15 Types Of Coats For Women to Have In Your Closet

Types Of Coats For Women
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Coats have been around since the 1800s. Because of its versatility, it’s now become a fashion piece perfect for every season. 

You can wear different types of coats no matter the occasion or the weather. They go well with other garbs and accessories you have, no matter the style. 

Types Of Coats For Women 

Because there is an unlimited number of coat types and designs to choose from, we combed through the internet to give you the essentials. 

1. Denim 

woman in fashionable denim jacket

Denim coats are short and made of thick and robust cotton cloth. Because they use the same material for jeans, denim coats are also often colored blue. 

The first denim jacket was made in 1880 by Levi Strauss. They were constructed with laborers’ convenience in mind. 

When Marilyn Monroe, one of the classic female fashion icons, wore denim jackets off-duty, the denim coat found its way to fame, making it one of the staple coats for women. 

A popular model of her decade, Veruschka, wore denim jackets too. 

Since then, more and more female icons have continued to include denim coats in their wardrobes. 

Some are:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Geena Davis
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Madonna
  • Britney Spears
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Rihanna

You can style your denim jackets in various ways. Try the following:

  • Add a minimal belt to accentuate your waistline.
  • Denim on denim is a great way to highlight your denim coat. Wear denim jeans together with your denim jacket. You can add accessories, caps and pair them with heels to look sophisticated.
  • Pair your denim jacket with graphic pants.
  • Add a khaki coat to elevate your style.
  • Try other denim colors like green, white, pink, and red to have a fun look.
  • You can button down your denim jacket and pair them with a skirt or dress of your choice.
  • If you want to aim for a more casual look when wearing a dress, add a denim jacket and some boots.

2. Motorcycle Jacket 

Biker girl wearing Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are coat types meant for motorcyclists. 

These coats are typically made of faux leather and specialized artificial fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar. These jackets usually include elbow, spine, and shoulder paddings.  

Schott NYC designed the first motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. It has functioning zippers for quick putting on and taking off. 

The jacket became popular when Marlon Brando, a Hollywood actor, wore them in the film “The Wild One,” where he portrayed a gang leader. The jacket has then become a symbol for the “cool one.” 

Motorcycle jackets are now a leading fashion item that almost everyone has in their wardrobe. 

Celebrities, models, and other high-profile individuals wear them for casual and semi-formal occasions. 

Some famous people who like wearing these coats are:

  • Gigi Hadid
  • Taylor Swift
  • Emma Watson
  • Bella Hadid
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Kim Kardashian

If you want to try out cool motorcycle jackets, here are ways you can style them:

  • With a cropped black top, jogging pants, and white sneakers
  • With a black dress, moto boots, and black shoulder bag
  • WIth a black v-neck tee, skinny jeans, and moto boots
  • With a white tee, shorts, and moto boots
  • With a formal dress and stilettos

3. Fur Jacket

woman posing in Fur Jacket

A fur coat is made of real or fake animal fur. 

Faux fur is typically made of synthetic materials which are processed, dyed, and cut to replicate real fur’s texture and color.

If you want to know whether you’re buying a real or faux fur coat, here are some things you can do:

  • Touch test – Feel the fur. Animal fur is way softer than fake furs.
  • Check the label – Labels indicate real fur, like SAGA in Finland and ALC in the USA.
  • Hair test – Feel the fur. Animal fur starts thick and gets thinner, similar to human hair.
  • Burn test – If you already have a fur coat in your home and want to know if it’s real or fake, take out a few strands and light them with fire. Real fur smells like burnt human hair, while artificial fur smells like burnt plastic.

4. Parka 

young woman in green parka

A parka is a long, well-insulated coat with a hood lined with fur. 

The fur can be real or faux. 

Parkas can also be padded with synthetic or down feathers that provide warmth and protection. 

Parkas were initially made for Caribou Inuit to keep them warm in the Canadian arctic

The parka material was from seal skin and was coated with fish oil to make it waterproof. Later, they were adopted by the US military for soldiers and pilots

Today, parkas have become a winter season fashion piece. 

Some celebrities spotted wearing parkas are:

  • Hailey Baldwin
  • Sienna Miller
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Madonna

5. Blazer

young woman in white blazer and brown hat

A blazer is a coat that looks similar to a suit jacket but cuts more casually without a pair of trousers. 

Blazers have a looser fit and are not as structured in the shoulder area. 

The common fabrics used for blazers are serge, flannel, and hopsack.

You can own one blazer and use it on many occasions, may it be casual, semi-formal, or formal. However, they are usually bought and seen as a part of appropriate attire for job interviews. 

Here are ways to style blazers:

  • With a crop top and sweatpants 
  • Try cropped blazers and high-waisted jeans
  • Dark blazers with monochromatic tees and jeans
  • With a hoodie and jeans
  • With a silk set

6. Trench Coat

woman in trench coat with little black cross bag

A trench coat is a raincoat with pockets on the side and has a belt so you can adjust the size to your waist. 

Charles Macintosh and Thomas Hancock were the first to create them. Ranked officers use them to distinguish themselves in society.

