25 Types Of Shirts For Women

Woman wearing crop top
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You can never have too many clothes. 

Different occasions and seasons call for different tops. 

With so many different types of shirts for women, it can be confusing to keep track especially with fashion styles changing every year.

But more than that, you’re changing as well. The way I dressed up 2 years ago is different from how I dress up right now. 

My style goes hand in hand with my sense of self and how I want to feel about myself.

And because we’re all evolving as a person, it makes total sense that our clothing choices get a makeover now and then too.

25 Types Of Shirts For Women

This will give you an idea of what you need in your closet and how you can revive old pieces.

Some of these may be suitable for you, some may not. And that’s fine. Because at the end of the day, you choose what you want to wear.

Asymmetrical Top

An asymmetrical top has one shoulder exposed with the cut making a distinct angular shape. 

The neckline angles downwards, from one shoulder to the opposite side and just below the shoulder line.

This is a more flattering top compared to a regular t-shirt. It makes you look slimmer and taller because of the cut’s vertical line.

But the cut doesn’t have to be on the neckline all the time. You’ll also find asymmetrical tops with the diagonal cut at the hem.

Going for the asymmetrical look gives off that artsy vibe to your outfit. Because the cut isn’t what you normally see, it makes you look more hip and youthful.

Bardot / Off-Shoulder Top

It’s called the Bardot neckline after Brigitte Bardot, the celebrity who popularized the look in the 50s. 

This top’s neckline exposes the shoulders on both sides. 

The neckline is often made of garter or elastic material to allow the top to hug the shoulders and prevent it from falling off.

You can find this style on casual tops and even on formal wear. 

It’s been around for so long, it won’t go out of style. But regardless of the setting, going off-shoulder definitely adds glamour to your look.

Batwing Tops

Batwing tops have long and baggy sleeves that look like wings when you spread your arms apart. 

This design has deep armholes and has a very loose fit.

The batwing sleeve is more often found in cardigans and pullover sweaters. So why would you wear one? 

The batwing is actually very comfortable. It can give you that added warmth on a cool and breezy day.

And depending on how you wear it, it can be both casual and elegant. It’s a versatile piece that you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

Bralette Tops

It looks like a bra, but it’s not. 

A bralette lacks the important elements of a bra. This is why it’s considered a top. You can wear it on its own or as part of a layered outfit.

So why wear a bralette? 

It’s mainly for comfort. Because it doesn’t have underwires, it’s more form-fitting and gives you more freedom to move. But the most important reason to wear it? Style.

You’re going to turn heads with a bralette top, especially during the summer. It’s also an appropriate beach attire. 

It’s fun and meant for showing off your confidence and allure.

Button-Down Blouses

It’s one of the most timeless tops on this list. You probably have more than one in your closet. 

The button-down blouse is simple and effortless. You can wear them with anything for any occasion. And they come in hundreds of designs and colors.

You can wear them at the office or even for lounging with a few buttons undone if you have an easy-going nature. But how you wear them is really up to you. 

We can even get away with wearing our man’s button-down and we’ll still look good!


Aside from sweaters, cardigans are another staple of chilly weather. 

When you want something to keep you warm but more stylish than a sweater, look no further than a cardigan.

Traditionally knitted and made of wool, cardigans are like a sweater but with an open front. 

They also have varying lengths. Some can be as long as a coat and others are just as short as a sweater. 

You can also find variations with hoods or a belt.


If you really want to stand out, choker tops are gonna make you the star of the party. 

Choker tops have collars wrapped around the neck, hence the name. It’s like a turtleneck and a halter hybrid. 

You can’t mistake it for anything else.

They’re designed to look like the choker accessory. 

Choker tops are usually worn in the office or at a cocktail party. They come in different styles too. You’ll find asymmetrical, sleeveless, or layered designs and more.


Originally an undergarment, the modern corset top has gone a long way from its polarizing beginnings. 

For those of us who’ve had the chance to wear one, it can either be torture or flattering. 

A corset reduces your waist, hips, and bust sizes. It can be painful for some but enjoyable for others.

Nowadays, they give you your desired shape but minus the torture. 

The modern corset is less about forcing you into a certain figure and more about freedom and style.

