good amount for doing minimal work.

Good ways to make money on the side using your skills

Even if they’re hobbies, chances are you’re better at some things than other people—you can market those too! Here are a few ways to do it:


Ever since I graduated college, I’ve been helping people reach their fitness goals at the gym. This is how I made some extra money while still keeping my full-time job.

That being said, if you have skills that you can teach other people, whether it be sports, martial arts, academics – anything, really – you can make a good amount of money from it, especially once you’ve built a good name for yourself.  


If you have a talent for taking great photos, there are a lot of ways you can make use of it. If you have friends who’re planning an event, maybe you can ask them to hire you as their photographer.

Of course, there are other ways you can make money off of your photos besides event photography. You could also sell them as stock on Shutterstock, create photobooks, or help other photographers with their events and editing.

Start a food business

You don’t have to open your own restaurant to get into the food business. That route takes a lot of money and basically ALL of your time.

If you’re limited on both, there are always other routes you can go to, such as:

  • Baking – If your cakes and pastries are really good, sell them! I do suggest sticking to your specialty at first though. Build your brand through them and venture into other sweets once you’ve established yourself.
  • Catering – This seems like a competitive business to get into but if it’s making money on the side, you probably don’t have to compete with the big boys. Try asking your friends and family if they can let you cook for them on their events.
  • Sell food online – It’s a low cost way of making money off of what you cook. I’ve seen a lot of people make extra money this way—specifically by selling cakes, cookies, and healthy meals.

How to make money on the side at work

Maybe you don’t even have to go outside of your workplace to make money on the side. If you hustle, you might be eligible for either:

  • A raise – If a promotion isn’t possible, maybe this is.
  • A promotion – If you’ve consistently been a stellar employee, you need to be recognized. Try asking your boss if there’s an opening for a higher position and go for it if there is.

If neither a raise nor a promotion is possible, you could always work overtime and do your best to get those bonuses.

Other things you can do to make money on the side

If neither of my previous suggestions work for you, maybe these next ones will.


Who says babysitting is only for teenagers? I’ve babysitted my nieces and nephews and I’m almost 30!

The point I’m trying to make is that with babysitting, house sitting, and even pet sitting, people are always going to want to hire people they trust. If that someone is you and you can make a few couple grand off of it, good for you.

Yard maintenance

Some people just can’t maintain their yards–maybe they’re too old, or too sick, or too busy. Whatever the case may be, knock on their doors and tell them you can do it for them. You can decide on how much you want to get paid too.

Check the classified ads

Some people say newspapers are old school but honestly, I still think it’s a great way to find a part-time or seasonal job. You might want to pick up the paper this time around.

Bet on yourself


Yeah, you read that right.

With HealthWage, you give yourself an incentive to lose weight (and consequently live a healthier life) by betting on your own weight loss. You do have to pay an entry fee though but if you win, you not only made yourself healthier, you won yourself a few thousand dollars too! It’s a win-win.

Invest. Invest. Invest.

Investing in anything is always a gamble and it doesn’t help that there’s almost always a minimum for how much you can invest. That’s just how it is—but here’s the good news:

Companies like Acorns allow you to invest your spare change (aka micro-investing).

Basically, you link your credit or debit card with Acorns and every time you use it to purchase anything, Acorns rounds it up to the nearest dollar and uses the excess to invest. Also, because they’re basically investing your ‘spare change’, you most likely won’t even notice it.


Wherever you are right now financially, there’s always going to be an opportunity for you to still make at least a little more money. With these 30+ ways, I hope you do find what works for you.

Also, if this was any at all helpful, do share it with your friends!

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