Things don’t always go the way you want it to when it comes to your blog. But the reason I love WordPress is that with the right plugins you can optimize and work on your site with ease.

Honestly there are way too many WordPress plugins out there to choose from. That’s why I have listed the best one’s that I use on my blog.

Having too many plugins installed will slow your site down, so it’s good practice to keep your plugin count under 20. So only install plugins that you need.

So, here are the best plugins that you should be using.


God! How I hate comment spam. For that I use Akismet. It’s an easy to use tool that checks your comments and who they are coming from, filtering out the crap and putting them in the spam folder.

You have the option to have it delete them automatically, or you can review them yourself. This saves you time and headaches, not to mention it’s free to use.

Download it here

Yoast Seo

This tool is a must and the best of its kind. Yoast serves many functions, one being that it helps improve your blog’s seo.

Yoast helps you pick the best keywords to target for organic traffic. readability, internal and external links, meta descriptions and more.

Another feature I love from them is there sitemap. I have tried all in one seo, and Google XML Sitemap and Yoast’s works the best for me.

It also helps you get your Pinterest verified by adding the open graph tags.

Download Yoast here

Social Media Warfare

One of the best social sharing plugins out there is Social Warfare. This tool is fast, will not slow down your site, and makes it easy to for your readers to share your posts. Before this plugin, I was barely getting any shares, but now, my share counts are in the hundreds.

Just because you are able to get traffic to your site does not mean they will share your hard work. Make it easy for them with a great tool.

This is a must have plugin if you plan on using Pinterest for traffic. It lets you control which image and description to share unlike other sharing tools that show a list of images.

This plugin runs at only 2$ and change a month which is worth the price for this tool.

Start using SocialWarfare now


Jetpack provides a lot of powerful features for your site. Everything from a mobile theme, site security, site performance, content tools and many other features.

Another great feature with this tool is it’s traffic stats. It shows detailed tracking of your sites visitors, what they are searching for, where they came from, what links they are clicking on and more.

Download Jetpack here

Contact Form 7

Something I mentioned in my other post of what you should do after installing your WordPress blog is to add a contact page. Because I have a great theme like elegant themes, I use there contact form that comes with their easy to design theme, but before that I used Contact Form 7, it’s lightweight and easy to you. no coding, or complex CSS required.

Download contact form 7 here.

Thrive Leads

If you’ve been around my blog, you will notice I love recommending tools from thrive. They offer a lot of great tools, but today were talking about optin and capturing emails.

Thrive leads provides powerful feature, yet so easy to customize and use. You can A/B test, advance targeting, exit intent, sliders, in line forms; you name it, Thrive Leads does it. I love and highly recommend Thrive leads for email capture.

Start Using Thrive leads

Pretty Link Lite

A great way to make money on your blog is by doing affiliate marketing, but a downside to affiliate marketing is the links they provide. It’s usually long and ugly, making it less likely that your readers will click on it.

Instead of something like

you can shorten it and make it look like this:

This tool is also great for shortening links you add to Instagram. You can track the clicks to see how well it is doing.

Note: Do not shrink amazon affiliate links – it goes against their policy.

Download Pretty Link here

W3 Total Cache

What W3 Total Cache does is increase your pages performance and speed. The many ways it does this is by minify, leveraging browser cache and more.

I use wp rocket, but recommended W3 Total Cache because it’s free and will get you pretty close to wp rocket’s results.

You must have this plugin on your site. This plugin comes highly recommended by others, and having years of experience with it, I also recommend it, be sure that you know what you are doing when setting this up.

Download W3 Total Cache here

WP Smush

Images tell a thousand words, but if they are not optimized, you might as well  not put them up. One of the main causes of a slow site is the image.

A good practice is to optimize your images before you upload them. For that I use Tinypng. Once they have been uploaded to my site, I compress them again. WP Smush does a great job of compressing images for me without losing quality. I have a lot of images and haven’t had the need to get the premium version yet.

Download WP Smush here

Wordfence Security

It’s crucial to keep your site secure. Failure to do this can result in it being hacked and there goes all your hard work. You may not notice it, but your site is being attacked daily, and sooner or later it will happen, that is if you do not secure your site.

To keep it cheap, use Wordfence Security, it’s what I started off on and it did a great job, you can monitor issues in real time to take action right away. Its firewall does a great job of fending off known attackers. I would also suggest setting up Cloudflare also, this will speed your site up and stop threats in their tracks. Configure these properly, so they don’t bud heads.

Download Wordfence here


Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin

Although a great host like Siteground provides automatic backups for me, I thought I would mention this great tool, because I still do manual backups just to be safe.

Updraft Plus is trusted by millions, fast, easy to use and lets you setup automatic backups. You should be backing up your site, this prepares you for whatever may happen, so you don’t end up having to start from scratch.

Download updraft here

Let me know what you think of these great tools or what tools you use that you think should have made the list.