Corsets have different types and designs. They still tend to fit tighter but are comfortable enough to wear the whole day. They’re made of different materials and you can layer them or wear them on their own.

Cropped Tops

This top has many names: the midriff, half shirt, and cutoff are just a few of its aliases. But one thing’s for sure, you can’t hide your belly in this top!

That’s why it isn’t for everyone. It’s ideally for women with a flat abdomen and who don’t mind showing it off.

The length varies for this top. Some will expose your belly more than others. Wear shorter cropped tops if you’re feeling sexy or adventurous.

Wear it longer with just a little belly exposed to keep it chic and professional.

Gypsy Top

Inspired by the free-spirited gypsies, a gypsy top is characterized by the ruffles on its neckline and sleeves. 

The pleasant-style design comes in a cropped version or a regular-length top.

Gypsy tops are made of light fabric since it’s made to let you move freely and comfortably. They can also have long or short sleeves. But despite the full sleeves, you can still wear them at a summer festival because they’re designed to be loose and breezy.

Wear it when you’re feeling carefree and playful!

Halter Top

Another summer staple is the halter top. A halter top is a sleeveless top with a strap tied across the neckline.

Not to be mistaken for a choker because the strap doesn’t go around your neck. However, there are chokers that are halter tops too.  Confusing, I know.

But just remember: around the neck is a choker, behind the neck is a halter.

This style was popular in the 90s. 

You’ll find different variations of a halter top. Some are tight or relaxed, cropped or regular length, and with or without back coverage.

As a sleeveless and sometimes backless top, it’s great during the warmer months to keep you comfortable under the heat. 

You can also rock it at dressier events.

High Neck / Turtleneck

As the name suggests, this top has a high neckline that covers at least half of your neck. It’s suitable for winter since it keeps you warm and protects your neck from the cold.

Because they’re meant for cold weather, you can expect that they’re made of a thicker fabric. High neck tops are versatile and can suit many body types. 

They’re very classy and fit both casual and formal settings.

You can pair your high neck top with a blazer, a pencil skirt, or even with a pair of nice-fitting pants. And they’re also great to pair with a hat, a scarf, or a shiny necklace.

However you want to style it, high neck tops make you look classy and sophisticated.

High-Low Tops

A high-low top is another unique design. It has a short hem in front and has a longer one at the back. You can find this style in shirts, blouses, and dresses.

There’s no standard for how high or low the hem should be. Some will have a subtle asymmetrical cut while others have a more dramatic difference at the back. 

Also, you’ll find tops with straight-edged hems and others with rounded hems.

Longer high-low tops are best for ladies with wider hips and bottoms. It covers your width and has a slimming effect.

You can wear them with tight-fitting pants or leggings for a more casual look.

Lace Tops

If you’re a fan of lace, then you should love lace tops too. 

Despite being 100% lace, they don’t all look the same because they come in a lot of designs and styles.

Lace tops have a loose fit, so it’s a great option for women on the bigger side since it has a slimming effect. 

This top has two layers since lace doesn’t exactly provide the most coverage.  Because they’re usually made of cotton, they’re also very comfortable to wear despite the two layers.

Lace tops are usually for parties or dressier occasions because of their elegant and classy styling. But you can also wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts, and even capris.


Appropriate for both casual and formal events, a peplum top has a tight upper and a flowy bottom. 

It flows outward and has a bit of a flair to it. This is thanks to the strip near the waist that separates the two portions.

Wearing a peplum top emphasizes the upper torso. That’s why women with full bosoms find this style flattering. 

You’ll find both sleeved and sleeveless versions.

When it comes to styling, peplum tops are easy to pair with jeans or trousers. They also go well with flats or heels.


Ponchos are back in style! 

This trendy silhouette is a squarish or rectangular fabric with a hole in the middle to put your head into. 

It’s meant to be outerwear to protect you from getting wet by the rain and to keep your body warm.

But nowadays, the modern poncho comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes. It’s also a very adaptable piece that can go along with a variety of outfits and body types.

A quick search and you’ll find ponchos that look like sweaters and coats which you can wear in both casual and formal settings.

Princess Line

It’s called a princess line because of the pattern it’s based on, not because it’s specifically for princesses like us. But that’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

But you can trace its origins to royalty since the first princess cut dress was made for the Princess of Wales back in the 1880s.

