20 Types of Boots For Women

Types of Boots For Women
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Have you ever gone boot shopping and got overwhelmed with all the types of boots for women out there? 

I love shopping as much as any girl but boot shopping can be challenging because of all the options available. 

And especially if you’re trying to figure out how to style the types of boots you’re into.

So I came up with a list of the most common women’s boot styles to help you navigate this wonderful world of boots.

In creating this list, I looked at my own shoe closet. 

Then I looked at what everyone else was wearing. 

I included what’s new, trending, and popular as well as the established styles that continue to be a fashion staple no matter the decade.

This isn’t a definitive list and there are more types of boots for women beyond this. 

But this should make it easier for you to find your next favorite pair of boots.

Ankle Boots

red suede ankle boots

Ankle boots go up a few centimeters above the ankle. 

They were originally made for women who preferred to wear boots with trousers or slacks. 

But nowadays, you can wear ankle boots with almost anything, both in casual and formal settings. 

During wintertime, ankle boots provide warmth and protection to your ankles if you don’t feel like wearing snow or winter boots.

One thing about ankle boots is they’re not so flattering if you have thick ankles. 

It can draw unwanted attention to your lower leg if worn with a skirt or shorts. 


Not to be confused with ankle boots, booties end right on your ankles while ankle boots go above them. 

They’re the shortest among all the different boots. 

But even though the short stature of the bootie doesn’t make it look like a boot, it still is. 

Because of their similarities, you can style booties and ankle boots the same way. 

Booties are perfect for daily wear, with nude colors giving you a softer look. 

Probably the easiest way to wear them is with slim or skinny jeans. 

It gives your booties the attention they deserve.

Calf-Length Boots

Also known as mid-calf boots, these boots go up to your calves. 

They go well with jeans, leggings, and dresses. 

Calf-length boots are versatile and are good for daily casual wear or formal events. 

So it’s no surprise they come in tons of different materials. 

But perfecting the look requires the right proportions. 

When worn with leggings, use the same boot color if you want your legs to look longer. 

If you have big calves, they’re the perfect cover to keep your legs looking slim. 

Go for the elastic material if leather proves to be too stiff.

And for those with skinny legs, stay away from the wide top designs so you won’t look like you have stick legs. 

Chelsea Boots

Long dress, chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot’s identifying characteristic is the elastic panel on its side. 

This makes it one of the most unique women’s boot styles you’ll find. 

The elastic panel allows you to insert your foot easily into the close-fitting and ankle-high boot. 

The design was first made in the Victorian era and was named after Chelsea, an affluent London neighborhood. 

And they’ve withstood the test of time and remain popular today. 

The boots are a fashion staple during the fall and winter seasons. 

They come in leather, suede, and other materials. 

They also have different toe shapes with the pointy toe being the most flattering. 

It creates a more feminine look and can make you look elegant in any outfit.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are ankle boots that have leather or suede uppers. 

They were previously categorized as menswear but made a successful leap to women’s fashion. 

And because their soles are usually rubber, many consider them a fashionable alternative to sneakers.

Another distinctive element is its 3-hole lacing system. 

They also have a low heel, making them more comfortable to rock all day. 

You’ll find a lot of Chukka boots in earth colors but they can come in other colors and prints too.

Combat Boots

Combat boots with dress

Among all the types of boots, combat boots are the most recognizable. 

Originally designed for military use, they’re sturdy and made for the rugged environment. 

You can spot combat boots because of their height, long lacing system, and thick rubber soles. 

When worn, it projects a strong persona. 

You’re going to look like you’re ready for battle. 

Or that you mean business. 

Either way, you can wear them for outdoor adventures to protect your feet from the rough terrain while keeping you comfortable. 

It also pairs well with a casual outfit to add some toughness to your look. 

Or why not wear them with a dress to go against the norm and show off your unique personality? 

However you want to wear combat boots, it’s a power move that can instantly attract attention.

