23 Different Types of Rings for Women

Beautiful wedding rings
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Rings are my favorite accessory. And with so many types of rings, you’ll always have options no matter your taste or the occasion. 

Maybe you’re not so into rings, and that’s fine. My love for rings started when I discovered all the types of ring styles. Maybe it’ll be the same for you.

To help you discover your own favorite, I’ve curated a list of the different ring styles for women. 

Some of these may be familiar to you, some might be new. Some have their own unique designs and meaning. Others are just meant to be worn for fun.

But whatever your purpose for a ring, there’s joy in looking at the different rings and finding what you like. 

Anniversary Band

An anniversary ring is given to celebrate a wedding milestone. 

It symbolizes enduring love that has withstood the test of time. 

It’s a wedding band that’s usually given to commemorate 10, 15, 20, 25 years of marriage. Renewal of wedding vows is another event where anniversary bands are used for. 

But there are no specific rules on when you should get it. So you and your partner can exchange anniversary bands any year you want to. 

Anniversary rings come in different styles. Some come in simple bands, others are adorned with diamonds. 

It always comes down to your design preference. But one thing you need to consider is this: is it going to replace your old wedding ring? 

Some women go that route and that factors in on the ring’s design.

If you want a stone on your ring, an option is to pick the best gemstone that’s traditionally associated with your anniversary year. 

For example, diamond is for 10 years, ruby for 15, pearl for 30 years, etc. 

Antique Ring

Using jewelry trade terms, an antique ring is at least 100 years old. So for this decade, rings made in the 1920s or earlier are now considered antiques by this definition. 

It’s not to be confused with vintage rings, which I’ll discuss below.

Rings from the 1920s or earlier are from the Gregorian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras. 

When wearing antique rings, there are a few guidelines to be followed so you can pull off this look. 

One is that each finger fits different types of rings. For example, narrow rings with simple patterns and without precious or semi-precious stones go on the little finger. 

Meanwhile, massive rings go on the middle finger.  

When it comes to the number of rings you can wear, the general rule is to have a maximum of three antique rings for both hands. 

However, these aren’t hard and fast rules. Just do you and go with your style.


This can be the simplest of all the ring styles. 

They have a uniform width with no apparent top side. Band rings are typically metal rings that don’t have any decorative elements. But band rings have also evolved over time. 

It’s now becoming more common to see band rings with engravings, stones, and some other design elements. 

Aside from metal rings, some are now made from plastic or silicone. 

Band rings are easy to find. Many brands and jewelry shops usually have several in their collection.

Birthstone Ring

This ring’s defining characteristic is the stone that represents your birth month. 

The practice of wearing your birthstone is said to have started many centuries ago. Ring designs vary since the most important element here is the stone itself. 

Aside from the fact that they look pretty, it’s believed that wearing your birthstone brings good fortune, good health, and protection. 

Each stone has its own meaning and supernatural attributes, as some would believe. 

Birthstone rings are usually worn on your right hand to set it apart from your wedding and engagement rings which are on your left. 

Astrologers believe that wearing it on the right side enhances your active energy and aura. 

This ring type is very personal and its purpose and significance don’t just apply to any wearer.

Claddagh Ring

This ring is one of the types for women with a connection to a specific culture and society. A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that dates back to the 17th century. 

It has a very unique design. 

Every claddagh ring has a heart, crown, and hands which symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. Wearing this ring is a commitment to these three values.

But times have changed, and so have the meaning behind the ring. 

Irish women wear this type of ring to represent their special connection to Ireland. Some women choose to wear it because of the original meaning it has. 

If you own one or are thinking of getting one, did you know that how you wear a claddagh ring can show off your relationship status? 

It can identify you as taken, single, engaged, or married! 

Cluster Ring

This ring type features gemstones, usually diamonds, clustered together to give the illusion that it’s one big stone. 

Traditional designs have a larger diamond at the center with smaller diamonds that form a halo around it. 

It’s a very divisive type, I should say. Some women love the effect that the clustered diamonds have. 

It’s also much cheaper compared to a single large solitaire since the smaller pieces are leftovers from larger diamonds.

On the other hand, some purists don’t like the illusion and prefer a large single stone. But whichever side you are, it’s still a beautiful ring nonetheless!

Cocktail Ring

If you love attention, cocktail rings are for you. 

Designed to attract attention using its size and color, this oversized ring is usually worn to dinner parties. In the past, women wore this ring to showcase their independence and freedom. 

