Quick Money Making Ideas – Earn Money Online and Through Easy Businesses

Earn Money Online and Through Easy Businesses
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I’m guessing since you’re here, you’ve probably been broke at some point in your life, right? You know, times where you just needed a little (a lot?) more money to pay off some bills, or to buy something you need, or maybe for emergencies. I know I have and, boy, it sucks! 

It’s in these tough times that we think of easy ways to make money, no matter how small that money is. 

Fortunately for you (but unfortunately for me), I’ve been in these situations more times than I can count so I’ve had time to think of how to get through it. 

That being said, what you’re about to see below is a compilation of some of the easiest and fastest ways I’ve thought of to make some extra money.

Quick and easy money making ideas you can do online

Complete surveys

When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to make money online, completing paid surveys is always going to come up as a solution. 

Honestly though, it doesn’t pay all that well and it can be inconsistent but joining a panel won’t cost you a single penny. In fact, some sites even pay you to sign up and become a member. So, not only is it quick and easy, it’s FREE! 

In any case, to maximize your money making potential with paid surveys, I strongly suggest that you sign up for as many sites as you can. This way, you get to answer multiple surveys per month and, consequently, earn more money. 

Here’s a short list of surveys sites I personally trust and use:

Nielsen Digital Voice

Joining Nielsen Digital Voice is quick and easy but you do also need to download and install their app. 

After becoming a member, you will be sent invitations to complete surveys. Each survey you complete earns you an entry to their monthly sweepstakes where you have the chance to win up to $10,000. 

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online uses a point system for their surveys. This means that every time you complete a survey, you get awarded points. How fast these points accumulate depends on how active you are when you’re invited to take surveys. 

Nonetheless, when you’ve saved up enough points, you can use them to redeem gift cards. Whether you spend those gift cards or sell them for cash is all up to you. 


Like Harris Poll Online, GlobalTestMarket uses a point system for its surveys. However, it also seems that GlobalTestMarket has more surveys than its counterpart, so those points might add up a lot quicker. 

These points can also be used to redeem gift cards or, if you want, PayPal vouchers. 

Besides points, however, GlobalTestMarket also awards you entries to their quarterly sweepstakes every time you complete or screen out of a survey so you get a chance to win even more money. 


Again, point system. 

You get rewarded points for every survey you complete. Use the points to either get money from PayPal or e-gift certificates from some of the most popular retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes. 


Unlike the previous sites I’ve listed, MindsPay rewards you with actual cash (via PayPal); not gift cards or points. 

Also, MindsPay has a reputation as one of the highest paying survey sites so this should be music to your ears. In fact, they say that some of their offers reward you $50. 

Vindale Research

As with MindsPay, Vindale Research has a reputation for high paying surveys that pay with cash via PayPal. Also similar to MindsPay, some of their surveys reward you $50 upon completion. 

With Vindale, however, you also get $5 for every referral and $5 more if you take a picture of yourself with your earnings from Vindale.

So, basically, they pay you to share your opinion, tell your friends about it, and take cute selfies. Kinda like your typical Sunday brunch, only without the pasta. 


Established in 2007, PrizeRebel is a relatively new comer in the market research industry but, the way I see it, it has quickly become one of the top preferred paid survey sites around the web. 

It also rewards you points for every survey you complete but there are also other activities you can do to earn money such as completing simple tasks or offers (like signing up for another website for example) and watching videos. 

You can use your points to redeem PayPal money or choose from a huge selection of gift cards. 


Compared to other survey sites who only notifies you about open surveys through email, Toluna also tells you about surveys you can take through SMS. 

If you get a notification via email, go ahead and take the survey on your computer. If it’s through SMS, however, it’s going to be a survey you can answer on your mobile phone. Do note that these mobile phone surveys are fewer compared to surveys from email. Still, I think getting multiple options is great. 

That being said, you earn points for your surveys which you can then use to claim your rewards. Every survey you complete grants you an entry to their daily sweepstake where you can win a million (yes, 1 million) points. 

Moving on from paid surveys to make money online, you could also join GPT sites so let’s talk about those.

Join get-paid-to (GPT) sites

GPT sites are sites that pay you to do tasks that you typically already do everyday. So, really, it’s like getting paid to be yourself. Isn’t that cool?

Some of the more common tasks include sharing your opinion (i.e. answering surveys), watching videos and TV, listening to the radio, or playing games. 

