Shoes to Wear with Cocktail Dress

Women wearing Cocktail Dresses
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Fashion is the most powerful art there is.

And to make this kind of art come to life, you should start with the way you dress.

Now, if you’re planning to wear your cocktail dress for a night’s event, what’s the next thing you need to do?

Take a picture of yourself?

Text your friends?

No, it’s to pick the right footwear that can go with your cocktail dress.

After all, simple footwear can either complete or ruin your entire outfit.

Shoes to Wear with Cocktail Dress

If you think a sequin dress is the most perfect holiday outfit, then you’re wrong.

When it comes to formal and semi-formal events, cocktail dresses are always on top.

Since there are too many varieties of cocktail dresses, there is also an endless choice for the right footwear that can go with it.

That’s why I listed the best shoes to wear with your cocktail dress.

Ankle strap heels

If you want to make your cocktail dress look simple yet very attractive, opt for a pair of ankle strap heels.

This footwear choice is best for cocktail dresses with a clean and simple style

For example, cocktail dresses without extra to no accessories.

Your ankle strap heels are simple but they can give so much flavor to your cocktail dress.

Ankle strap heels with thin straps and shiny in color would look best with a simple cocktail dress.

This outfit choice is perfect for romantic evening dates or evening parties with colleagues.

cocktail dress with ankle boots

Now, if you want to look bolder and want to show some of your tougher sides, better grab your ankle boots hiding inside your closet.

Ankle boots are perfect to wear with mini-length cocktail dresses.

This type of footwear can make any cocktail dress look more classy and fancy!

Black or dark-hued ankle boots would look absolutely amazing with metallic-colored cocktail dresses.

This outfit choice is perfect when going to the bar with friends or attending after-dark parties.

Accessorizing this with gold jewelry or a purse would complete this classy look.

Pointed-toe pumps

Pointed-toe pumps and cocktail dresses are always a classic choice.

Whether you are going to work or attending business meetings, this outfit would be perfect.

Planning to shock your colleagues with your cocktail dress on?

Match it together with black or navy-colored pointed-toe pumps.

This outfit choice would give you a very sophisticated and professional look, especially when you top it with a coat or a blazer.

Now, do you want to turn the heads of the many during an evening party?

Your red or silver pointed-toe pumps would look exceptionally good with your cocktail dress.

You can complete this outfit with light jewelry and make-up.

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals are the perfect footwear choice for the ladies who want to give off a real feminine and stylish look.

The style of your strappy sandals can give a very nice and attractive accent to any cocktail dress.

Contrary to your ankle-strap heels, strappy sandals can give a bold and fun look to your whole attire.

What’s more, is that there are many varieties and designs for your strappy sandals so there is a lot to choose from.

You won’t also need to wear too many accessories with this combo.

Your strappy sandals can give enough character to your outfit.

Wearing too many accessories might just overdo your whole look.


Now, if you want to look really stylish and feel comfortable all night, opt for a pair of wedges.

Since wedges have block heels that can distribute an equal amount of weight to your whole feet, you won’t have to complain of an aching foot at all.n

Wedges can also give the perfect balance to your sexy, backless cocktail dress and give you some extra height if you ever need one.

Gladiator sandals

Mini-length cocktail dresses or those with midi-length as well would look exceptionally fabulous with gladiator sandals.

Want to make a statement with your cocktail outfit?

Tall gladiator sandals with metallic colors are the most perfect footwear choice.

This will create a bold and adventurous look for you, especially when worn together with a bodycon cocktail dress.

A combo like this would be perfect for rave parties or going to the bar with your girlfriends.

Heeled mules

Do you want to look really stylish and chic with your cocktail dress?

Try wearing it with a pair of heeled mules.

Mules with kitten heels or stiletto heels would look absolutely stunning with any cocktail dress.

Since mules are forever trendy, I can assure you that no matter what outfit your pair with them, they will always look good.

What’s more, is that any outfit would always look “in” when matched with a pair of mules.

So if you want to balance sophistication and elegance, opt for a pair of mules to wear with your cocktail dress.

Knee high boots

For the ladies out there who want to make a bold statement with their cocktail dress, choose a pair of knee high boots.

Yes, that’s right.

You can definitely wear your cocktail dress with some knee high boots.

This outfit choice can give you a wild and bold look.

Morever, it can also create a strong feminine appeal for you and your cocktail dress.

You can style it up with a leather jacket if you want to look a little casual.

Now, do you want to make the most of your outfit?

Add some gold jewelry to make your whole attire stand out.

Mary Janes

Can you wear Mary Janes with a cocktail dress?

Yes! Absolutely.

Although most women would think that this outfit choice is a bit bizarre.

But trust me, Mary Janes and maxi-length cocktail dresses would look absolutely stunning.

This kind of footwear and wardrobe can give you a really aesthetic and delicate look that can easily turn a lot of heads.

What’s more, is that you can show off most of your feminine features with this outfit on.

Mary Janes are the perfect footwear.

Especially if you want to make your cocktail dress stand out without making a lot of effort with your accessories.