Here are some of the ways you can style your trench coat:

  • Pair it with high-waisted jeans and some heels
  • Closed with matching heels and classic handbag
  • With a beret cap 

7. Bomber Jacket

Woman in Bomber Jacket

A Bomber Jacket is a short outerwear with zippered fronts, gathered side pockets, ribbed waistband, and knitted cuffs. 

They are usually made from leather, polyester, nylon, and cotton. T

hey can either have a flat round collar that matches the waistband or a shirt collar that is either plain or with a Shearling lining. 

Bomber jackets are historically used by the US Army and the Aviation Clothing Board during World War I. Then, it slowly became part of the wardrobes of civilians. 

The MA-1, made from nylon with an orange lining, is one of today’s most popular bomber jackets.

If you’re looking for ways to style your bomber jacket, you can try the following:

  • Spice up your hoodies by adding a bomber jacket for cold weather.
  • A black bomber jacket can go well with a white crop top and shorts.
  • You can also wear them with a sweater.
  • Pair your khaki bomber jacket with a cream turtleneck, skinny pants, and boots.
  • A classic green bomber jacket goes well with a white tee.

8. Quilted Jacket

Brunette in a pink quilted jacket

These jackets are coats with a quilted design and sections puffed up between the stitching. 

They are filled with insulation and synthetic fibers to provide warmth to battle cold days and nights during winter.

Quilting was initially used for bed covers. 

The first quilted coat was designed by Guylas, who made the fabric waterproof from polyester material. 

More color palettes were added with increased demand for quilted jackets. Its popularity boomed when the British Royal family, specifically the Queen, wore a husky quilted jacket with a brown corduroy collar. 

Here are some ways you can style your quilted jackets:

  • With a tweed shift dress
  • With some chunky knit sweater
  • With a white button-down shirt
  • With a white t-shirt and jeans
  • With a hoodie
  • With a plaid boyfriend shirt
  • With striped shirts and high knee boots
  • With high waisted skirts
  • With turtleneck sweater

9. Wrap Coat

Woman in cream Wrap Coat

A wrap coat has overlapping panels secured by a belt. 

They are made from thick fabrics like wool and cashmere and are usually paired with boots and a handbag.

Wrap coats are perfect if you don’t want to deal with zippers or buttons. They’re adjustable, and you have different ways to wrap yourself with this garment!

You can:

  • Close and wrap it around you to feel cozy and warm.
  • Keep it half-open, with the belt loosely or tightly tied to one side.
  • Leave it untied and open, draping on your shoulders. You can also tie the belt behind you to show off your clothes underneath.

10. Cape Coat

woman with blue hair, red dress and gray cape coat

A cape coat is a long layer of fabric usually without buttons and zippers that can provide warmth without the bulkiness. 

Capes were traditionally designed to show a person’s occupation, like in the case of monks. 

In the Victorian era, both men and women wear red capes to indicate good breeding and high standing in society. 

Now, cape coats are primarily used to elevate the style. 

Many designs come in prints, with different cuts, and more. 

Celebrities who are fond of matching their outfits with cape coats are: 

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Lydia Bright
  • Denise van Outen
  • Olivia Palermo
  • Nicky Hilton
  • Miroslava Duma
  • Poppy Delevigne
  • Rosie Fortescue

11. Duffle Coat

Woman in red duffle coat

A duffle coat is made from a thick woolen cloth by the same name. 

The coat was first crafted in Belgium and was adopted by the British Naval Forces

The coat became popular with civilians in 1950 when Freda and Harold Morris sold them. Then, it became more popular when David Bowie wore the coat in his film “The Man Who Fell To Earth” and Michael Bond in “A Bear Called Paddington.” 

Many celebrities rock the duffle coat with their outfits, like: 

  • Cara Delevigne
  • Britney Spears
  • Taylor Swift
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Emma Stone. 

If you want to go out in your duffle coat, here are ways you can style them:

  • With jeans, boots, and a handbag
  • With a tee, flat shoes, and a shoulder bag

12. Waterfall Coat

A waterfall coat is usually broad and large at the bust then tapers into a less dramatic silhouette around the midsection. 

It’s a flattering coat for those with a smaller bust who want to highlight it. 

This coat is not recommended for women with a large bust or midsection since it exaggerates these areas. 

You can style this coat by wearing skinny jeans to define and blend with the look. 

13. A-Line Coat

The term A-line refers to clothing fitted from the shoulders to the hips and wide to the hem. 

This term dates back to the spring of 1955 when French designer Christian Dior released a collection titled “A-line collection.” 

It’s one of the types of coats made for layering. To style it, you can wear polo neck tops and dresses underneath

14. Swing Coat

A swing coat is a vintage coat cut to swing when the wearer moves. 

It is more fitted at the shoulders and gets progressively loose up to the hem. 

It is flowy and makes a swinging motion when you walk. Audrey Hepburn was a fan of this coat.

You must avoid yards of fabric when styling it since it makes a curvy shape look chunky and shapeless. 

You can wear a skirt, dress, or tights underneath.

15. Peacoat

young woman in a peacoat and blue beanie

A peacoat is a heavy wool jacket with buttons in the front. European navy sailors originally wore them

Today, peacoats are worn as a fashion piece by men and women. They are hip-length and double-breasted that are usually styled with jeans and boots.