Here are some of my favorite ones:


On their page, Swagbucks mostly markets themselves as a cashback site where you can get a fraction of your shopping bill back. That’s great and all but, really, when you become a member, Swagbucks becomes so much more.

Specifically, this site rewards you for:

    • Shopping online through their app or portal. With every dollar you spend at over 1500 affiliate retailers, you earn points.
    • Sharing your opinion through paid surveys
  • Watching videos and playlists
  • Trying out deals and offers. These could be for simply signing for some sort of service (like Netflix’s 30-day trial, for example) or ordering free product samples. 
  • Surfing the internet using their Yahoo! powered search engine
  • Playing games 

You see, it’s hard to run out of things to do at Swagbucks so those points pile up easy! When you’ve earned enough points, you can cash out through PayPal or use them to redeem gift cards.


InboxDollars works a lot like Swagbucks. So much, in fact, that I don’t see a reason why you should sign up for only one of them. Also, InboxDollars has a $5 signing bonus so they’re basically handing out free money. 

Speaking of money, InboxDollars pays with cash. If points don’t light you up, then maybe this’ll do the trick. 

That being said, this site pays you to do pretty much the same things that Swagbucks asks you to, such as:

  • Taking online surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Coupon and cashback shopping
  • Reading emails


Like InboxDollars, FusionCash has a $5 signing bonus that you can take advantage of. As with the other GPT sites, this site pays you to do things you’re doing everyday like sharing your opinion, watching videos, and playing games. 

FusionCash also pays you to sign up for new websites and for trying out free products and services. 

Review websites

Compared to GPT sites and paid survey sites, websites that pay you to review other websites typically pay better. Honestly, it takes a little bit more work but it’s easy nonetheless. 

Website testing requires that you say your opinions out loud so you will need a microphone to record your voice. 

Also, depending on the circumstances, you might need to record yourself while you’re using the website either on your phone or on your computer. So, your device might need a camera as well. 

Finally, you will need to download software that does all the recording for you. When you have all these tools on you, you’re ready to make money. 


Here, you will get paid $10 for every test you take. These tests lasts approximately 20 minutes so, considering how you’re looking for easy ways to earn money online, signing up for TryMyUI should be a good idea. 

For each test, you will be asked to use a website exactly as you would in real situations. For example, if you’re asked to go through the entire searching, choosing, and checking out process of an online retail website, that’s exactly what you should do. 

In the process, you’re also required to voice out your opinions – both good and bad. Your screen will also be recorded. After using the website, you will then be asked to answer a short survey about the website. 


UserTesting is a lot like TryMyUi. 

You will be asked to visit a website or app and do specific tasks that people would normally do. While you’re doing the task, you will have to say your thoughts out loud so the company involved knows what it has to do to improve their services and consequently, their customer’s experience with their website or app. 

You get $10 for every 20-minute video but they also say you can earn as much as $60 per test. 


Like the previous 2 testing sites, Userfeel pays you $10 per test which lasts around 10-20 minutes each. 

Their way of testing is pretty much the same, too. 


Here, you will be asked to test websites, prototypes, ads, videos, and several other stuff from different companies. Tests take around 20-40 minutes and some tests might require you to have a webcam. 

On that note, do make sure you have a good quality camera placed at an angle that clearly shows your face. Your facial reactions can tell a story and some companies want to see that. 

Audio recording is a must (as it always is with these kinds of sites). 

Become a freelancer

In terms of needing some sort of special skill, survey sites, GPT sites, and user testing sites don’t require you to have any. Becoming a freelancer, on the other hand, does. 

Having said that, freelance jobs are something you can do on the side and they will likely make you more money than the former options given that you have the expertise to do so. If you do, these opportunities should be fairly easy. 

Upwork.com, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com are generally great places where you can get all sorts of freelance gigs but there are a few other places you can sign up for that are specific to certain freelancers. We’ll get to those in a minute but for now, here are a few freelance jobs you can try:


Speaking from experience, writing can be a fun and exciting way to earn money. I’m doing it full-time but people from all over the world are putting more paper in their wallets from writing during their free time – and so can you! 

With that said, you can write about pretty much anything (and I mean ANYTHING) you have expertise in. 

If you’re willing to do the research, you could also apply for writing gigs that aren’t necessarily in your field of interest. A word of advice though: this route is probably going to be much, much harder and will likely take more time than you might want to invest in for a freelance job. Nevertheless, it’s an option. 