It was a rebellion against the prohibition era when alcohol was banned from being bought or sold. 

So people had to party in secret, and it’s no coincidence that the cocktail was born under the same circumstances. 

They were also a status symbol. It told everyone that you belong to society’s upper echelon. 

But gone are those days. Nowadays, cocktail rings can be worn daily and symbolize fun and fashion more than anything else. 

They’re also relatively inexpensive. This ring type is usually made of imitation gemstones with gold-plated bands. 

Contemporary Ring

If you fancy a more modern design, here’s a ring for you. 

Contemporary rings have a more up-to-date design that keeps up with the current trends. 

So it can come in various forms and are made with different contemporary aspects in mind. 

You’re no longer limited to gold or silver but other metals are used to make the ring itself. 

Technology has allowed stones to be cut into different and unique shapes. Intricate details can be engraved or incorporated into the ring. 

The ultra-modern style is distinctive from traditional and vintage ring designs. 

These are what make contemporary rings what they are. 

Engagement Ring

One of the most traditional rings on our list, an engagement ring symbolizes the commitment partners have for marriage. 

It’s worn on the left ring finger and when married, it’s worn with the wedding band.

Engagement rings usually have diamonds but a couple may choose to have a different stone like sapphires or emeralds. As for style, there are different settings to choose from. 

A solitaire setting is the most classic, with a simple band and a single stone. With this style, everything else is made simple to put all the attention on the stone. 

The bigger stone, the more attention it’s going to get.

A halo setting is like a cluster setting, with a big stone surrounded by its smaller counterparts. Small stones can also be put on the band, creating a much bigger illusion.

The stones on the band are actually called a side stone setting. This can also be paired with a solitaire design to add more flare to it.

Those are just some of the engagement ring settings. There are more types that you can check out if you’re hoping to get a specific kind of engagement ring soon.

Estate Ring

An estate ring is passed on from its owner, usually as part of an estate left behind upon their death. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be vintage or antique, but it can be. 

Because it’s not associated with a specific period, estate jewelry has no defining design. If it happens to be from the Victorian era, it can look vintage. 

If the previous owner is relatively young, it may look more contemporary. 

Eternity Band

It’s a ring with precious stones set all around it. 

This design is often associated with eternal love. It’s often given to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries. But if you ask me, I’d love to get one even without an occasion!

This practice is believed to trace back to the ancient Egyptians. Historians say eternity rings were offered to symbolize love and eternal life. 

Eternity rings come in a full band or a half eternity, which is still a long time I suppose. 

In terms of style, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Diamond eternity rings remain ever-popular, and with good reason. 

Machines are very precise in setting the stones, resulting in a brilliant and stunning cut and finish that every woman would love.

Fashion Ring

They’re an expression of your style and identity. 

Fashion rings come in every shape or color and may or may not have precious gems. They’re part of an ensemble, usually as a complement to your outfit. 

Like cocktail rings, they’re more for fun and style.

More than anything else, these rings should fit your style. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll find thin bands that you can stack to keep things low-key. 

If you like flaunting, go for the big rings that catch attention. Whoever you are, your fashion ring follows.

Gimmel Ring

Sometimes called gimmal or fede, is a type of a promise ring. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? I didn’t either until I did my research. 

It’s not the most popular, but it has a lot of tradition riding on it.

Gimmel rings are made of 2 or more loops or links that form a single ring. Or they can be taken apart to be worn individually. 

As I mentioned, it’s a type of promise ring that lovers exchange to signify their engagement. So I guess that makes them engagement rings too. 

This started in the medieval age in Europe, where wearing one tells other men that you’re taken.

Now, since the modern engagement ring has taken over, you can wear a gimmel ring for its unique design. 

Nugget Ring

Nugget rings started as a man’s ring. 

This gold-banded ring type features a rough, rocky top that resembles gold nuggets. This trend became popular in the 80s and 90s, where gold was all the rage.

But now, nugget rings have been redesigned to have a more feminine look. Modern designs have replaced gold nuggets with diamonds. 

So some couples choose this design as their wedding ring or anniversary band.

Mood Ring

The stones of this ring change color in response to temperature. Magic? Not quite. The liquid crystal inside the stone is responsible for the color changes. 

But don’t expect them to be accurate and precise. That’s because the external temperature can also affect its color. So if you’re out in the winter cold, it could display a dark color even if you’re not exactly feeling frosty deep inside.

