7 High Paying Surveys That Actually Pay Cash (via PayPal)

Surveys That Actually Pay Cash
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Ahh, paid survey sites – the most well-known and perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money online. 

The irony, however, is that a lot of these sites don’t pay you actual money. Instead, they give you coupons, gift cards, or points (which are fine for the most part) but, you know what? Sometimes, people just want the real thing. 

I mean, I know I do – and if you’re here, maybe you do too. 

So, I’ve compiled a list of sites you can sign up for, complete surveys, and get paid with actual money through PayPal. Have a look:

Online surveys that pay through paypal


1. Mindspay

Mindspay is known to be one of the highest paying survey sites on the internet. With payments for completing surveys going as high as $50, I think their reputation is well-earned. 

Besides completing surveys, this site also pays you to read the emails they send you. Plus, if you refer people and they earn money, you get %10 of how much they request. 

My only issue with Mindspay is that although all their payments are done through PayPal, they also pay in multiples of $50. This means that if you have $99 on your account, you can either withdraw the $50 and leave the rest of the $49 on your account or wait for another chance to earn money so you can request $100. 

2. Vindale Research

Like Mindspay, Vindale Research has the reputation of being a high paying survey site. If you didn’t know yet, this is kind of a big deal since completing surveys, although easy, don’t actually pay all that well.

Not only that, you also get paid to do other easy tasks like reading promotional email, watch and react to videos, and – believe it or not – taking a picture of yourself with the payment you got from Vindale. 

Also, for every person you urge to join Vindale, you get a $5 referral bonus. 

Oh, and they also have a $1 signing bonus which is, you know… puny. But, it’s also better than nothing. 

3. Mindswarms

Speaking of high paying survey sites, Mindswarms is another one but it’s also quite different from the rest of the sites you’ll be seeing on this list. 

You see, Mindswarms requires that you answer questions via video. So, if you’re camera shy, well… get used to it because this site pays good money! 

You will be asked to answer survey questions where you will have to record a video of yourself answering them out loud. Afterwhich, you will be paid $50 via PayPal. 

That being said, you will need either a smart phone or computer with a webcam, as well as a microphone to record your voice. 

4. InboxDollars

Among all the other sites here, you’re going to have so much more to do at InboxDollars. 

Besides completing surveys, you can also: 

  • Play games
  • Watch a list of videos
  • Shop (via cash back and coupons)
  • Reading emails

Plus, they have a $5 signing bonus. You do need to earn $30 before they can send your money to PayPal though but with the bonus and all the things that you get paid to do here, it shouldn’t take very long. 

5. FusionCash

FusionCash is a lot like InboxDollars where it’s really more of a get-paid-to (GPT) site than a paid survey site. 

Nonetheless, you do get to answer surveys but you can also earn cash for listening to the radio, watching videos, playing games, and specific tasks that FusionCash may give you. 

You will need at least $25 in your account before you can request a payout. When you get to that amount, you can choose to get your money via PayPal, direct bank deposit, or check. 

6. PaidViewpoint

This site’s slogan is “cash for every opinion” and true to their word, the people behind PaidViewpoint do pay you for everything you answer – even the questions asked during registration! 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Moreover, unlike other paid survey sites, you don’t have to answer a pre-qualifying survey to know if you can or can’t take the actual survey. Here, when you’re invited, you’re qualified already. All you have to worry about is getting to the survey fast enough so it doesn’t expire. 

Also, you can only cashout when you’ve made at least $15. After that, you can redeem the money and expect it to be in your PayPal account in about 3 days. 

7. Qmee

Qmee is a free app that you can install both on your mobile device and on your computer. 

It pays you real cash (not points) for answering surveys, shopping, and even for just surfing the internet. 

There is no minimum cashout requirement and if you do request a payout, you can usually see the amount reflected on your PayPal account in just a few minutes. 

BONUS: SurveySavvy

I’m listing this as a bonus item because SurveySavvy doesn’t actually pay through PayPal but it does pay you through check. 

Also, it’s a great way to easily put an extra $5 to $15 dollars in your pocket every month so read up.

Like most other survey sites, SurveySavvy sends you invitations to complete surveys which, if you accomplish, you get paid for. Furthermore, you only need $1 to request a payment. 

What I think sets SurveySavvy apart though is it’s app, SavvyConnect

Now, I know a lot of other survey sites have apps but SurveySavvy pays you $5 every month for each device you installed the app on. They do have a few conditions though:

  • You need to remain an active member of their community. Therefore, you will need to answer surveys when you’re invited. 
  • You will only get paid for a maximum of 3 devices. Meaning you can only get paid a maximum of $15. That’s not bad at all if you ask me. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of other survey sites out there that pay you points, gift cards, and several other rewards for answering surveys. Actually, there are ways to turn these rewards into actual money but if you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing them, the sites I listed here should be right up your alley. 

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