15 Sneaky Ways You Get Tricked into Overeating

overeating and binge eating
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Beach body, flat stomach, toned thighs – if that’s what you’re into then it can be safe to assume that you belong to those on the healthy lifestyle of living.

Although, sometimes having a good exercise and planning a healthy diet may not be enough to reach that body or weight that you’ve been dreaming of.

While you can say that you are strict with yourself and have been following everything by the book, there are some things that you might not be aware of, that is causing you to overeat or disturb your progress.

Read further and see if you are guilty in doing any of them

How You’re Tricked Into Overeating and Binge Eating


1. Low fat foods

The thing about seeing ‘low fat’ on a specific food or anywhere else for that matter is that, you feel that it’s okay to eat and that you’re not violating your diet and workout.

What tends to happen is that you don’t feel conscious at all about eating from time to time, which makes you stay in a constant phase of your weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey, or worse even, it makes you go back to where you started.

Also, you should know that ‘low fat’ or ‘fat-free’ doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t contribute to your weight, in fact, some products are ‘fat-free’ but full of sugar and salt. By reading that you should probably think twice about eating ‘low fat’ foods.

2. Guilt tripping

Guilt tripping yourself to finish your plate or eat the remaining food will definitely make you overeat. While you think you’re doing a favor by not leaving any leftovers, you are actually just making things harder for your weight loss goal.

If the idea still bothers you, remember there are ways you can avoid overeating but still prevent wasting food, either you can give it to the less fortunate or stray animals, or you could practice portion control when serving or ordering meals.

3. Combo meals and meal deals

You might think that ordering a combo meal is a sweet deal for you and your wallet because you get more food for the less price, well, your diet and body don’t necessarily agree.

A combo meal will most likely consist of either bigger or more serving, maybe even both. This means, more food, more carbs, and more fat enter your body, and spending

If you’re gonna have a combo meal at least make it a healthy one.

4. Plate preparation and size

We’re not sure if you’re aware, but eating in a bigger plate also means eating in bigger portions, not only that, the color of your plate also plays a part in how much you consume food.

The thing about plate size and color is that when you have a bigger plate you are most likely to get more food and fill it up while having a colorful plate rather than a plain one can affect your consumption by either attracting you or interfering with how you visualize your food portions.

Just play things safe and stick with a small, plain plate.

5. Mindless eating

Almost everyone is guilty of this. Instead of sitting down and staying focused on what we are eating, we are distracted by technology that surrounds us, TV, toys, and mobile devices most especially.

The thing about mindless eating is that not only does it affect your relationship with your family but it also contributes to your overeating. What happens is that you’re too focused on your device that you don’t engage with your family, and you don’t notice how much you’ve been chowing down as well.

Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner as an opportunity to socialize and spend time with your family.

6. ‘Healthy’ means okay

Get rid of the illusion that just because you’re eating healthy it means it’s okay. Just like fat-free foods, foods that have been labeled as healthy can prevent you from feeling guilty, in fact, it might even contribute to your binge eating.

Since it’s labeled as healthy we are most likely to think that it’s beneficial and good for us rather than realizing we are eating more than we should.

7. Food packaging

Food Packaging is one of the main causes of binge eating on ‘fat-free’ and ‘healthy’ foods. Other than the psychology of color that plays with food packaging, their labels are also the reason why people are attracted and tricked into buying them.

In fact, in a study done, packaging and its colors alone can contribute to a person’s taste perception, what’s more is if it is labeled as healthy or good for you.

8. Gatherings and buffets

The thing about buffets and other social gatherings is that you are encouraged to eat more.

There are many danger zones in buffets, buffets are more likely able to make you overeat due to the following reasons, the size of the plates, less scouting and more grabbing of food, the overwhelming view of food, and the people who encourage you for seconds.

And these are only to name a few, there are more temptations in buffets then we’ve mentioned. Although, if you really need to attend one, you must have self-control, learn to say no or leave as soon as the program is finished and you have said your greetings.

9. Offered food

The only difference when you’re offered food in a buffet is that the attention is not only on you. It’s a different reality when someone, whether it may be a friend or a co-worker suddenly comes up to you and offers you food.

It’s not really hard to say ‘no’ when offered food, however, if you’re one of those people who needs to overthink about every single word you say and thinks that you might offend the person, then it’s a different story.

Rest assured, you shouldn’t worry about saying ‘no’ when someone offers you food because the thing is that people will most likely respect your decision.

10. Sad movies

Ever heard of stress eating? Well watching sad movies is something like that.

This is because of a thing called ‘emotional eating’. Emotional eating happens when people who are sad or are watching sad movies try to compensate for their emotions and feelings of sadness through eating.

Although other movie genres have their own effect on people’s eating habits, it’s just that sad movies causes you to eat more.

11. Socializing

Ever notice that when you’re with your friends you tend to eat more? The reason behind this is because when you spend time with your friends in a restaurant or cafe, you spend a long time eating, and in those extended time, we are unaware that we also add more to how much we eat.

In addition to this, the food choices that the people we spend time with make can influence the decisions we make with the food we eat.

12. Salads

Salads are another reason for non-guilt binge eating, because salads, which are made up of veggies and greens are considered healthy.

However, other than binge eating there are other reasons why salad can make you put on more fat, it may not rely too much on its veggie content, but it’s condiments and other contents that say otherwise, such as dressings, bacon bits, nuts, and other foods that go in salads.

13. Ambiance

Having a good ambiance makes you eat more. The reason for this is because, when placed in a good location and ambiance, one tends to enjoy his or her meal even more.

With that reason alone, you will most likely want to stay longer and have seconds.

14. Advertisements

It is widely believed that one of the main reasons for unhealthy food choices people nowadays make lies in the influence of food advertising.

Food advertisements have a huge effect on our diets, I think you’ll understand what I mean just by remembering all the time’s food advertisements were able to trigger your cravings.

If you come across food ads and have the choice to skip it, skip it.

15. Food packs

The thing about food packs is that they create an illusion which, tricks the brain to eat more.

How it works is that food packaging doesn’t help us fully visualize how much a single pack contains therefore, we only realize we’ve had enough when the package is empty.


There are many ways in which we do not realize that some of the things that we are doing can actually affect our end goals.

However, if we pay more attention, we might be able to turn these setbacks around.

Were you able to relate to the article, or are you in your weight loss journey and guilty in doing any of these things?

You are not reaching your weight loss goals because you are being tricked into overeating and binge eating without even knowing. Find out if this you plus how to fix it so that you can reach your weight loss goals.


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