Cowboy Boots

blonde girl posing in cowboy boots

Women’s boot styles don’t get as distinctive as cowboy boots. 

These riding boots were traditionally made for cowboys, as the name implies. 

But since the Wild West has come and gone, it’s common to find this boot style beyond the country.

Leather materials and a round top are characteristics unique to cowboy boots. 

They often go up just below the knee but you’ll find different boots that are calf and ankle length too. 

Some cowboy boots have intricate designs and patterns. 

So pair them with skinny jeans or short skirts and dresses to show it off on any occasion.

Cuban Heel Boots

They’re one of the boot styles defined by their heels. 

Cuban heel boots have a moderate height and a strong heel that’s often curved at the back and straight in front. 

The boot’s origin can be traced to horse riding since the heel provides stability to the rider. 

But during the turn of the 20th century, musicians embraced the boots and it became a rebellious symbol. 

And then Cuban heel boots found their way on the ballroom dance floor.

Nowadays, women wear these boots on the office floor or at formal events. 

If you want to follow the dress code but want to wear boots, Cuban heels are often the safest choice.

Hiking Boots

woman wearing hiking boots

There are different boots you can use for outdoor activities, but you can never go wrong with a good pair of hiking boots. 

Unlike combat boots, this boot is a more fashionable option. 

They’re also less intimidating when worn on the streets instead of the trails.

Hiking boots go up above the ankle to offer excellent ankle support. 

Injuries are less likely to happen in case you trip during a hike. 

Most hiking boots are also waterproof. 

And because of their leather uppers and chunky soles, they make for a cute fall or winter option especially if paired with leggings.

Knee-High Boots

Young woman in elegant coat, black knee high boots

If you want to make a statement, it’s not going to get more extravagant than knee-high boots. 

The boot styles vary from high to flat heels or leather to rubber materials. 

You’ll never run out of options, no matter the occasion.

You can wear them any time of the year too. 

During the winter, knee-high boots protect your legs from the cold. 

During warmer months, you can wear lightweight versions to give you that flashy style and release your inner diva. 

Motorcycle Boots

woman in leather biker boots sitting on bike

Whether you’re out for a ride or just hanging out, motorcycle boots give you an edgy vibe like combat boots. 

But they have a lot of differences in design when it comes to how they look.

Also known as biker boots, motorcycle boots come in low, mid, or high tops. 

Some are chunkier because they have buckles instead of laces, while some have straps instead. 

They typically come in black but sometimes you’ll find the occasional dark tan.

Despite being chunky, they’re very easy to style. 

Pair them with skinny jeans and a blazer for contrast. 

Or go for the maxi or short dresses if you don’t want to feel too girly.

And do you need to ride a motorcycle to wear them? Of course not! 

Peep Toe Boots

Out of all the types of boots, you can’t miss this one because it’s the only design with a hole. 

The peep-toe has a window in front of your toes. 

These boots are usually ankle-high and have heels of various heights and thicknesses. 

Peep-toe boots can instantly make you look elegant, especially if paired with the right pieces. 

You can wear them at the office, on the dancefloor, or anywhere you need to look more chic.

Of course, they’re perfect for showing off your pedicured toes.

Riding Boots

woman wearing Riding Boots

It’s a classic design made for riding horses. 

They’re one of the boot styles that go up to your knees and are almost always made of leather. 

The soles are textured to make walking easier and prevent you from slipping. 

Heels are also low for balance and stability when riding. 

Riding boots are usually pull-on but full side zippers are also common.

So when can you wear them if you’re not riding one?


They’re an essential part of a preppy outfit. 

If that’s your style, you can’t go wrong with pairing them with jeans or any tight-fitting pants. 

Blazers, coats, or knit sweaters during the winter season are also great partners.

Sneaker Boots

This one’s a new kid on the block. 

Only recently have sneaker boots appeared in the market as one of the women’s boot styles. 

