40+ Sites That Pay You (To Do Things You’re Already Doing For Free)

Sites That Pay You
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According to statistics, Americans now spend an average of 22.5 hours per week online. That’s almost an entire day!

That being said, it can’t be denied that the internet has now become an extension of the real world and people are turning their attention online for things that they could also do offline such as grocery shopping, buying trendy clothes, socializing, and even going to work.

By signing up for the right sites, you can take advantage of your online activities and make money for virtually everything that you’re already doing.

Here are a few examples:

Sites that pay for answering surveys

When you search for ways on how to make money online, I’m pretty sure you’ll come across completing surveys, and for good reason.

Paid online surveys don’t require a lot of thinking and often don’t take long to finish. So, if you’re on a break, or commuting, or waiting in line, or basically on any downtime, you can ease your boredom with surveys and earn some extra moola while you’re at it.

These are some of the best ones:

Swagbucks and InboxDollars

These are two different companies but because they offer pretty much the same opportunities, I like to talk about them together.

Apart from completing surveys, you can earn extra cash from both of these by either shopping online, playing their games, watching videos, and a few other options. In my opinion, this makes them both two of the easier (if not the easiest) sites to earn extra cash.  

The difference, however, is that Swagbucks doesn’t have a minimum payout requirement while InboxDollars requires you to have at least $30 in your account.

Family-friendly surveys

Family-friendly survey sites make it possible for the entire family to answer surveys which, to me, makes them great avenues to use bonding times for easy money.

I suggest trying sites from C + R research and Panelpolls.

Specifically, C + R research has:

While Panelpolls has:

Kids Projects is basically a branch of Panelpolls. Children, teenagers, and adults are all welcome.

Surveys and sweepstakes

The truth is that surveys don’t make all that money. Luckily though, some survey sites have sweepstakes where you can win an easy $1000 to $10,000 for simply staying active. Some of these sites include:

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is pretty much all about completing surveys for points. Like other paid survey sites, these points can then be used to redeem cash or rewards. With Opinion Outpost, however, you get the chance to exchange your points for entries to their sweepstakes where you can win an easy 10,000 bucks.

Nielsen Digital Voice

First of all, you’ll need to register and install their app on your phone. For simply surfing the web, you can be considered an “active” member but you will also occasionally receive prompts to complete surveys.

For being “active”, you automatically earn an entry to their sweepstakes where you have the chance to win $1000 dollars every month. 

Harris Poll Online

For completing surveys, Harris Poll Online rewards its members with gift cards, not cash.

Bummer, I know, but the great part is that every time you complete a survey or even get disqualified, you earn an entry to their quarterly sweepstakes where you can win up to $10,000.

Now, do keep in mind that the chances of winning the sweepstakes in any of these sites are slim but, personally, if there’s even the slightest possibility where I can win that much money FOR FREE, I’m taking it—and I think you should too.

MindsPay and Vindale Research

I’m grouping these two together because, as far as I know, these two have a reputation for being among the highest paying survey sites out there.

With MindsPay, in particular, you also earn money from your referrals. When they cash out, you earn 10% of what they do.

On the other hand, Vindale Research has surveys that pay up to $50 per completion. That’s a lot! Moreover, you also earn $5 for every referral and another $5 for sending them a picture or video of you with your earnings from Vindale. 

SurveySavvy and Savvy Connect

Speaking of referrals, Survey Savvy is another site you might want to try. You can get incentives every time your referrals complete surveys, and when your referrals’ referrals complete their surveys, you earn money from them too!

Savvy Connect, on the other hand, is a part of SurveySavvy’s program. When you install the Savvy Connect app on your devices and surf the web on those devices, you automatically get paid $5 each month for every device (maximum of 3).

Other great survey sites you can try

The list above includes a few of my favorite paid survey sites but there are other great ones out there, including:

Before we move on, I recommend signing up for as many of these survey sites as possible.  These sites have a limited number of surveys per month and even if there’s plenty, you won’t qualify for them all. Therefore, by signing up for as much as possible, you increase the pool of surveys you can take and, consequently, your chances of making money.

Sites that pay you to shop (cashback/coupons)

If you already do your shopping online, you can shave a portion off your bill through cashback and coupons. There are a lot of websites that offer these opportunities, too, so there’s really no shortage of options.

The way these sites work is pretty much the same way but they also do have their variations.

Basically though, you shop through their portal, their app, or their browser extension and earn cashback or get discounts from coupons.

Here are a few of my favorite ones to use:

ShopAtHome and MyPoints

From the same company that brought you Swagbucks and InboxDollars, Prodege, LLC also brings you ShopAtHome and MyPoints.

Both sites work pretty much the same way too. Simply use their website to shop at over 2000 retailers, they apply promo codes and deals, and there you have it—cash back!

