10 Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin

Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin
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Some women wonder why others love to get their toes painted when most of the time it’s covered by their footwear.

But that’s not the case with women who love wearing sandals or other open-toe types of footwear.

Pedicures are a great way to make your toes stand out.

Personally, I love having my toes painted with different nail colors each time I wear sandals.

There’s just something attractive about seeing colored toes.

Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin

Choosing a color and design for your nail polish is easy.

But with so many shades available right now it can be tricky.

Now, getting a pedicure on dark skin is much more challenging.

Do you want your nails to look flashy and pop?

Or do you want your nail colors to complement your complexion?

You see, there’s a lot to consider before you find the right toe colors for dark skin.

That’s why I have created a list of the best nail polish colors for dark skin feet to help you decide which one fits your taste best.

White and Gold

If you want something simple but elegant, you can try out painting your toes white and giving them a gold accent.

White nail polish is a great choice for women with darker skin tones.

It can help brighten and balance the appearance of your toes.

But if you think you want something fun or elegant to add on, you can always give it some gold accents.

Gold is a rich and luxurious color that can make anything look more expensive and classy.

In fact, gold glitters are a trendy nail art choice right now that would look super lovely with white nails.

Green, Gold, and Gray

The next on our list is the dark green, gold, and matte gray combo.

This color scheme is perfect for all shades of dark skin.

You might think that pairing dark skin with dark green nail polish would be a disaster.

But in reality, it can complement well with your toes and skin.

Mixing it up with gold glitters and matte gray shades would give your toes a fabulous and elegant look.

So if you want something chic and simple, I’d suggest dark green nail polish for the base and matte gray and gold glitters as nail arts.

Soft pink

Do you want to give your toes a feminine and soft appearance?

Try painting your toenails with soft pink to give them a very preppy and delicate look.

Some of you may think that pink wouldn’t work with dark skin.

But in fact, it does!

Although bold and flashy pinks would look disastrous with dark skin, pastel and soft pink would look super cute on your toes.

That’s why you need to be very careful when choosing the shade of pink you want for your toenails.

Dark skin and pink toes would look lovely together with the right shade and match.

Neon green

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, green nails and dark skin complement each other really well.

Just like dark green, bright neon green nails would look super fun and fantastic with your toenails.

Glow in the dark neon green is a trendy choice today when it comes to giving your toenails a stylish and fun look.

Bright neon green would also make your dark skin look livelier and more fun.

So if you’re planning to go with something between fun and fashionable, I’d say to pick bright neon green nails.


Blue is such a versatile color that can go well with any skin tone.

But it looks even grander and more beautiful with darker skins.

In fact, all shades of blue would complement dark complexions.

If you want to give your toenails a simple and chic look, go for baby or sky blue nail polish.

Now if you want your toenails to complement and blend with your professional and stylish aura, opt for navy blue.

Bright and flashy blue can also help brighten the look of your dark skin.

Basically, blue is the ultimate color choice for all skin types since it would always look good on you.

Neon yellow

Just like neon green, neon yellow can also add a pop and fun accent to your dark skin.

What’s more, is that yellow would look super fab with dark skin tones.

It’s a color that is full of life so it’s the best choice for women who want to make everyone notice their toenails.

Yellow-colored toenails are perfect for summer and spring since they can bring your outfit a breezy and fun appearance.

Pairing this with accessories of the same shade would look super stylish and chic.

Multi-color drip

Now if you want to look unique and chic, why not try out this pedicure idea.

Soft pink nails with multi-color drip designs would look super fabulous on dark skin tones.

It’s also a very feminine and fun way to give life to your toes.

Some women even use this pedicure design to make everyone notice their footwear.

But if you want your toes to stand out, you can always choose brighter colors for the drip design.

This pedicure idea is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Bright orange

Bright toenails might not be an ideal color for the whole year.

But it would look super lovely during the summer season.

This pedicure idea is perfect for ladies who want to mix style and fun.

Bright orange nails can be an alternative color if yellow isn’t your taste.

They can give a striking contrast with your dark skin.

Which may lead to a bold and stylish look.

French tip

The French tip design isn’t only limited to manicures.

It can also be used for your toes.

In fact, a lot of women love to decorate and paint their toes with the French tip style because it is simple yet elegant.

French tip design is perfect for women with dark skin since it involves neutral and soft colors which wouldn’t clash with your skin tone.

You can choose nude colors like blush pink for the base which is the bigger part.

And the color white for the tip.

French tip nails are perfect for women who love to give their outfits a sophisticated and feminine accent.


Gold and silver glitter designs can make any dark skin look more classy and elegant.

This pedicure idea is a fantastic choice if you’re attending evening parties with open-toe stilettos or peep-toe boots.

It can give a very striking accent to your outfit and can even make you look more luxurious and bold.

But, be careful when choosing the base color for your nails because some colors may not work well with your dark complexion.

Go for blue or green or pink since they are the colors that can complement well with your skin tone.

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