Under Eye Eyeshadow: Yes or No?

Woman Face with Blue Eyes Make-up
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Can you put eyeshadow under your eyes? Yes, you can!

But you need to make sure that you are putting it in the right place.

If there’s one thing you need to know about your eyeshadow is that it should be placed in the right area that would suit your look.

After all, your eyeshadow can either complete your look or ruin it.

Let’s dig deeper.

Where does eyeshadow go?

Your eyeshadow can either go above your eyes or under your eyes, depending on the makeup look you want to achieve.

So to make you understand more, here is a list of the Dos and Don’ts you need to remember when deciding.

Eyeshadow Do and Don’t

Eyeshadow Dos:

Know Your Look

Before you decide to put  eyeshadow under your eyes, you need to make sure what look you are trying to achieve.

Do you want to look artistic?

Or perhaps you want to look daring and bold?

There are many different designs you can go for.

Graphic lines, smokey eyes, colorful ones, and so much more.

Know Your Eye Shape

Under eyeshadow can create an illusion of bigger eyes and lid space.

So for the ladies who have smaller eyes, under eye eyeshadow would be a great choice.

Now, if you have deeper eyes, under eye eyeshadow with lighter colors can bring your eyes forward.

And for those who have protruding eyes, a thin layer of eyeshadow just on top of your lower lid can lengthen your eyes and make them look upward.

Knowing the shape of your eyes is very important as it can affect your whole look.

Blend The Eyeshadow Under Your Eyes

Blending your eyeshadow under your eyes is important if you think dark eyeshadows are too much.

This can help give your eyeshadow a more natural and carefree look.

If your eyeshadow is well blended, your whole eye makeup would also look more balanced and complete.

Use A Liner On The Waterline

A black liner on the back of your eyeshadow can create a flattering accent on your eyeshadow.

You can add a black shadow on your lower lid to give more accent to the color of your under eye eyeshadow.

This works best for ladies who are looking for a way for their eyeshadow to stand out.

Just make sure to draw a thin line when applying your liner.

Applying too much liner by drawing a thick line would not just outshine your eyeshadow but it can also look weird.

Liners as eye makeup accent should be kept to a minimal at all cost as they are only there to give a flattering look.


Avoid Putting Big Stripes Under Your Eyes

Putting on a huge stripe under your eye is an outdated look.

This can also make your eyes look smaller which is not the reason why you have decided to put on an under eye eyeshadow.

What’s more is that drawing thick and big stripes would be hard to remove.

You should always start with a thin line so you can easily clear out your mistakes.

Never Make Things Unbalanced

Balance is one of the most important things you need to remember when putting on an under eye eyeshadow.

If you use a bold and extravagant color on your upper eyes, then do it the same way under your eyes.

Unbalanced makeup would look weird and give a negative result to your eye makeup.

Don’t Apply Under Eye Eyeshadow If You Are Sensitive

Your under eye is a very sensitive and delicate part of your eyes.

So if you have very sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid putting on an eyeshadow.

But if you really want to, you can always go for a lighter style or use products that do not cause any irritation.

For the ladies with more sensitive skin, I suggest using quality products.

Most high quality products today are hypoallergenic and can cause minimal to no irritation at all.

It’s always good to research about the products you want to apply on your face for more assurance.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Under The Eye? 

Have you decided on the look you want to achieve?

Do you think applying an under eye eyeshadow would make your makeup look complete?

Learning how to apply your eyeshadow can help you avoid having messy eyeshadow.

A lot of women want to try putting on an under eye eyeshadow for themselves but they are afraid to look like raccoons.

But if you know how to apply it correctly, it would definitely look beautiful on you.

Apply Concealer

Putting on a foundation under your eyes would only make it fall.

Instead, try using concealer and pat it gently under your eyes.

Applying concealer first can also make your eyeshadow appear cleaner.

Your concealer can also help hide the dark circles around your eyes.

Cover Your Under Eye Bags

When you smile you will see bags under your eyes that usually look like a boat.

Make sure to know the size of this area because this will be an area that you will need to cover with your eyeshadow.

Remember to also use small brushes so you can balance the amount of eyeshadow you put on.

Avoid using huge brushes because they can take up more of the area than actually needed.

Apply The Right Blend On The Right Corners

When applying eyeshadow under eyes, make sure to not apply too much eyeshadow on the outer corners.

Instead, make it look higher by using a lighter shade of your eyeshadow.

The lowest brush should be on the middle of your eyes since it can give it a more elegant look.

Do not brush too low on the inner corner.

Choose The Right Color

Now you can choose any color you want depending on your makeup look.

But make sure to blend them well to make them look more beautiful and glamorous.

For me, tone colors like brown with purple or gray undertones would look best on any kind of look.

Brown is also a warm color so it can highlight the color of your eyes.