The difference, however, is that ShopAtHome earns you cash while MyPoints earns you points (which you can redeem for cash anyway, so it’s really not much of a difference). Also, both sites offer $10 signing bonuses when you spend a minimum of $25 (ShopAtHome) or $20 (MyPoints).

Mr. Rebates

With Mr. Rebates, you have three options to earn cash back—either through their website, their app, or their “Quick Cash” browser extension. Either way, you get the same cash back deals.

Make sure you’re logged in before you purchase anything though so the cashback gets credited to your account.


Like Mr. Rebates, Extrabux has a browser extension that makes it easier for you to use their cashback deals but you can also shop through their website. Also, they’re affiliated with 7000+ stores so they have a huge catalog.

What I really like about them, however, are their bonuses. For simply signing up, you get $20. Also, you get an additional $5 bonus for every $25 cashback you earn.


Speaking of huge catalogs, CouponCactus is partnered with nearly 19,000 stores! Not only that, here, you can combine cashback and coupons for even more savings.


From my perspective, Ibotta seems to be one of the most popular cashback tools today. It also allows you to earn cash back by shopping online or in store, which sets it apart from other sites.

First, you need to download and install their app. Next, pick a retailer you want to shop at and find the things you want to buy. Add those things to “My Offers”, go shopping, upload a pic of your receipt, and voila—cash back!

Other cash back sites

For both, simply shop through their website and you’re good to go.

Sites that pay you for mystery shopping

In line with cashback and coupon sites, there are also those that pay you to be a mystery shopper. Basically, your job will be gathering specific information set by the people who hire you. This can range from rating products and services, finding out if the place of business is following regulations, or taking quality pictures.

Oh, and this isn’t just about shopping for clothes or groceries either. You can mystery shop for restaurants, car sales, hospitals, and basically any place of business.

Of course, most companies will reimburse you for whatever you buy. If not, then just make sure you’re not spending more than you earn.

Overall, I think mystery shopping is a great way to get paid for visiting new places. 

That being said, check these sites out:

I’ve done my research on all these sites and from what I gather, Second To None seems to have a slight edge when it comes to how their shoppers experience their jobs. So, if you want to get into mystery shopping, I recommend trying this company out first.

Sites that pay for surfing the internet

Completing surveys and shopping are easy, sure, but you know what’s easier?


You read that right. You get paid for simply using the internet. It really is that easy. Check these out:


Uh-huh, Swagbucks. The same site that pays you to complete surveys also pays you to use the internet. Well, that is if you use their Yahoo! powered search engine.


Qmee has a free browser app that allows you to search online and earn cash rewards.

Not only that, Qmee is also a solid paid survey and cashback site with no minimum cash out requirements.

Microsoft Rewards

This is one of Microsoft’s ways to urge people into using their products. Specifically, Bing and Microsoft Edge.

You need to be signed in to your Microsoft account before you can earn but once that’s done, you can search through Bing and earn points or earn even more when you search through Microsoft Edge.

Sites that pay for installing an app

I’ve already mentioned one, Savvy Connect, but there are a couple more that I recommend you try.

Smart Panel

Ran by Verto Analytics, Smart Panel is an app that you download and install on your devices to earn points and sweepstakes entries.

Basically, the app runs in the background and collects data on how you use your device, apps, websites, and services. This data is then shared to their respective companies to help make them better.

For that, you earn $5 every month and possibly earn even more if you participate in surveys. Also, they have a monthly sweepstakes that could get you as much as $100 just for staying active. 


Like Smart Panel, you get paid to install the MobileXpression app on your phone so they can track how you use the internet.

Sites that pay you to test websites

Don’t you have thoughts on how some websites could have been better? Like, maybe if Facebook had this feature, or if Instagram had that feature, or if Youtube could still play music when minimized, for example.

Well, do you want to get paid for those opinions?

Then you’re in luck because with testing sites, you absolutely can! The best part is that they usually pay better than surveys and don’t take too long to finish either (on average, probably $10 for 15 minutes of work).

However, you might need a microphone because you likely need to say your thoughts out loud so they can record your audio, as well as what you’re doing on screen. If the moderator wants to see you, you’ll need a camera for that too.

If you want to try this out, here’s a short list of my top picks:


There are more sites like these out there but these are my favorite ones. They’re legit, they’re easy, and most importantly, they pay. So, if you’re looking to make extra money for things you’re already doing, these are what I suggest you try first.

That being said, when you scour the internet for more options, do use common sense and do trust your instincts. There are a lot of scams out there so if anything seems unusual, don’t risk it. 

Also, if this helped you in any way, let your friends know! Share it with them so we can help them too. 

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