Top Exercises You’re Doing Wrong + How To Fix It

Exercises You Maybe Doing Wrong
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Doing workouts may be one of the best things you can do, but what if you find out you’re doing the exercises in the wrong way? And worse, they’re not helping you achieve the fitness goals you set for yourself!

Well, that’s one way to kill the mood in the gym, but it will also help you correct the wrong and continue your health and fitness journey. Not to mention, doing exercises in the right manner and form keeps you safe from any injury and accident.

In case you’re wondering if you fall in the group of people who usually perform workouts the inappropriate way, here are the top exercises you’re doing wrong.

1. Lunges

The wrong moves:

  • Your torso leaned back when bending your knees
  • Your back knee kept straight while your front knee is bent
  • Your feet stepped too wide forward, not achieving a 90-degree angle

The right way:

Start by standing with a wide stance with bodyweight distributed throughout your legs. Make sure to position one foot in front of the other, the back heel lifted. Bend both knees, dropping your hips straight down. Keep your spine neutral and the front heel firmly planted on the floor to protect your knee.

2. Sit-ups

The wrong moves:

  • Your posture slouched or your back rounded
  • Your chin pulled in toward the chest or your head pushed too forward
  • Going to fast
  • Not breathing throughout the exercise

The right way:

Sit-ups, unlike crunches, requires you to lift your entire back off the floor. When you lie on the mat, make sure to keep your feet planted solidly on the floor and maintain your knees up and prevent them from falling outward. You can cross your arms on the chest or point your fingers to your temples. Don’t forget to raise your body up from the hips until at about 70-degree angle.

3. Squats

The wrong moves:

  • Your posture slouched or your back rounded
  • Your knees falling inward, relaxing a quad muscle

The right way:

When doing squats, it is vital to keep a neutral spine and raised chest. Bend your knees and make sure to keep them pointing straight ahead when lowering your body down and rising from a squat. Remember to press your hips behind as if sitting in a chair.

4. Planks

The wrong moves:

  • Your hands positioned on the ground too far in front of or behind the shoulders
  • Your body sagged or your hips too high from the floor
  • Your abs relaxed or un-engaged

The right way:

Start by lying on your stomach with your hands directly underneath the shoulders. Press your hands into the mat and your heels back to raise your body off the floor, keeping a straight, diagonal line. Make sure you’re activating your core muscles by bracing your abs and squeezing your glutes.

5. Push-ups

The wrong moves:

  • Your body not maintaining a straight line
  • Your hips lifted up in the air
  • Your hands positioned too far in front of or behind the shoulders
  • Your palms placed too close together, unless you’re performing triangle push-ups
  • Your head lifted up or dropped down when lowering your body
  • Attempting to lower your body further down than you can with proper alignment

The right way:

Begin on a high plank position with your hands directly beneath the shoulders. With straight arms and braced abs, lower yourself to the floor until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Regardless of the body part in contact with the floor (whether toes or knees), make sure to keep a straight line with your hips in line with the spine. When lowering down, keep your eyes on the floor without bending your neck, keeping it in line with the spine throughout the exercise. Avoid lowering further down and compromising proper form.

6. Pull-ups

The wrong moves:

  • Your body not lowered down or pulled high enough
  • Swinging the body as a way to create momentum
  • Your core and legs not braced

The right way:

Start by gripping the pull-up bar slightly wider than your shoulders with your hands facing away from you. Pull yourself up until your chin is above the pull-up bar. Hold the position, then gently lower yourself down.

Above anything else, proper form should be a priority when doing workouts. All your fitness goals will be in vain if, at the end of the day, you’re only putting yourself up for injury or accident.

If you find yourself guilty of performing some of these exercises the improper way, take it easy, but don’t forget to challenge yourself to improve your form. Proper form is key to hitting the right muscles and working towards your goals.

Which exercise do you find hard to maintain proper form? We’d like to hear from you!

Doing exercises the wrong way is not helping you achieve your fitness goals! Here are the top exercises you\'re doing wrong & how to fix them right now.


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