Revealed: 5 Books That Inspired Jeff Bezos!

5 Books That Inspired Jeff Bezos!
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Almost every successful individual in the modern world would have their inspirations. If it’s not a mentor, it’s a book. Jeff Bezos, the multi-billionaire founder and CEO of Amazon, is no different. He started out small, as an online vendor of books. Soon, however, it was books that shaped his leadership and entrepreneurial style.

The result of his interest in books is obvious today. Amazon has not only revolutionized the way books are sold and bought but also how they are published. Read on below for just a few of the books that inspired Jeff Bozos on the way to his outstanding success:

  1. Built To Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies” By Jim Collins

This book is written with the management perspective in mind, which is important for those who want to build successful companies. Within this book, one can learn how companies can succeed through their employees. After all, even the most motivated and talented of leaders cannot build a giant like Amazon without a decent team.

From here, then, Bezos learned how to make his employees become as committed to his mission as he was. He learned to encourage such a mindset by making a work environment conducive to it.

  1. “Creation: Life And How To Make It” By Steve Grand

This book was penned by a video game designer. He is of the opinion that it is the basic building blocks that and the foundation of the most intelligent systems and output. From this notion, Bozos built up the concept of Amazon Web Services, which have been instrumental in popularizing cloud services around the world.

It is important to note here how Bozos is open to books that don’t necessarily tie in with his interests. As an avid reader, he is more interested in what he can learn from a well-written thought than how he can relate to it. This understanding and open-mindedness are what eventually promoted his success.

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  1. Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap … And Others Don’t” By Jim Collins

Collins is both an author as well as a consultant for those struggling businesses. In fact, the principles outlined in this book were brief to several Amazon executives even before it was published. This goes to show how invested Bozos is in what this book has to offer.

This book basically talks about how companies have to be prepared for not being perfect at everything. Companies, like individuals, have their own specialties and weaknesses. They must hence learn to hone the skills they are good at and forte about certain others.

It is only by getting to be the master in some areas that they can actually move forward. In this way, the different aspects of a company would strengthen each other instead of pulling it in different directions. This may partly be the foundation of how Jeff Bozos focused on his company and developed it according to the best strengths for it.

  1. The Innovator’s Dilemma” By Clayton Christensen

Innovation is all well and good, but it can also be a distraction from the true goal. This may be the thinking of someone who is just starting to see his business take off. However, this distraction and disruption are exactly what may make a business truly great in much broader areas.

This is what the book’s author tries to tell the reader. Not only Bozos, but other brilliant founders and CEOs like Michael Bloomberg have hailed the book for its remarkable brilliance.

The book itself located in the business genre and has outlined principles that probably made Amazon what it is today. Some experts say that it may even have led to the Kindle and AWS. Amazon may have started out as a simple book retailer, but it is by embracing disruptive technology and risking its main business that it has become such a giant.

  1. The Remains Of The Day” By Kazuo Ishiguro

This last book may be a bit of a surprise since it’s a novel. However, it is one of Jeff Bezos’ favorites, and hence worth getting into. Based on the First World War, this novel is a fictional narrative by a butler who served in the army during this time.

While the story is fiction, Bezos has said he was shaped and influenced by it more than the nonfiction books on his list. If you’re more of a fiction reader, you may want to pick this one up first! We’re definitely on our way to the bookstore right now.


Reading is probably the single most beneficial habit for people all around the globe. Jeff’s official reading list includes several genres, including business, technology, autobiographies, and novels. One can do worse than to get started on that list themselves. Who knows, the wisdom within them may propel the founding of another Amazon and revolutionize another important field!


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