More often than not, mood rings have big stones so you can see the changing colors easily. 

It’s the centerpiece of the ring. Although you’ll find ones with a more minimal design if you’re not in the mood for big stones. 

A mood ring can be worn on any finger and are more apt for casual settings.

Mother’s Ring

As the name implies, a mother’s ring is a special kind of ring for mothers or grandmothers. 

This ring can have one or several birthstones representing their children or their grandchildren. 

It’s worn to show love and pride for your family but it can also be a stunning fashion accessory. If you choose to use high-quality stones, the ring can give your outfit a more polished look.

This ring is usually worn on the right hand ring finger, but you can wear it however you want. 

Some like to stack it with their engagement or wedding ring.

If you’re interested in getting one, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s a pretty common ring. There are also different styles for you to choose from.

Promise Ring

Here’s another one that symbolizes love and commitment. 

It’s not exactly an engagement ring, a promise ring is given as a promise to stay loyal and faithful in a relationship. 

So if your man gives you one, he should remain true to you no matter what!

Promise rings can take any shape or form. 

It’s not the design that defines it, but the promise made with it. So they can have diamonds or any other stone. 

It can also be worn on any finger on either hand. There’s no right or wrong way to wear it. Wear it however you want to! What’s important is the meaning behind the ring.

Puzzle Ring

Similar to a gimmel ring, this ring type is composed of different interlocking bands. 

It can be taken apart and put together, but it won’t be that simple. It’s a puzzle ring, and that’s the catch. 

So if you love mind games, this one is a teaser.

Puzzle rings don’t have a specific design. 

You’ll find gold and silver puzzle rings. Some are easy to assemble, some might be a real challenge. What makes it special are the thought and effort that comes with putting it together. 

Just like any relationship, it needs to be nurtured with effort and commitment. 

Signet Ring

Signet rings were used to sign or mark documents in place of handwritten signatures. The ring’s face was adorned by a family crest and the wearer used hot wax to leave a mark. 

Traditionally worn by men, signet rings have found their way on women’s fingers already.

It’s customary to wear it on the pinkie finger of your non-dominant hand, but modern times allow you to wear it on any finger you prefer.

Today, it’s a popular ring design, especially among royalty. But you don’t have to be blue-blooded if you want to wear one. 

Nowadays, you’ll find signet rings for everyday wear. You can get one pre-made or have it personalized with your own monogram or your name.

Spinner Ring

One of the most unique types of rings for women, a spinner ring is designed to have two bands, one on top of the other. The inner band is locked in place while the outer band spins around. 

It’s a type of ring that can help manage stress and anxiety. And that’s why it’s sometimes called a worry ring or meditation ring.

This ring type originated from ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. The Tibetans believed that the spinning movement could cure tension through its magical powers. While you won’t find magic, it really does help with stress and anxiety.

If you often find yourself fidgeting or moving your hands when you’re stressed or worried, you can spin your ring instead. 

It’s a less obvious way of letting out your anxiety to help you achieve a state of calm.

So if you’re often stressed out and need a safe outlet to find your balance, this is a good way to go about it.

Stack Ring

They are several rings that you wear on top of the other. And I don’t know about you, but wearing cute rings all beside each other sounds like fun! 

Stack rings or stacking rings usually come as a set. 

They’re designed to complement each one and wearing the whole set achieves the desired effect. And because you need several rings to form a stack, the rings are designed to be unique from each other.

But ring stacking isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

You’d still want to look fashionable and chic and not look haphazard. You can mix metals and colors and on different fingers. 

Stack rings are often thin so you can have space for more. So play around with it and find your style! That’s where the fun really is.

Vintage Ring

Vintage and antique are terms often used interchangeably. But for jewelry, there’s a difference between the two. As I mentioned in the earlier part of this blog, antique rings are much older.

A ring is considered vintage if it’s anywhere between 50 to 100 years old. When wearing vintage rings, the same rules with antique rings apply. But one trend is to wear vintage with modern rings. 

This gives you a more elegant and refined look.

Wedding Band

Out of all the ring types, this one needs no further explanation. But did you know that there’s a difference between a wedding band and a ring? 

The wedding band has a simple design, it’s round and made with solid metal, void of any intricate designs. It was originally meant for men as a counterpart to a woman’s engagement ring.

But times have changed and women wear wedding bands too, but with more detailed designs. Because of the intricate designs, they have come to be known as wedding rings.