The Best Fast Food Survival Guide

The Best Fast Food Survival Guide
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Fast foods are the number one in the food chain in terms of demand, availability, and pricing. However, it is also one of the top reasons that cause or encourages an unhealthy diet.

Of course, since you are reading this, because you are probably thinking it is one of those ‘best fast food salads for weight loss’ type of articles but it’s not. This is a different approach on ones take on fast foods.

Let’s face it since fast foods are convenient due to their availability and pricing, there will be times wherein you will be stuck with only having fast food as your meal option.

But of course, we are here to provide you with tips on how to handle these types of situations without ruining your healthy diet.

Fast food on health

Before we begin with those tips, let’s start things off in knowing how fast food affects your health, maybe through this, you will be reminded every now and then as to why you chose the healthy lifestyle in the first place.


It’s no surprise that obesity would be one of the major effects of fast food on health.

Other than being affordable and mouth-watering, fast foods are also served in large amounts, causing larger consumption of calories, carbs, and sugar, and as mentioned, it tastes so good as well, you might be distracted and not be aware of what or how much of these contents and ingredients are packed in every serving, let alone what you are putting in your body.

And when you have too much of these contents, it can lead to a dramatic rise in your cholesterol, blood sugar, and many others, which might lead to health complications.

Increase of risk in health conditions

There are a variety of diseases which you can develop over time if you eat too much fast food. Below are some examples of these diseases.

1. Cardiovascular disease

Eating fast food too frequently, or having no control over it can cause a lot of complications to your cardiovascular system, this happens due to the large amount of sodium, calories, and carbs that fast food contains.

Having too much causes an increase in cholesterol and high blood pressure which then makes one prone to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and many others.

2. Complications in the digestive system

Because it is hard for our digestive system to process fast foods, this slows down our digestion, causing bloatedness, in addition to this, if food is not digested within the proper time frame our digestion system becomes a breeding place for harmful bacteria.

3. Mental distress

Even fast foods can affect our mental state of mind.

According to a study conducted between a comparison of fruit and fast food consumption, those who are more inclined to eat fruits showed a lowered level of mental distress due to fruits being rich in antioxidants, rather than those who preferred fast food who showed higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Decline energy levels

It’s pretty simple how this happens since junk foods don’t really have a priority in promoting good health and rather just on making sure their contents and foods are safe, it is safe to assume that junk foods lack nutrients which are essential for everyday activities.

So these are the few impacts that fast food has on one’s health, now let’s get into how you can maintain and not break your healthy diet if you are only left with fast food as your only meal option.

Fast Food Survival Guide



If salads are on the menu, go for it.

Yes, you can’t really say that a salad from a fast food chain in nutritious. However, it’s like this, out of all the healthy foods that you are stuck with, it’s the healthiest one.

Just make sure to avoid sides in your salads which can contribute to the unhealthy factor, such as salad dressings, bacon, and others.

Avoid ‘meal deals’ or ‘value meals’

It can be quite tempting to not order those ‘meal deals’ especially when there is a long list to choose from.

We don’t really need to tell you much about how meal deals and value meals is such a convenient choice for consumers. However, to make sure we’re both on the same page, here’s how meal deals can be a bad option for this situation.

Meal deals offer a variety of foods in your plate, not to mention they even come in larger servings, with this you can already grasp the idea that a single meal deal could mean a large consumption of unhealthy foods.

Drink water

Although it might seem like a waste since fast foods offer a very cheap price for sodas, it is also for this very reason why you should drink water instead.

Cheap sodas with bigger servings mean bigger consumption and it might even tempt you for seconds or refills.

At least even with just the beverage, go for the healthier one.

Customize it all the way

If you are in a fast food chain wherein you get to pick the contents of your meal, then we suggest that you customize it as much as you can.

Remove the excessive dressings, go for a smaller patty or a fish patty even, fill it up with greens, whatever you like, you decide.

Maybe this way you will be able to make a healthy burger.

Kiddie meal

Yes, you read that right, go back to the good old times and order yourself a kiddie meal.

It might seem silly but it’s actually one of the best ways you can eat healthy even with fast food. Why is that? Well smaller portions, cheaper price, and variation.

So basically, it’s like a meal deal but with a smaller intake of the bad stuff.


So there you have it when faced in a dilemma and you’re only provided with fast food as an option, you can use these tips to lessen the unhealthy intake.

There will always be a way out of a problem, but in instances wherein you only have one option, conduct a wise judgment and make the best choice.

We hope this article was helpful to you, and in the instance you find yourself in a situation similar to this one you will be able to use the tips we have provided. Likewise, should you know anyone who frequently faces this dilemma or has the same inquiry and is looking for a solution, don’t hesitate to share this with them.


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