15 Types of Pants for Women

Woman in jeans
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One of the best and most versatile items to add to your closet is a pair of pants.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of the different types of pants for women.

The world of fashion is vast, and the women’s pants department is very much the same.

Because of how varied women’s pants are, we understand that it can be challenging to find the best type and fit for you. 

However, before you can find out which pants suit you, you need to know the different types.

To complete this list, we scoured through the internet’s fashion catalogs.

Next, we made a list of fashionable types of pants from our research.

If you’re unsure which type of pants will suit you, don’t be afraid to try them out. 

Confidence is the key when going out of your fashion comfort zone.

Ironically, finding good clothing can also boost your self-esteem.

It also helps if you know your body type and what kinds of clothes best fit it.

Here are the types of pants you should consider adding to your closet if you don’t already have them.

15 Types of Pants for Women

1. Jeans

Woman wearing Jeans

Let’s start with jeans, the most popular type of pants in this era.

Jeans use denim fabric, which you can dye in different colors and modify in various ways to add texture. 

You can even pick different washes, which change the denim’s appearance or level of darkness/lightness.

A primary reason behind the jeans’ popularity is that it’s versatile. 

You can dress it up or down.

It suits women of all ages, whether you’re six or sixty years old.

Plus, jeans come in all types of styles, cuts, sizes, and lengths.

2. Culottes

Culottes are often knee-length or a few inches longer.

They have cuffed hems that fall below your knees.

They’re also fitted at the waist but flare until the cut. 

A person wearing culottes and standing still may look like she’s wearing a skirt.

This type of pants comes from the French word “culotte,” which means panties, pants, shorts, knickers, or trousers. 

Frequently, culottes come in light to medium-weight woven fabrics.

These include wool, peach skin, linen, rayon, and suiting.

3. Bell Bottoms or Flared Pants

Woman wearing Flared Pants

Bell bottoms became the trendiest pants in the 1970s.

Since then, they’ve also been making periodical comebacks. 

These pants flare out as they reach the bottom, creating a bell shape.

The bell-bottom can be large and exaggerated or subtle and smooth.

Some bell-bottom pants are fit at the waist down to the thighs then spread once they reach the knees.

4. Harem Pants

woman wearing Harem Pants

If you want something loose-fitting and comfortable, add a pair of harem pants to your closet. 

This type of women’s pants is full and flowing.

The fabric gathers only at the waist and ankles. 

On the rest of the garment, the material is free-flowing.

They’re the best pants to wear during hot weather.

They’re also extremely comfortable, which makes them the perfect leisurewear at home.

Here’s a tip for matching harem pants: go for fitted shirts to contrast the flowing appearance of the pants. 

You can wear a loose top that drops down to create vertical lines to match the draping nature of the harem pants.

5. Baggy Pants

This type of pants is a more general term or an umbrella term for specific types of pants.

For example, all harem pants are baggy pants, but not all baggy pants are harem pants. 

Baggy pants are what we call them—pants that are loose-fitting or flowing.

Some baggy pants have a drawstring or elastic waist.

Others have fitted ankles, while others don’t.

Baggy pants are perfect for sleepwear and leisurewear since they’re so comfortable.

6. Leggings and Jeggings

woman in Jeggings

Let’s switch to the other end of the spectrum from loose-fitting pants and look at a tight-fitting type of pants. 

Leggings are pants that often have elastic waists and are form-fitting.

They often use fabrics that stretch, like Lycra, cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Jeggings are pants that use a combination of jeans and leggings.

These pants have the form-fitting nature of leggings but have the appearance of jeans.

They use denim fabrics mixed with spandex.

7. Jodhpurs

If you’ve seen historical films where a character goes horseback riding, you may notice their pants. 

Jodhpurs flare out at the waist and thighs but are snug at the knees to the ankles. 

They originate from an ancient style of Indian trousers meant for riding horses.

Victorian-era polo players adapted the design from a visiting prince from Jodhpur, who wore them when he visited England. 

It later became common to wear them with tall riding boots.

The modern jodhpurs for horseback riding are now snug throughout the legs.

8. Sailor Pants

Sailor pants are loose-fitting pants with a flared bottom.

A unique feature of sailor pants is that they have a lot of buttons sown across the top.

Initially, sailors used drawstring pants but later switched to using bell-bottom pants with buttons. 

These buttons are easier to replace on the fly.

They also won’t corrode in salty weather like the early zippers.

9. Trousers or Dress Pants

Woman in pink Dress Pants

You can replace the term trousers to denote pants.

However, you can also refer to a specific type of pants when you say trousers.

Trousers or dress pants are pants used for formal occasions.

They come in suiting or woven materials.

Many modern women use dress pants for work and other semi-formal functions.

They look great when paired with a matching suit jacket.

10. Overalls or Jumpsuits

Woman in red Jumpsuits

Next is a type of pants women of all ages can wear and still look fashionable. 

Overalls or jumpsuits are pants with a front flap to cover the chest.

A pair of straps hold up the front flap.

Because they offer protection against dirt, you’ll often see them worn as working clothes.

Jumpsuits are fuller in that you can wear them as a whole one-piece outfit. 

Instead of a front flap, jumpsuits have a bodice.

Often, a jumpsuit looks like a tank top and a pair of pants combined.

11. Stovepipe Pants

Sometimes called drainpipe pants, stovepipe pants may look like skinny jeans

They are slender and fitted to the wearer to create a slim look. 

However, they’re not too form-fitting that you will see the silhouette of your legs when you wear them.

12. Straight Fit Pants

Straight fit or simply straight pants are in the middle of slim and loose pants.

They’re a little looser than stovepipe pants, but they’re more fitting than other types of pants. 

The silhouette they create is straight, which means they don’t taper at the ankles.

13. Stirrup Pants

Stirrup pants can be any pants, but they often use stretch fabrics. 

What makes a pair of pants stirrup pants is the strap at the end of the garment.

The strap extends under the foot to secure the pants like a belt.

14. Pegged or Peg-Leg Pants

Pegged pants have two front pleats at the waistband.

These pleats add volume to the hip area. 

The pants also balloon out in the thigh area before it tapers in at the ankle.

Other pegged pants have a high waist or reach till the ankle, cropped.

15. Palazzo Pants

Woman in black and white Palazzo Pants

Last but not least is palazzo pants. 

This garment is loose, wide-legged, and long.

They often use lightweight fabrics, like chiffon, silk, and cotton. 

You may even say that palazzos look like pajama bottoms.

Culottes and palazzo pants only have one minor difference.

Palazzo pants are longer and often reach the ankle, while culottes are three-fourths pants. 

Palazzo pants are also different from wide-leg pants.

The latter has a fit that looks straighter, while the former is more generous with its cut.

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