This top has three vertical panels with the seam line running from the armhole or shoulder to the hem. 

It has no horizontal seams, so the vertical panels emphasize the bust area. It’s very flattering if you have a very curvy figure.

Ruffled Tops

You can’t miss this one. 

A ruffled top has multiple folds and frills meant to make you look more feminine. You can find frills at the sleeves, sides, or front.

Casual ruffled tops have a girlish appeal, perfect for summer beach trips. But you’ll also find tops with fewer frills and folds that fit formal occasions.

Probably the most famous trend for this type is going off-shoulder. These tops often have big ruffles that enhance your neckline for a more glamorous look.

Sheer Tops

Feeling a little fun and sexy but don’t want to be scandalous? Sheer tops offer just that. 

Made of a thin fabric that gives a peek of what’s underneath, sheer tops allow you to show off your skin, your lingerie, or both.

Because of this, it’s not something a lot of women are comfortable with wearing. But if you’re bold enough to, you can wear them on different occasions. 

We’ve seen celebrities wear very sheer clothing during events. But you can also wear them casually with high-waisted jeans or skirts.

Given that it’s a thin piece of fabric, you can layer it with a jacket or blazer to make you feel more comfortable.

But the most important thing about wearing sheer tops is wearing the right underwear! 

If you’re gonna show off, then it should be worth the look!

Spaghetti Strap

It’s a sleeveless top with straps as thin as spaghetti noodles. 

The minimal design accentuates your neck and shoulders. Some have a lower neckline that shows your cleavage.

Spaghetti strap tops are ideal if you have small breasts. You can still wear it even if you have big boobs, but expect your cleavage to be more exposed.

And, if you have broad shoulders, it’s best to stay away from this top. 

Wearing a spaghetti strap top shifts the attention to your shoulder and neckline and away from your outfit.

Spaghetti strap tops come in different materials and designs. They’re best for warm weather or for lounging on the couch. 

With its minimal coverage, it cools you down even on a hot summer day. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, or even under a blazer if you need to be more formal.


Also known as the sweatshirt, it’s a long-sleeved top designed to keep you warm on a cold day. 

It’s usually made of soft material and has a loose fit. It’s meant for casual wear but some sweaters are designed to be more preppy and stylish.

Every girl should have one in her closet. It’s never going to go out of style!


It’s the staple of every wardrobe! 

No doubt it’s the most popular top because, why not? 

It’s comfortable and very versatile. You can go for graphic or plain tees. You can wear it with anything! You can wear it at home or the office with a blazer.

T-shirts come in various fabrics, from cotton to more premium fabrics for dressier occasions. And what I love about the t-shirt is that it doesn’t discriminate.

Anyone can wear it, no matter their body size. And you’ll never run out of options.  

From niche to designer brands, all have a shirt in their catalog. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Tank Top

A tank top is a sleeveless pullover top with a scoop neckline. It’s form-fitting and with a length up until your waist.

It’s called a tank top after the one-piece swimwear known as tank suits which were popular in the 1920s. The tank suit’s upper part shares the same design as today’s tank tops.

It’s another piece you can wear casually and will go with various bottoms. But some tanks also look good under a blazer, allowing you to rock it at work.

Tube Top

Tube tops are another 90s trendy style that comes and goes. 

Made of elastic material, it’s a tight-fitting top without straps. And because it lacks straps, it fits tight so that will hold up and won’t fall off.

Because of their tight-fitting nature, tube tops are usually for women on the slimmer side.

Like many of the tops on this list, you can wear it with a variety of bottoms. Skirts, shorts, jeans can all look good with a tube top.

Many dresses are also designed with a tube upper. You can wear it by itself or layered with a button-down or a blazer when you have to meet clients.

Tunic Tops

Tunics are a loose-fitting top that goes until your hips or knees. It’s an elegant drape, unlike a poncho that can look like a blanket. 

Tunics have either short or long sleeves, and you can dress them up or down.

It’s a classic style that has been around for a while, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It was their fashion staple, with both men and women wearing tunics.

Because of its loose and drape design, it can flatter any figure. So if you’re on the plus side, tunic tops are a great option for you. 

Tunics are best paired with tight-fitting pants.