10 Skirt With Boots Ideas

Skirt With Boots
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It’s no doubt that the jeans and sneakers combo is considered one of our go-to outfits.

But as a woman, I also have my favorite combinations.

Personally, I love the skirt with boots outfit idea the most since it gives me a  very classy and elegant look.

What’s more is that skirts can fit with any occasion as long as you know what top to match with it.

And a pair of boots would level up whatever look you are trying to achieve.

This is the reason why they make such a great combo.

10 Skirt With Boots Ideas

As I mentioned earlier, the skirt with boots outfit can give me a super chic and classy look.

This outfit is perfect for almost every casual and formal setup.

Check out the list I made to give yourself some skirt with boots ideas to try.

Tank top

A fitted tank top match with a pair of boots and your maxi skirt? Yes, please.

This combination is always one of my favorites when going out for brunch or hanging out with friends.

Wearing a fitted tank top with a maxi skirt can give you such a breezy and feminine look.

Completing this outfit with a pair of ankle boots can give a very stylish accent to your overall appearance.

This wardrobe choice is perfect for warmer weather, especially during summer.

And since your tank top can expose most of your skin, opt for light jewelry so you don’t overdo your attire.

A gold or silver necklace would be enough to go with your look.


Do you want to give your casual look a rock-n-roll and edgier accent?

Then try wearing a denim shirt plus a leather skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

This outfit choice would be best worn during your next girl’s night out or a casual brunch with your friends.

You can even wear this outfit when attending your favorite artist’s concert.

This would give you a perfect fun and stylish look that can easily stand out from the crowd.

You can also complete this attire with gold jewelry to maximize your rock-n-roll vibes.


Skirts and turtleneck shirts are always a classic pair.

And they are mostly accompanied by a pair of boots.

This fashion staple is always “in” no matter what era it is.

What’s more, is that this overall outfit choice is always trendy during almost every season.

If you want to look chic and classy, wear a leather mini skirt with a fitted turtleneck shirt that hugs your body perfectly.

You can complete this look with thigh high boots with stiletto heels to create the sexiest version of yourself.

You can also wear your long-sleeved turtleneck tucked inside your midi or maxi skirt to give yourself feminine and elegant appearance.

Matching this with combat or Timberland boots would be perfect during the fall and winter seasons.

Such an outfit would look perfect when accessorized with light jewelry too.


Sweaters when worn with skirts can create a very cozy and comfortable appearance for any woman.

But when you complete this outfit with a pair of boots, ankle boots to be precise, it can create such an elegant vibe.

This outfit idea is perfect for the ladies who love to show off their most stylish side during the colder seasons.

So bring out those beautiful sweaters hiding inside your closet and style them up with your skirts.

You will never regret this wardrobe match ever.

Just be careful with the jewelry you will use to accessorize this outfit so you wouldn’t overdo your whole look.


If you are a lady who loves to keep it professional and stylish, wear your skirt with a blazer and boots.

Boots are classy and elegant and they can easily level up the look of any skirt.

Now matching this outfit with a blazer can create a very smart and organized version of yourself.

For the ladies who like to give off a mature and sophisticated look, this type of combo would best fit you.

Wearing some pearl earrings and gold jewelry would complete this look.


For the perfect cool kid and stylish look, opt for your leather jackets and skirt.

Any top would look super classy when you topped it with a leather jacket.

Now if you decide to wear your skirt with this one, you would surely love the outcome.

What’s more amazing is that you can wear this whole wardrobe choice with any type of boots to create such a beautiful and fashionable look.

Leather jackets and mini skirts paired with thigh high or knee high boots would look delightfully chic and sexy.

A leather jacket and a midi skirt would also look exceptionally stylish and breezy with a pair of combat boots.

Crop top

Since summer is just around the corner, it’s time to shop for some crop tops.

Crop top shirts are super trendy during the warmer months, especially during summer.

It’s perfect for the ladies who want to show off their feminine and sexier sides.

And when you pair this with a skirt, you would surely look super feminine and cute.

Boots would also give this outfit choice a bold and adventurous look.

Fitted crop tops plus a mini skirt would look super lovely with ankle boots.

You can wear this with your choker necklace and a sling bag to add some effect to your whole attire.

Long coats

Long coats can also add a dramatic effect to your mini skirt and boots combo.

This type of apparel is mostly worn during formal events where you want to stay low-key and laid-back.

This can also add a more sophisticated and smart look to your whole attire, creating such a professional aura for you.

But you can also wear long coats with a skirt and a pair of boots if it’s too chilly when you’re hanging out with friends.

It won’t just give you warmth but also a very stylish vibe.


Peplum top would look best when worn together with a pencil skirt.

This is mostly worn by women who love to appear chic and elegant with their skirts and boots combo.

A peplum top and pencil skirt idea can easily take you from formal meetings to romantic dates with just a snap of your fingers.

That’s how versatile this wardrobe choice is.

And since peplum tops have enough effect on them, light jewelry would best fit this whole outfit.

Lace top

Lace tops when worn with a skirt and boots would create a very stylish and fabulous combo for any lady.

You can wear it during the warmer and colder seasons.

That’s how versatile this outfit combo is.

If you have a mini skirt, you can wear it together with a sleeveless lace top.

Completing this outfit with peep-toe boots with block heels would look super striking.

For the ladies who are planning to wear their pencil skirt with ankle boots, I suggest topping it with a lace blouse.

Just like your peplum top, this wardrobe idea can give you an elegant and polished look.

You can accessorize this with light jewelry as well to keep your outfit looking smooth.