Here are a few other sites you can get a freelance writing job:

  • Cracked.com – For comedic writing
  • American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) – For anyone with knowledge on health and wellness
  • Strong Whispers – For current events and mind-twisting subjects (e.g. politics, nature, sports, etc.)
  • B. Michelle Pippin – For business-related pieces
  • ConstantContent.com – Pretty much like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer except this is tailored specifically for writers
  • Textbroker.com – Similar platform to Constant Content

ESL Teacher

English as a second language (ESL) teachers are in high demand right now and, if you tried, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could land a freelance or part-time job within the next few days. 

Some companies might require you to have a degree related to English though but, if you don’t have that, that’s fine. There are a lot of other companies whose only skills-related requirements are excellent English speaking and that you’re great with kids. 

And, you know what the best part about these lenient companies are? They pay, on average, the same rate as companies who have stricter requirements. So, really, you won’t be missing out on anything. 

Take a look at these websites if you’re interested in teaching ESL:

  • Magic Ears – t.mmears.com
  • join.itutorgroup.com
  • WhalesEnglish.com
  • dadaabc.com

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant (VA), your job will be making your boss’ job easier. 

Your bosses will be professionals from different industries so, depending on who hires you, freelancing as a VA will require different yet specific sets of skills. You’ll know what these skills are because they will typically be written in the job description.

I’ve worked as a virtual assistant before as well and my boss was an entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry. This required that my skills involved knowing my way through Microsoft Excel, SEO, copywriting, and social media management.

If you were hired by someone from another field, then your duties (and therefore skills) will be different from mine. For example, maybe you’ll be scheduling appointments for a dentist, or keeping track of deliveries for a restaurant owner, or contacting leads for a salesman, and so on and so forth. 

If you’re interested, UpWork.com, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com are great places you can start but you could also check Guru.com, PeoplePerHour.com and onlinejobs.ph (for Philippines) to widen your options. 

Data Entry

Pretty much the only skills you’ll need to land a freelance job in data entry is basic computer skills and, perhaps more importantly, fast and accurate typing. 

Rates can vary but as a rule of thumb, the faster you type, the better you can get paid. 

As with VAs, UpWork.com, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, and PeoplePerHour.com are great places to look for these kinds of jobs. 

Other freelance jobs you could apply for include: 

  • Web developer – Do you know how to code and design websites? Then get paid to do it! 
  • Graphic artist – If you know how to make eye-catching art, there are a lot of companies looking for your kind of talent. 
  • Customer service – Are you good with people? Whether it be through voice, chat, or email, courtesy can get you paid. 

Quick money making business ideas

Aside from freelance jobs, surveys, tasks, and website testing, you could also make quick money from running some sort of business – and, no, I don’t mean starting a company or anything because that isn’t quick at all. 

I’m talking more of RIGHT NOW. Here are a few ideas:

Do a garage sale

Most people have things in their home that they don’t use, like old furniture, electronics, appliances, and toys. 

Rather than storing them in the garage or on some corner of your house, maybe you could sell them from right outside your door. Not only will you be making extra money, you’ll be reducing clutter and free up more space. 

Rent your unused space

Speaking of freeing up more space, maybe you have extra space in your home that you can rent to other people. 

If there’s a big event near you and you have an unused garage, maybe you can rent it out so someone can park their car. Or, if it’s an extra room, having a roommate that helps you pay the bills isn’t too bad an idea either. 

List your space on Airbnb and see if you get any offers. 

Sell your stuff online

Are garage sales not an option? Or, do you have any leftover stuff that didn’t sell? Selling them online might do the trick! 

I mean, you can literally sell anything online (as long as it’s legal, of course). Things you normally throw away like empty toilet paper rolls, empty jars, corks, and egg boxes can even fetch you a few extra bucks. 

Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are great places to start but with e-commerce sites sprouting everywhere across the internet, there might be a few other sites that do better for certain things. For example: 

  • Etsy.com is a great place to sell crafts and vintage goods
  • PlayItAgainSports.com, SwapMeSports.com, and SidelineSwap.com are great for sports equipment
  • BookScouter and BookFinder.com are great for selling books
  • Decluttr and Gazelle for used electronics 
  • RubyLane.com for expensive jewelry

Try looking for things in your home that maybe you can sell. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be earning tens, if not hundreds of dollars by the end of the day. 


The ideas I listed here are just some of the ways I thought of or personally tried when I myself dealt with financial difficulties. You can try them out yourself and hopefully help you get through whatever crisis you’re dealing with right now.

If you know a friend who’s having trouble with money right now, share this and help them out.

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