Unique Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Employees

Unique Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Employees
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Every first Friday of March, employers show their gratitude to staff on Employee Appreciation Day. This may mean a pizza party or a speech of gratitude, as a gesture of thanks for the hard work. Yet, showing your employees appreciation on a regular basis has a more motivating effect on work morale and productivity throughout the year.

Just as you’d continue to court your partner after marriage, employers should show their appreciation for their hardworking staff on a consistent basis. A simple “good job” or “thank you” goes a long way, yet there are more unique and heartfelt ways to show your appreciation and support to your employees:

1. Surprise Their Stomachs

People celebrate Christmas in July, so why can’t they celebrate Employee Appreciation Day spontaneously? Treat employees by placing a sweet surprise in the break room, with delicious local chocolates, healthy snacks or donuts and coffee.

2. Redecorate the Office

Has the work environment decor gotten old and boring? If the same gray cubicles have been there for decades, it’s time to redo the company’s interior design.

Aside from visual aesthetic, employees also do better when they have the proper up-to-date equipment and comfortable furniture. Strong backs are maintained when desk chairs are positioned where the employee’s arms bend comfortably and their necks don’t strain. Eye strain is also preventable with ambient lighting and reduced brightness on computer screens.

Send out a survey asking your employees what they would change about the office layout. For example, Cisco had success with creating a connected workspace, hearing employee concerns on technology, construction effects on tasks and more throughout the process. Employees have a personal locker, but their workstations shift. The optimal work environment differs per company — so it’s important to talk to employees throughout the process.

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3. Order In Massage

Many a day comes when employees wish they could dash into the spa for a massage, but that requires notice for time off. Neck pains and back pains don’t give notice before attack.

Show appreciation for employees by ordering in massage services, where employees may sign up for mini fifteen minute massages in advance. This will revitalize and relax the employee, boosting their productivity and work morale.

There’s also an app for that called Soothe, which has been heralded as the Uber for massages, and has started a new corporate service program seeing employees at up to 15 minutes each for a chair massage.

4. Handmade Cards and Handwritten Notes

From junk mail in your home mailbox to your work inbox, you are bombarded by meaningless words on a daily basis. A kind email or word saying, “thank you” is often appreciated, but a handmade card or handwritten note goes the extra mile when it comes to showing appreciation. The fact is, not many people send or receive handwritten cards these days, aside from the odd holiday card.

It will be special for an employee to receive this gift, whether you take time to handwrite notes and make cards for the holidays or only on an employee’s birthday.

When an employee goes the extra mile on a project or receives a well-deserved bonus, include a handwritten note or handmade card to show your appreciation for continued hard work. These days, even fancy bots can scan your handwriting and issue out “handwritten” cards by proxy.

Showing appreciation to your employees is vital to maintain good work morale and productivity. This also maintains open communication and trust among employees and employer.

Take time to show your employees appreciation on a regular basis, whether that’s with surprise sweets in the break room or a handwritten card.


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