Toner Before Or After Clay Mask?

Woman applying clay mask to face
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You can either use your toner before or after your clay mask.

This is because each clay mask has its own ingredients and applying your toner would depend on the components of the clay mask you are using.

For me, I always do proper research about the clay mask I use so I know when to apply my toner.

And I firmly believe that all ladies should do that too.

That’s why I have prepared this post to help ladies learn if you should apply your toner before or after clay mask.

When Should You Apply Toner?

Using Toner Before Clay Mask

We all know that your toner can help you with a few things.

For one, your toner can help cleanse your skin and restore your skin’s hydration.

Toners can also offer natural benefits for your skin, and balance the pH level on your skin.

But aside from those, your toner can also be used as a great primer.

Not all women know this fact but yes, your toner can indeed be a great mask primer.

This is because your toner can help prepare your skin for whatever benefits your clay mask can give..

Make sure to look for clay masks that seep into your pores and battle blackheads and acne.

Or you can also use clay masks that rejuvenate your skin.

The toner will help these ingredients penetrate deeper into your sin and will give greater effects.

Applying toner before your clay mask, would help get rid of irritated skin and other excess oils.

This is especially great for ladies who have sensitive skin and want to try out using clay masks.

Applying your toner before your clay mask can also prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your skin.

Using Toner After Clay Mask

Now, most women would think applying your toner after your clay mask would be crucial.

But actually, spraying your face with a little bit of toner after your clay mask is a very underrated step.

In fact, using your toner after your clay mask can give you a lot of benefits.

When you apply your toner after your clay mask, it would help with restoring your skin’s hydration.

What’s more, is that your toner can also saturate your skin and soothe it right after using a heavy-duty mask.

These cases happen for women who have very sensitive skin.

Applying a toner after using your mask can help add a soothing effect to your reddened skin.

This can also help prevent further irritation to your skin.

Another great thing about applying your toner after your clay mask?

It can help make your skin absorb your serums and moisturizers.

And the best thing about your toner is that it can help prevent any dirt or irritants from getting into your skin.

Should You Apply Clay Mask To Wet Or Dry Skin?

Most clay masks work exceptionally well with dry skin.

But other clay masks work well with damp skin.

Of course, it would still depend on the instructions of the clay mask you are using.

So make sure to always read the instructions of your clay mask before using it.

Proper Skincare Routine Structure

Are you still not sure how you should order your skincare routine?

Here’s the right procedure to make your skincare routine a success.


Skincare products would be best applied to clean and dirt-free skin.

What’s more, is that these skincare products would have the best effects if you apply them to skin that is oil-free and without dirt.

So the first thing you should always do to start with your skincare routine is to wash your face.

You can use your facial cleanser to prep your skin and wash away dirt and other excess oils from your skin.

Make sure to use warm water when rinsing off your cleanser.

This is to help your pores open up so they can absorb your other skincare products well.


Applying toner before your clay mask would be a great help to make sure that your skin would absorb all the great benefits of your clay mask.

Make sure to apply your toner on your damp skin to maximize its hydrating effects and to also keep all its good benefits.

Clay Masks

Now, after a while, you can proceed to apply your clay mask to your face.

Always remember to read the instructions of your clay mask to see if you should apply it on dry or wet skin.

If it needs to be applied to dry skin, wait for a few minutes before your skin absorbs your toner until it’s dry enough.

But if it needs to be applied on damp skin, then proceed to apply your clay mask after you have applied your toner.


After you rinse off your clay mask or peel it off from your skin, it’s time for you to use your serum.

Serums are skincare products that contain a higher percentage of vitamins and glycolic acid

It also has other benefits than your moisturizer.

Your serums are often applied to make sure that your skin absorbs the right vitamins and minerals it needs.


And to give your skincare routine an awesome ending, apply your moisturizer afterwards.

Your moisturizer can keep your skin looking hydrated, fresh, and youthful even while you are asleep.

This can also make sure that your skin is protected from dirt and bacteria even while you are sleeping.

Moisturizers are a great product to keep your skin protected.

It also helps in keeping all the benefits of your skincare products stay on your skin.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Toner And Clay Mask?

You should apply your toner and your clay mask after taking a shower.

When you take a shower, your skin is not just clean but it is also extra soft and accepting.

That’s why it is best to apply your toner and clay mask during this time so your skin can absorb nutrients much better.