Taping Breasts (Easy Guide for Women)

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If you have heard of taping breasts but aren’t quite sure what it entails, tried to tape your breasts and it hasn’t worked out as you expected, or even if you are simply curious as to why women tape their breasts, this article is for you! 

I am going to break down everything you need to know about taping breasts so you can understand this seemingly strange tactic, including how to successfully tape your own breasts, what tape to use, and how to safely remove it. 

Before we get into the “how” and the step-by-step directions on breast taping, let’s talk about the “why” you may want to do it yourself! 

Why Tape Your Breasts?

While of course, there are quite a few options for bras these days, many women feel as though breast tape is a better option, not only for style but also for comfort. 

Let’s find out the most popular reasons women have reported taping their breasts, and I’m guessing, some or even all of these benefits are going to appeal to you too!

Taping Breasts Provides Freedom

The major difference between bras and breast tape is that tape is completely adjustable, meaning it can make your boobs into any shape you could desire, and hold them firmly in place.

 This freedom is pretty amazing, especially if you have a certain outfit that has no bra suits. 

This also means that you can choose how much cleavage you would like to show and adjust the tape to either promote or contain your breasts (we will learn more about how to use tape to adjust just how much of your boobs are seen in just a bit!)

You Get to Skip the Underwire

Bras have come a long way but for some reason, most of them are still widely uncomfortable.

As women, we have often been told that this horrible underwiring and too-tight straps are because our breasts need the support. 

But what if I was to tell you that breast tape provides the same amount of support and is exceptionally more comfortable? 

You might not believe me, but once you get yourself the right tape (which I will tell you all about shortly) and use it properly, you might never go back to a regular bra again!

No More Buying the Wrong Size

Have you all noticed that sizes have become overwhelmingly frustrating

A 36B at one store may be just barely too big, while a 38C in another store, or even in a different style, is too snug. 

Instead of trying on every bra in the store, or begrudgingly sending back yet another bra that doesn’t fit to Amazon, it may be time to try taping your breasts!

Breast tape is one size fits all, as it contours to your body depending entirely on how you want to use it. 

No Embarrassing Bra Lines or Straps

Taping breasts is what women have always wanted, invisible lingerie! 

Gone are the days of annoying bra straps with your strapless dress, or an ugly hook showing in an otherwise beautiful backless gown. 

Even if you are simply sick of your bra being the wrong color under your t-shirt, breast tape might be for you!

You literally cannot see breast tape under your clothes, making it a great option for support that won’t wreck your outfit. 

Taping Breasts Makes Them Look Great!

No matter if your breasts are small, large, or anywhere in between, tape can create the perfect cleavage and shape that will make you feel sexy and confident. 

Now all of this does sound pretty great, and instead of asking yourself why tape your breasts, you might be thinking why not tape your breasts?

But before you go ahead and order your breast tape, there are a few more things you should know. 

Does Breast Tape Really Work?

It’s always a bit tricky to decide on a product based on its reviews. 

Of course, there will always be some people who claim taping breasts is pure magic and others who report that it hurts and rips off easily.

So does breast tape really work? And more importantly, will it work for you? 

Well, you can’t really know if it will work for your breasts until you try it yourself, but I can tell you that from my personal experience, and from the hundreds of women who have reported online, breast tape really does work! 

Even if you have larger breasts, taping them can still provide all the support of a standard bra, but with all the added benefits we have already talked about! 

It’s important to note that not all breast tape is made equal, in fact, there are some brands that certainly do not work, while others literally do not have a bad review. 

What Kind of Tape to Use for Breasts?

Although taping breasts has been around for some time, the demand for breast tape has skyrocketed since the incredibly famous fashionista Kim Kardashian told the world that breast tape is what she uses under her amazing outfits that make her boobs look oh so desirable. 

Now, there are a variety of different types of breast tape available, some are actually made for this purpose while others have been repurposed. 

When it comes to getting the right tape to use for your breasts, it needs to have a strong adhesive while still being easy to remove. 

It needs to be strong enough to support the weight of your breasts but also light enough to be invisible under your clothing, and more than anything, it needs to be comfortable. 

While this kind of sounds like a lot to ask of tape, some types of tape can literally do it all!

  • Gaffer Tape. My favorite, and Kim’s favorite, is not even technically tape to use for breasts! Gaffer tape is actually a home improvement tool that has become one of the best options for boob tape!

