25+ Ways to Make Extra Money

25+ Ways to Make Extra Money
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We all want to live happy lives but let’s face it: It’s hard to be cheery when you’re running out of money. Especially when the bills are piling up; sometimes what we get from our daily 9-5 just isn’t enough. 

With these 25+ ways to make extra money from home, online, and even at work, you could be well on your way to earning a few hundred dollars (maybe even more) to add to your monthly income.

Let’s start! 

Ways to earn extra money in addition to your full-time job

If your day job isn’t paying you well enough to fit your needs, there are a few ways you can earn extra cash while still being inside the office. You could:

  •     Work overtime– Sometimes making extra money also means putting in more hours at work. Do it if you must.
  •     Earn Bonuses – Fill your quota to the brim, be punctual, sell more of your products than the next guy, be a better employee—if it means extra cash, do whatever it takes. 
  •     Ask for a raise – Considering tenure and all those bonuses and overtime you’ve put in, don’t be afraid to ask your boss for a raise. You do deserve it after all.
  •     Ask for a promotion – If a raise isn’t possible, maybe a promotion is. This could mean taking on higher responsibilities but, hey, that comes with the territory.
  •     Sell stuff to your co-workers– If management allows it, you can sell snacks, meals, office supplies, crafts—literally anything—to your co-workers. 

Ways to make extra money online

Nowadays, you can literally be anywhere and still make money for as long as you have a reliable internet connection. That being said, here are a few things you can do online to make money: 

Answer surveys

Listen up:


And if you’re willing to scroll through surveys, you can sell yours too!

Personally, I think the best survey site to visit is Swagbucks because… well, a lot of other people trust it. 

Vindale Research, Survey Junkie, GlobalTestMarket, Product Report Card, Prize Rebel, Survey Savvyand and Survey Club also seem like great places to visit if you’re looking to sell your opinions. 

Become a virtual assistant (va)

The job of a VA can’t be singled out by just one task because it varies from employer to employer. Basically though, a VA’s job is to help whoever hires them with their day-to-day activities. 

This can be as simple as replying to messages, organizing emails and schedules, data entry, to even bigger responsibilities that represents an entire company. 

Whatever the case may be, Virtual Assistants are hired as part-time, freelancers, and even full time workers. 

If you’re looking to get into it, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are great websites that’ll get you started. 

Market your passions and expertise

Whatever your talents, no matter how quirky, there’s a good chance that an online community is looking for it. 

For instance, if you’re good with words, you might want to become a writer for a niche you’re knowledgeable at. You could even start your own blog and make money off of it

Other examples of skills that can fetch you money online include:

  •     Graphic design,
  •     Video creation,
  •     Website development, and
  •     Customer service

Be a Lyft or Uber driver

You’re already driving on your way home from work so why not make money out of it? Pick nearby people up, drop them off at their destination, and be back home for dinner with a few extra bucks. You can do this on your off days for even more money too! 

Do the dirty work

Everyone has chores and responsibilities they hate doing and I’m pretty sure you do too. If you’re in desperate need of money though, you probably don’t have time to be picky. 

That being said, doing people’s dirty work for them can be a good way to earn money outside of your day job. You can do things like:

  •     Shoveling snow
  •     Maintaining yards
  •     Cleaning houses
  •     Walking dogs
  •     Babysitting/pet sitting/house sitting
  •     Washing cars
  •     Picking up trash (yes, you can get paid doing this)

Share your knowledge and wisdom

The internet, Youtube and Google most especially, have made it so people don’t have to leave their houses to learn new skills.

However, a lot of people (including myself) still find it better to have an actual mentor to teach them face-to-face, especially when it involves motor skills such as sports, music, arts & crafts, and basically anything that requires the use of your limbs. 

So, if you have any skills that you can teach, you can make extra money off of them too by:

  •     Coaching sports – Coaching can be an actual career but if you’re only looking for a little extra money on the side, you can do part-time as well. 
  •     Teaching martial arts – MMA and boxing gyms have been on an upward trend lately but you don’t have to own a gym to earn money. If you have a pair of gloves and mitts, that’s probably good enough for teaching beginners. 
  •     Being a referee – If you’ve got a knack for rules and technicalities, officiating games can be a good way to earn some extra cash. 
  •     Teaching music – There are a bunch of lessons and tutorials online but I truly believe that an actual mentor that helps motivate a child to be better can be a huge difference. You can be that difference and earn money at the same time. 

Of course, you can make money off of teaching academic subjects as well. 

Tutoring and substituting for teachers is great for making money on the side—and if you fall in love with it, maybe you can make a career out of it too. 

Ways to make extra money at home

Sometimes, you might want to go straight home after work. That’s fine, especially since there are plenty of opportunities to make money from the comfort of your own home as well. Here are a few of what I believe are some great options:

Garage sales

Garage sales are great for when you need some extra money while still staying at the comfort of your own home. You can sell old electronics, clothes, books, furniture, and pretty much anything that you don’t use. 

If you still have items left unsold, you can always try selling them online on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and other similar websites. 

Renting out your extra space

Do you have a huge garage and no other vehicle that parks in it? Do you have an extra room that no one actually uses?


Then rent them out! Having someone else rent your extra space can be a great way to earn extra money with little to no effort, especially now with AirBnB. 

Of course, you should probably do a little background check on your potential lodgers before you agree to terms just to be safe. 


If you’ve gone this far into reading, I’m taking my chances on you being tired of living paycheck to paycheck—and I know for a fact that you’re not alone because I’ve been there too. 

That being said, I urge you to give any of these side hustles a try. None of them are extremely difficult and they can all complement your income from your regular job. Also, if you liked what you read, do share it with your friends. 

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