Think of your favorite sneakers converted into a boot version. 

But in terms of construction and performance, they’re actually closer to trail boots than sneakers. 

Sneaker boots are very comfortable, thanks to their sneaker genes. 

But they’re durable enough to be taken for easy walks on the trails.

And like many sneakers, there’s a bunch of different tech in it. 

Some are water repellant while others can have sweat or moisture-wicking properties that will keep your feet dry.

Sneaker boots are also a great alternative to trail and hiking boots if you’re just an occasional hiker. 

And when you aren’t hiking, they’re a great pair to wear for many of your daily activities in the city.

Snow Boots

Woman wearing snow boots covered in snow

Not to be confused with winter boots, snow boots are specifically designed for snowy days and colder environments. 

They’re more heavy-duty compared to winter boots. 

The seams are sealed and the boots cover the foot with an impermeable material. 

This prevents any water from penetrating the boot when you’re walking on wet grounds. 

Aside from that, snow boots have thick soles with deep threads. 

This gives you a lot of traction as you walk on the icy and snowy ground. 

And if temperatures are a bit more frigid, snow boots will definitely keep your feet warm the whole time.

Steel-Toed Boots

This is for the women in the workforce. 

Because the workforce is a male-dominated industry, women don’t really have a lot of options when it comes to work-appropriate footwear. 

Fortunately, there are steel-toed boots for women.

Women’s boot styles are often for fashion and style but this one is all about work. 

The steel toe protects your feet from injuries in a hazardous workplace. 

Look for pairs that have sturdy materials for safety and protection. 

Then go for oil-resistant outsoles to prevent accidental slipping.

Style options may be limited but the important thing is the protection and comfort you get while you’re hard at work.

Stiletto Heel Boots

Boots come in stilettos heels too. 

These long and thin heels are the boots’ defining characteristic. 

You’ll find this heel type in different boots as well.

Stiletto boots are very versatile. 

You can wear boots with high heels on any occasion. 

They’ll make you look taller and your legs longer. 

You’ll look fabulous in an instant.

The downside is that the high heels can get painful to wear for prolonged periods. 

We’ve all been there. 

So how should boots fit for maximum comfort? 

Always choose the size that’s just right for your feet. 

Anything too big can cause you to slip. 

If it’s too tight, your feet can rub against the material and result in callouses. 

Wedge Heel Boots

brown Wedge Heel Boots

These boots have a solid bottom with the heel connected to the entire sole. 

Like stilettos, you can find this style among various types of boots like the ankle, Chelsea, and knee-high boots.

And like stilettos, the heel height is often tall. 

But they have an advantage – they’re not as painful to wear. 

The solid base distributes your weight evenly so even if you’ll be standing or dancing all night, it won’t spoil the fun.

Wellington Boots

Wellington Boots on grass

Also known as rain or gumboots, these were named after the first Duke of Wellington, the guy who popularized these boots. 

The knee-high Wellington boots are completely made of rubber and are really just plain-looking boots. 

They were mainly used for hunting and exploring the outdoors in the 19th century. 

It was the boot of choice for the British elite.

But now, you don’t have to be part of the British aristocracy to wear them. 

While rubber remains as its main material, they’ve come a long way since its origins.

You can find Wellingtons with printed floral designs or the standard sleek black for a minimalist look. 

Wear them on rainy or snowy days to keep your lower legs dry and warm as part of a preppy ensemble.

Winter Boots

Winter boots are the stripped-down and cuter version of snow boots. 

They look much different than snow boots and are meant for milder winter conditions. 

They’re also usually slip-on boots that go mid-calf at most. 

You don’t get any serious insulation with them and not all are waterproof or water-resistant.

But winter boots are still capable of warming your feet. 

The rubber outsoles don’t have deep threads but have enough grip and traction so you won’t slip while walking. 

And because they’re cuter versions, you can find some brands that offer various colors aside from the usual brown and black.