    The best part about gaffer tape is that it is incredibly strong and you can be sure your breasts will never slip out of place.

    The worst part? It can cause irritation if you have more sensitive skin. If you are planning on using it on your nipples, you will definitely want to invest in nipple covers.
  • Athletic Tape. You may already have some athletic tape laying around the house! It’s often used to treat sports injuries, but now it can have a whole new purpose as tape for your breasts!

    The tape was created to be applied directly to the skin, so you shouldn’t have any irritation at all, even if you have more sensitive skin.

    While it’s not quite as strong as gaffer, it should still be strong enough to hold breasts of all sizes.

As a woman with large breasts, they just don’t have enough strength to hold the girls in place!

However, they do have a few positive attributes; they are usually pre-cut and are easy to throw in your purse if you need an extra bit of stick throughout the night and they are painless to remove!

If you have smaller breasts or you simply don’t need your boobs glued down or up or whichever way you want them, fashion tape could be the right choice for you!

Can I Use Duct Tape on my Breasts?

I’m going to answer this one right away so you keep your skin, no you cannot use duct tape on your breasts!

You may have seen it in movies or even heard your friend tell you that it worked great for her, but please, for the sake of your skin, know that the answer is a firm no. 

Now it may seem contradictory that I recommended gaffer tape, which is used for similar home improvement projects as duct tape, but it’s simply made of a different adhesive and is a much better option. 

How to Use Breast Tape

Now that you know what breast tape can do for your boobs, and your comfort, as well as which tape you should (and should not) use, let’s find out how to actually use breast tape. 

The actual taping process depends completely on the type of top or dress you plan on wearing once the tape is in place. 

While every outfit is slightly different, we are going to step through the two most popular breast tape styles so you know how to tape the right way. 

Clean and Dry Your Breasts

No matter the outfit, you should always start with clean dry breasts. 

Although it may be tempting to moisturize your entire body after the shower, you should really skip the breasts! As well as your shoulders, under your breasts, on your back, or anywhere the tape is going to stick to. 

Natural oils can also make the adhesive less effective, so a shower and a towel dry is highly recommended. 

How to Tape for a Strapless or Backless Outfit

For most body types, you should cut several 13-inch strips (if you are slightly smaller, you may need to measure around your breasts so the tape doesn’t show in a backless dress).

Begin by taping the strips across the body underneath the breasts and working your way up until you have covered them and secured them into place. 

This way of taping breasts will also lift and increase your cleavage, so make sure to try this tactic on with your outfit of choice if it’s for a special occasion, your boobs will probably sit differently than they would in a regular bra. 

How to Tape for a Low Cut Outfit

Once again, you can use the standard 13-inch strip option, or to be sure, you can measure from under your breast to just over your shoulder. 

Start on the outside of your boob, the side closest to your arm, and place the beginning of the strip of tape underneath the breast.

Pull the breast into your desired position, and then take the piece of tape and bring it up over your shoulder. 

Continue this process working inwards towards the center of your body from each side. 

Before you begin taping, you may want to use a little lipstick to let yourself know when your neckline begins so that you don’t have to keep trying on your outfit along the way, or worse, you tape too far in and you can see it after you get dressed!

There are several other designs and variations that you can take when taping your breasts, but the general rules remain the same. 

Remember clean and dry skin is a must. 

I also recommend putting your hair up and out of the way, using nipple covers, and making sure that the tape is neither too tight nor too loose (your boobs will let you know either way.) 

How to Remove Breast Tape 

If you have been thinking to yourself throughout this post, this all sounds great, but won’t it hurt to take off?! 

I’m not going to lie to you, it isn’t comfortable, but if done right, it also isn’t painful. 

Slow and steady definitely wins the race here, so don’t try ripping off your breast tape like a band-aid. 

Take off one strip at a time from one side to the other with a gentle touch. 

To help make the process go even smoother, I have a secret tip: you can put a little baby oil or moisturizer around the edges of the tape to soften it. This can also be a great way to soothe the skin if it has become slightly irritated!

Where to Buy Breast Tape

Now you know pretty much everything there is to know about taping breasts. 

Finding breast tape is actually one of the easiest steps in taping your breasts. 

As we learned, you can use gaffer tape, athletic tape, or fashion tape (but never duct tape) and all of these options are available on Amazon. 

I even put the links in there for you so they are truly just a click away!

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