Sperm Eyebrows – How To Fix Sperm Eyebrows

woman plucking sperm eyebrows
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Sperm eyebrows occur if your inner brow has a round and large shape and thins out as it reaches your temples.

The best way to fix your sperm eyebrows is to create an illusion of having thicker eyebrows by filling them yourself.

In this article, I am going to show you how to fix your sperm eyebrows and show you a few tricks on how to avoid having them.

Causes Of Sperm Shaped Eyebrows

Sperm shaped eyebrows or also called “tadpole brows” is a classic 90s look for the ladies.

Today, when you go to your local salon, you can’t just simply ask for sperm shaped eyebrows.

Sperm eyebrows occur when you don’t take care of your brows properly.

Eyebrows that are shaped like this are most likely the result of improper shaping or plucking too much eyebrow hair.

Now it’s understandable that every woman wants that natural and beautiful-looking arch.

But somehow, as you try to achieve that look, you keep on plucking or shaving until the arch gets thinner and thinner.

This may sound like a big problem.

But don’t you worry because there are ways to fix it.

How To Fix Sperm Eyebrows

Now that you “accidentally” gave yourself sperm eyebrows, it’s time for you to fix it.

As stressing it may be, there is a way to hide your sperm eyebrows.

This is by giving yourself thick and natural-looking brows by filling them in.

I know this may sound tiresome and hard, especially for ladies who are not used to filling their eyebrows for themselves.

But trust me, once you learn how to do it yourself, you will realize how easy it is!

Steps To Fill In Sperm Eyebrows

Consider Eyebrow Brush

Use an eyebrow brush to comb your brows. 

Make sure to brush your eyebrows upwards to give them the right lift.

Do not brush it aggressively or you will make your brows stand straight.

Fill In Your Brows

For this part, you will need an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows.

I suggest using lighter-colored eyebrow pencils instead of immediately using black or darker tones.

This will make sure that you get the right color and shape for your eyebrows.

And if you ever make mistakes, it’s easier to blend and hide your lighter-colored pencils.

Now, start at the edge of your brows where the head of your sperm eyebrows is.

Gently apply short and soft strokes from the head towards the direction of your hair.

After that, you can start filling in the gaps from the head of your sperm brows going to its tail.

Make sure to give enough volume and texture towards the gap.

Also, remember not to apply too much eyebrow pencil on the head of the tail.

This will only make your sperm brows stand out and more pronounced.

Blend The Tail

Now that you have filled in the gaps and given enough volume and shape on the ‘tail’, it’s time for you to blend the colors.

Make sure to blend the color of your eyebrow pencil to give more natural-looking brows.

I suggest using diagonal strokes when you are filling out the gaps from the head towards the tail.

Once you are done with giving your brows the arch that you want, you can now give it its final extension at the end.

Darken Your Brows

If you are already satisfied with the shape and the arch of your eyebrows, you can start giving it more color.

Use darker shades of eyebrow pencils so you can give yourself natural-looking brows.

And finally, you can now say goodbye to your sperm eyebrows.

How To Avoid Having Sperm Eyebrows

Before you accidentally give yourself sperm eyebrows, it’s still best to know how to avoid having them.

Prepare Your Materials

Before you start, make sure that you have everything you need.

In fact, the materials needed would only be yourself, a mirror, tweezers, and very good lighting.

Most women use a mirror with light bulbs or LED lights to make sure that they can see everything on their faces.

You also have to make sure to tie or pin back your hair so it won’t fall on your face while you are doing your brows.

Also, decide what shape you want your brows to have before starting.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face with warm water will help soothe your skin and your hair follicles.

Warm water can also help relax your hair, making it easier to pluck them out.

Once done, dry yourself with a soft face towel.

You can also use a light toner for your eyebrows before you start plucking them.

Although it is not that necessary it can help you achieve cleaner skin.

Know Which Area To Pluck

Before you start with the plucking, make sure you know which area to pluck.

This will also help you avoid plucking the area that you will need for your brows.

You can use a white eyeliner pen to mark the area that you will remove.

Or you can use your white eyeliner pen to shape your desired brow shape and start removing the area outside the shape.

Whatever method you choose, always check your mirror and make sure that both brows have symmetrical shapes.

Start Tweezing Your Brows

After marking the area you want to remove, you can now start plucking your eyebrow hair by using your tweezers.

Hold your skin tightly and remove the hairs below the arch.

If you are plucking your hair, make sure to go as low as possible to reach the base of your hair.

This will help you pluck the roots of the hair as well.

It can also help avoid breaking the hair while its base stays rooted in your skin.

When plucking, make sure to pull the hair in the direction of your hair growth.

Pulling it in the opposite direction can cause bumps and irritation.

I suggest plucking the same areas in both brows before moving to another section.

This will make it easier for you to have symmetrical brows.

Start with the arch and once you’re done giving your brows the right arch, you can start plucking from the top.

Remember to only remove the hair that needs to go.

Polish Your Brows

After plucking the areas that need to be removed in both brows, you can start cleaning it off.

I suggest plucking the hair in the middle of both brows to give yourself a much cleaner look.

Stray hairs can also be distracting and not pleasing to look at.

This will also give more definition to the shape of your brows.

Soothe Your Brows

Using a cleansing toner, soothe your brows to avoid getting them irritated.

This can help you avoid having bumps and weird-looking brows.

How To Permanently Fix Sperm Eyebrows

I know tweezing and plucking your eyebrows may sound painful.

What’s more is that it takes up lots of your time, patience, and effort.

Plucking your eyebrows may help you avoid having sperm eyebrows.

But once the hair starts to grow back, you will have to repeat the process – which is tiresome.

So, to avoid making that much effort, you can also try using an alternative method to avoid having sperm eyebrows.

What’s more, is that this method can also help you permanently avoid sperm eyebrows forever.

Consider Microblading

Microblading is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

In fact, lots of ladies are trying out this technique just to avoid having sperm eyebrows.

Microblading is a technique where a professional will help you achieve fuller and thicker-looking brows.

This eyebrow treatment uses micro-pigmentation to give your brows the right arch and shape.

What’s more, is that using this method is pretty safe since a professional will do everything for you.

It may sound a little expensive but it can save you lots of time and effort.

Powder Brows

Powder brows are similar to microblading but it is more permanent than the latter.

This eyebrow treatment is also a little bit like tattooing where thousands of small pigments are inserted into your skin.

These pigments will be layered into your brows while giving them the shape and the arch that you want.