Shoes to Wear with Formal Black Dress

Woman wearing Formal Black Dress
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A black dress is a timeless piece of wardrobe in the fashion world.

Some of us women even live with the saying, “you can never go wrong with a black dress.”

And so every time that I am in doubt or need formal wear, I always opt for a black dress.

There are actually many reasons why black dresses are the best formal wear.

And one of them is because it is super versatile and easy to style.

But to make your outfit complete, you will need the right footwear to match your black dress.

Shoes to Wear with Formal Black Dress

Now that you have finally decided to wear your black dress during a formal occasion, it’s time to choose your footwear.

But what are the best shoes for black dress?


If you want to go all-in, opt for a black dress with stiletto heels.

This outfit choice is perfect for any formal setup.

You can wear your black dress with stilettos during evening parties, or even business meetings.

This look will surely give you a very formal and elegant aura that would bring out your most ladylike appeal.

Pointed-toe mules

Now, for the ladies who want to keep it safe and fashionable, better choose a pair of pointed-toe mules with your black dress.

This footwear choice is super formal and can go with any style of black dress.

You can wear this during work.

Topping your black dress with a coat or a blazer can make you look more professional.

Now, if you want to attend formal meetings, pointed-toe mules would look good with a form-fitting black dress.

Ankle boots

Believe it or not, your ankle boots can also look formal when paired with a black dress.

This type of footwear is perfect for rainy or colder seasons.

Ankle boots can level up the look of your black dress.

What’s more, is that wearing a pair of ankle boots with a black dress can give you a rather sophisticated and elegant look.

Rounded-toe loafers

If you want to mix the past and present styles, you can opt for a pair of rounded-toe loafers.

This footwear is perfect for the ladies who love to visit the past and mix their modern outfits with it.

Rounded-toe loafers can give you a vintage and modern look when paired with a formal black dress.

You can choose block-heeled loafers or loafers that have over the foot straps.

There are also loafers with vintage designs that can enhance your aesthetic look.

Basically, any type of loafers would look really formal and stylish when worn together with a black dress.


Now, if you want to bring out your most feminine and sophisticated look, better grab those pumps of yours.

Whether you have flat-styled or stiletto heels pumps, any kind of pumps would look perfect with a black dress.

Pumps are perfect if you want to attend evening parties, wedding ceremonies, or even going to work with style.

This footwear is definitely one of my go-to outfits.

Because I believe that a pair of pumps can take a woman anywhere she wants.


You might think that oxfords look way too masculine to be paired with your black dress.

But surprisingly, these two can go very well with each other.

If you decide to wear your oxfords with your black dress when going to work or attending school, you can easily give out a schoolgirl and hot chic vibes.

Yes, your oxfords can become feminine when paired with a black dress.

Accessorizing this outfit idea is also very easy.

You can just add some light jewelry or carry your favorite handbag with you to look even more chic and fashionable.

Ankle strap heels

Do you want to look feminine and add only little accessories with you?

Time to grab those ankle strap heels hiding inside your closet.

Ankle strap heels would look very charming and chic when worn with a black dress.

You can choose any color of ankle strap heels and it would look absolutely perfect with your black dress.

Ankle strap heels and black dresses are best worn during parties where you want to keep it low-key but not hide your outfit from the crowd.

This outfit choice is perfect for the ladies who want to look very chic all night long.


Now, if you are planning to dance all night with your little black dress, opt for a pair of wedges.

Since wedges have block heels that can distribute an equal amount of weight all over your feet, you can definitely enjoy the night without an aching foot.

Wedges are also perfect for the ladies who want to attend formal seminars that can go all day.

Open-toe sandals

Open-toe sandals are the best footwear choice for the summer season.

You can wear open-toe sandals if you want to stay comfortable yet look super stylish when going to work.

Open-toe sandals can give your black dress enough breathing room so it wouldn’t look that much suffocating during the warmer seasons.

Since open-toe sandals can expose most of your feet, this will give you a breezy and soft look.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the perfect footwear choice for ladies who want to look delicate and soft.

Pairing your black dress with ballet flats can easily bring you from office work to romantic date nights with how versatile these shoes are.

Moreover, ballet flats are super comfortable to wear and can even give you a slimmer and fitter look.

Kitten heels

Now, if you want to give off a sexy and bold look, better choose a pair of kitten heels to go with your black dress.

Kitten heels are perfect for the ladies who want to add just a little bit of height.

It can also give you a formal and fancy look without stealing the spotlight away from your black dress.

I believe that every woman deserves a pair of kitten heels in their wardrobe.