Should you wear mascara on bottom lashes?

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Vintage beauty trends are making a comeback. 

This includes bushy brows and brightly colored eyeshadows. Even glossy lipsticks are back in trend. 

These makeup techniques seem worth trying, but how about applying mascara on the bottom lashes? 

Although applying mascara on your bottom lashes can give you a bold look and make your eyes pop, it can give the opposite effect for some women.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the reasons you should or should not wear mascara on your bottom lashes

what does mascara on bottom lashes do

Applying and wearing mascara on your bottom lashes can quickly define and enhance your eyes. 

By brushing mascara on your lower lashes, you create an illusion that your eyes are bigger and wider. 

This also helps make your makeup look more natural, especially if you apply mascara on your upper lashes.

Having mascara on your upper lashes and leaving out your lower lashes may look fake and unnatural. 

is it better to put mascara on bottom lashes

Applying mascara on the bottom lashes is better if you are wearing eyelashes on your upper lashes. 

As mentioned above, wearing mascara both on your upper and bottom lashes makes your makeup look more natural.

Also, it’s better to put mascara on the bottom lashes if you want to achieve a truly bold and dramatic look.

why does mascara look bad on my bottom lashes

There are times when wearing mascara on the bottom lashes is bad. 

They make your makeup appear worse rather than better.

The few common reasons why this happens is because mascara on bottom lashes does the following: 

Draws attention to under-eye imperfections

Applying mascara on your bottom lashes will effectively define your eyes. 

However, it will also highlight your imperfections, including dark circles and fine lines.

Can make you look older

Mascara on bottom lashes will unintentionally draw attention to your wrinkles and fine lines. This can make you look older. 

Can make your eyes look droopy

Wearing mascara on your bottom lashes can make your eyes look droopy and tired. 

This may give out the impression that you are stressed or you lack sleep. 

This only shows that applying mascara on your lower lashes may not improve your looks, even if it’s what you intend to do. 

The key is to find ways to wear it using proper techniques. This way, you don’t ruin your makeup and your overall look.

why you should put mascara on bottom lashes

Some makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts still recommend wearing mascara on the bottom lashes. 

They believe that your makeup will look better with it. 

Here are other reasons why some women still advise putting mascara on the bottom lashes: 

Make your eyes look bigger

Applying mascara on your lower lashes helps define your eyes. It also makes it look bigger because it creates an illusion that your eyelids are darker and wider.

Completes your makeup

Mascara on both upper and lower lashes helps boost your current makeup look. 

It completes your eye makeup, especially if you apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes. 

Having mascara on your bottom lashes perfectly balances your eye makeup. If you don’t have one, your eye makeup may look awkward or incomplete.

Enhances your lower lids

Another reason why you might want to apply mascara on your bottom lashes is that it quickly enhances your lower lids.

If you actually want to draw more attention to your lower lids, applying mascara can definitely do the trick.

how do you put mascara on bottom lashes

If you want to apply mascara on your bottom lashes, you need to follow the right techniques. This way, you can avoid highlighting imperfections around your eyes. 

Also, following the proper way of applying mascara on your lower lashes can effectively amp up your makeup look. 

Here is a step-by-step process on how to put mascara on your lower lashes: 

1. Apply a lash primer

If you want your mascara to last, consider applying a lash primer first. This also helps avoid flaking and smudging. 

2. Pick a waterproof mascara

To ensure your mascara lasts for hours, pick a waterproof mascara. This helps ensure your lower lashes will look gorgeous throughout the day. 

Using a waterproof mascara also helps avoid smudges. 

3. Use a small mascara wand

You can choose any mascara wand, but if you want more precision, you can opt for a smaller lash brush. 

Using a small mascara wand helps you apply and distribute the product evenly and gently on your bottom lashes. 

4. Position your head downwards

Make sure to tilt your head downwards during application. This also helps position your lashes parallel with your mirror, making it easier to see them while you apply mascara. 

5. Apply using a zigzag motion

Use a zigzag and gentle motion when swiping mascara on your lower lashes. Wiggle the mascara wand through your lashes, so you also avoid clumps of product. 

6. Wait for the mascara to dry

Make sure to let your mascara dry. You can apply a second coat afterward. 

Letting your mascara dry ensures the product will not create smudges on your skin.

Additional Tips When Applying Mascara on Bottom Lashes

Here are some practical tricks that you can try: 

Avoid using too much product

Make sure that you are using minimal product when applying mascara on your bottom lashes. 

Avoid redipping your lash brush to avoid seeing clumps of mascara on your lower lashes. 

If you want, you can re-swipe your mascara wand. But, you need to ensure you are using enough product as you go.

Apply mascara to your bottom lashes before moving to your upper lashes

Ensure that you work on your lower lashes before applying mascara on your upper lashes. This helps ensure you don’t get smudges while trying to do your makeup. 

If you apply mascara to your upper lashes first, you might transfer some product to your skin. To avoid this, it’s best to finish your bottom lashes first.

Place a tissue under your lashes before and during application

If you don’t want to deal with smudges of mascara on your skin, place a tissue underneath your lashes. 

It will serve as a protective shield while you apply mascara to your lower lashes. 

Use this brilliant trick, so you don’t need to clean spots and marks of mascara afterwards.

Use a smaller mascara wand

Your lower lashes are practically shorter and thinner compared to your upper lashes. So, it’s best to use a small lash brush when applying mascara on them.

Using a smaller wand helps you have more control and precision during application.

Apply concealer after putting mascara

Don’t forget to apply concealer on your under eyes. This helps erase tiny spots of mascara from your skin. 

Also, it ensures you won’t look like you have dark circles even after applying mascara on your lower lashes.

Clean excess product using a dry lash brush

Check your lashes for excess product. If you see clumps of mascara, clean it immediately using a dry brush.

Avoid using a lash brush that has mascara because it will only lead to more clumps on your lashes.


To wrap it up, whether you should or shouldn’t wear mascara on your bottom lashes depends on your choice. 

The key is to ensure you fully understand the reasons why you can or can’t wear mascara on your lower lashes. 

Based on the above mentioned information, you can definitely find helpful tricks to help you with your mascara game. 

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